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Emiko flinched as Naruto was flung back from Tobi. Bee managed to catch Naruto before he slammed into the tree they were all standing on. "Naru-chan, that was stupid!" She glared over at Tobi. This was the man who had helped raised her and then betrayed her. Her focus briefly shifted to the six Jinchuriki standing behind him, the ones that Akatsuki had all killed.

Naruto simply grinned at her. "That mask is really solid. I didn't even crack it."

Tobi straightened up. "I expect more from the power of the Kyubi. You couldn't even scratch my mask." He raised his hand up and the Jinchuriki charged forward. An older looking shinobi leapt forward and spewed molten hot lava boulders at them.

"That's Yonbi-chan's host." Emiko murmured to herself.

"Emiko, let's go!" Naruto began summoning up a Rasengan.

"Right!" Emiko stood between Naruto and Bee, her wind blade at the ready. The three rushed forward, attempting to reach Tobi whom was resting on a tree branch. They were stopped by the host of the Sanbi. Emiko blinked as there was suddenly herself, Bee, and Naruto in front of them. "What…"

"Just hit 'em!" Naruto shouted. They hit the three in front of them with their attacks, only to be flung back.

Emiko caught herself on a branch and crouched low. She looked around warily, realizing for the first time that there were bubbles surrounding them. She yelped as they suddenly exploded all around them. "Naru-chan, Bee-chan, where are you?"

"We're fine, Emiko!" Naruto shouted. He and Bee were both fighting with two more of the Jinchuriki. "Just stay where you are!"

Emiko glared over at Tobi. There were no Jinchuriki in front of him. "I'll go after him!" She leapt towards him, ignoring Naruto's protest. As she got closer, she could see Tobi had a sharingan in one eye and the rinnegan in the other. "I won't forgive you! Ichijinnokaze Toujin!"

Tobi didn't even bother to move. "Do you really think you can beat me with something like that? You disappoint me. I thought I raised you better than that."

The host of the Sanbi appeared in front of Emiko, creating another doppelganger. Emiko didn't have time to change her course. She slammed straight into the doppelganger and was flung back by her own attack. There were no branches for her to grab on to. She was going to fall.

"Gotcha!" Naruto caught Emiko and then leapt to a nearby branch that Bee was on. He glared at the young girl and flicked her forehead. "When I tell you to stay, you stay."

Emiko stuck her tongue out. "I'm not a dog." She glared back over at Tobi. "He's got a rinnegan."

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, I noticed. It's just like that other Madara's." He smirked at the shocked look on Tobi's face. "I don't know who you are, and I really don't care. We'll just have to beat both of you."

"Damn you, Kabuto…" Tobi muttered."

Bee looked at Naruto in confusion. "I thought this guy was Madara."

"No. Me and Naru-chan saw the real Madara when our doppelgangers were with Gaa-chan." Emiko answered. She glared over at Tobi as he began laughing. "What's so funny?"

Tobi waved his hand dismissively. "It doesn't matter. Madara, Tobi…you can call me whatever you like. I'm no one now. I don't care what people call me. All I care about is completing my plan. This world is completely worthless. There is nothing but misery left in it. You two that are Jinchuriki should understand this misery a little."

"Having a Biju isn't so bad." Naruto answered plainly. "I don't care what you call yourself! Nobody is falling for your bullshit no matter what name you use! Even Emiko can see through you! I'm gonna rip that mask right off your face!"

"Me too!" Emiko piped up. "I won't forgive you for using Papa and the others!"

"If you want to see what's under my mask so badly, you'll have to work for it." The Jinchuriki standing around Tobi were all suddenly sporting a single tail from their Biju. "I will capture three of you and complete my plan."

"Three? What do you need Emiko for?" Naruto snarled and crouched protectively in front of Emiko.

"That's none of your concern. You'll be long dead before she has to play her part." Tobi answered.

"I won't let you get any of us!" Emiko declared. "I'm going to protect Naru-chan and Bee-chan!"

"And we'll protect her, understood?" Killer Bee placed one of his short swords in his mouth and drew Samehada. "Stand back, I'll get them good."

"Wait, Bee-chan!" Emiko cried out.

Bee ignored both Emiko and Naruto's cries. He lunged towards the Nanabi host. Despite using Samehada and throwing his short swords at the Nanabi's host's back, he always seemed to manage to dodge the attacks.

"That won't work." Naruto shouted. "Their rinnegan's are all connected. Even if he's not looking at you, he can see what the others see." Naruto barely had time to dodge the Yonbi Jinchuriki's attack. The man's burning fist grazed his cheek and Naruto let out a pained yelp.

Emiko attempted to rush to Naruto's aid, but was stopped by Bee grabbing her with one of his tails. "Bee-chan, I've gotta help…" She stopped when she saw that Bee had also grabbed Naruto. "Never mind."

The Nibi Jinchuriki was close behind them, sending fiery missiles after them. "Bee-chan, we should avoid getting hit by those."

"I'm trying!" Bee snapped. He finally leapt under the cover of some bushes.

Emiko was squished between Naruto and Killer Bee. She glanced up at where a few of the Jinchuriki were hovering just above them. She wasn't sure where the others were, but she was certain they were somewhere close by.

