In Your Eyes I Get a Glimpse of Heaven


Gabrielle and Bartleby arrived home late from work that day to find the door to their apartment wide open. Bartleby pulled Gabi behind him and walked in first. Gabi dropped her purse by the door and placed her keys on the counter. Tears flew to her eyes as she looked around.

The entire place was basically in ruins. The couch was flipped over, doors were hanging off their hinges, the dishes from the cabinets were all over the floor, none were intact. The refrigerator was wide open and the inside was falling apart. Picture were pulled off the wall and scattered about the rooms, she walked over the broken glass, her shoes crunching against them.

"Loki?" she called quietly, almost afraid to go look for him.

"Loki! Where are you?" Bartleby called through the house, looking through the living room.

When he didn't answer panic swept through both of them and they started looking frantically. She knocked down the door that was only on one hinge that led to Loki and Bartlebys room. It looked just as bed as the rest of the house. She looked around the room, "Loki?" She saw movement under on of the beds.

"Bartleby! He's in here!" she yelled as she rushed over to the bed and started pulling it off him.

Loki was beat up pretty bad, Gabi was pretty sure he had a concussion. She knelt beside him and gently brushed his hair back, "It's gonna be alright. Call 911!" she yelled as Bartleby entered the room.

He nodded and ran to the kitchen, She grabbed Loki's hand and held it tight.

When the paramedics got their they decided to take him to the hospital. On the way out Gabrielle noticed her sign was broken in half, but still hung over the door.

"Gabi, are you alright?" Gabrielle looked up suddenly to find Azreal hurrying towards her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a few cuts from the glass."

"What happened?"

"We found it like this, Loki's pretty beat up."

"Gabrielle." A voice behind them, from inside the apartment said.

Gabrielle looked down and turned her head slightly, her arms crossed over her stomach.

"They need me don't they."

Serendipity nodded, "Now more than ever."