Naruto bumped his fist with Bee and then nodded his head. "We need to take them out one by one. They should have black rods somewhere on their bodies so they can be controlled." Naruto leapt from the bushes and charged at the Nibi.

Emiko sighed as Naruto was thrown back by two of the other Jinchuriki. "That was stupid, Naru-chan." She gasped as Bee suddenly transformed into Hachibi. She held on to one of his horns while Naruto held on to the other. "What're you going to do, Hachibi-chan?"

"We're getting rid of this forest." Hachibi roared.

Emiko yelped as Hachibi began swirling rapidly around. It was all she could do to keep holding on. She felt dizzy and her stomach kept dropping lower and lower. "I'm gonna puke!"

"Hang on!" Naruto shouted.

Once Hachibi stopped spinning, the forest was gone. Emiko didn't dare to let go of Hachibi's horn just yet. "Everything's spinning…"

Naruto went to Emiko and helped her to stand up straight. He looked around and whistled. "That's amazing. All the Jinchuriki are down!"

"We should seal all of them now." Emiko managed to gasp out once her world stopped tilting every which way. "Hachibi-chan, can you do it?"

"Leave it to me and Bee." Hachibi said. He unleashed six doppelgangers of Bee. They all charged forward and latched onto the Jinchuriki. "Once he counts to three, the doppelgangers will explode into ink and then we can get the rods out of all the Jinchuriki."

Emiko blinked as the Jinchuriki turned into their Biju forms. "Is that supposed to happen?"

"This is bad!" Naruto yelped as the Jinchuriki charged at them. "Emiko, watch out."

Emiko barely managed to avoid an attack. She flipped backwards and continued dodging, trying to find an opening to attack. The Jinchuriki wasn't giving her any openings at all. One of the Jinchuriki's punches caught her right in the shoulder. A wave of searing pain racked Emiko's body.

"We should retreat for now!" Hachibi shouted. Before they could act on their plan, the Gobi grew to the same size as Hachibi. He slammed Hachibi into the ground, causing Emiko and Naruto to topple over.

"Naru-chan, watch out!" Emiko scrambled to her feet as Tobi charged at the fallen Naruto. She rushed towards him as Tobi grabbed Naruto's face. "Naru-chan!" Someone grabbed her from behind. She lashed out, but was unable to land a hit on her assailant.

"Emiko, calm down."

"Mommy!" Emiko's head whipped up, almost connecting with Haruki's head. "Oh, Naru-chan…" When she looked back, Kakashi and Gai were standing protectively in front of Naruto. Tobi was a few yards away now. "Daddy! Gai-san!" Emiko sniffled. She didn't think she'd see her mother and father until after the war was over, if they all even survived. She began bawling and hugged Haruki. "Mommy!"

Haruki gave Emiko a brief hug before reluctantly pulling away. "Now's not the time for this, Emiko. We're in the middle of a war." She wiped her daughter's tears away and stood up.

Emiko tilted her head to the side and poked her mother's stomach. "Mommy, you look fatter."

"I do not!" Haruki blushed as Kakashi began laughing. "Don't encourage her, Kakashi!"

Naruto couldn't help sniggering. He remembered where they were, though and straightened up. "Kakashi-sensei, they…"

"I already know." Kakashi's sharingan eye was revealed. "They have a sharingan eye and a rinnegan eye. The rods controlling them are on their left breast."

"Daddy, Gobi-chan is coming back!" Emiko cried out. She was surprised when Gobi was not heading for them, but for Tobi. Chains appeared from Tobi's hands and wrapped around the Gobi's neck. A pained voice filled Emiko's head. She covered her ears with her hands. "Gobi-chan…"

"Emiko, you could hear it too, right?" Naruto stood up as the Gobi suddenly shrank back down to the same size as all the others. "I don't think Tobi is able to control them completely."

Emiko couldn't help giggling as Hachibi and Kyubi began arguing with each other. Somehow, she was finding the Biju to be less and less scary the more time she spent around them. She grinned when Haruki looked at her curiously. "Kyubi is being a brat and Hachibi is scolding him."

I'll eat you, Brat. Kyubi snarled.

"All of you, stay focused." Kakashi snapped. "Ready, Gai?" The two charged forward.

Emiko grinned up at Haruki as Gai and Kakashi fought. "Daddy is really amazing, Mommy."

Haruki didn't respond. Her eyes were focused on the fight before her. "Kakashi, they aren't using any of Pain's jutsu, even though they have a rinnegan."

Kakashi nodded. "It must be taking quite a bit of chakra to control all of them."

"Aren't you a smart one, Hatake Kakashi." Tobi sneered. "I'll get serious from here on." He allowed the Yonbi and Rokubi to assume their full forms.

Haruki grabbed Emiko and leapt back. "Kakashi! Naruto-kun!"

Naruto sat up after being flung away. He no longer had Kyubi's chakra surrounding him. "Damn…" He yelped as the Yonbi grabbed Hachibi and began spinning him around. Naruto fell straight towards the Yonbi's open mouth.

"Naru-chan!" Emiko tore herself from her mother's arms and rushed forward. She could see that Naruto had managed to wrap himself in the Kyubi's chakra and keeping the Yonbi's mouth open. "Hang on, Naru-chan!"