Edward slowly put me down beside him. This cannot be good. There were Disneyland security guards standing in front of us. You could see the round muscles on there arms under their tight t-shirts. They stood taller than everybody except Emmett. They had their security hats lower in front of their faces so that we could not see there eyes or face. I nervously bit my lip. Edward sensed my nervousness and put a cold hand on my shoulder.

Emmett stepped forward out from behind Edward and I. He looked humongous in front of the security guards.

"What's seems to be the problem, officer?" Emmett's voice boomed. I thought it was pretty obvious what the problem was, but I wasn't about to interfere.

"You have broke a millions dollar ride here at Disneyland. Mickey Mouse is very disappointed in you, and we can't stop laughing," the officer tilted his head up and there stood Jacob. The other security guards on ether side of him did the same and there stood Seth and Quill. I let out a gasp of breath that I had been holding tight in my chest.

Jacob started to laugh and walked over to me. "Breath, Bella. Did I give you a pretty big scare," he chuckled. I didn't think it was funny, but I couldn't help smiling at Jacob. He can act like such a child sometimes.

"What brings you here Jacob," Edward's cold voice came from behind me. He walked to my side and put an arm around my waist. Jacob eyed him as he did this. I could see the jealousy in his eyes, but he smiled at Edward.

"We're here to enjoy Disneyland of course," he laughed. Seth and Quill joined in his laugh from behind him. "Well let's continue with this fun filled day!"

For the rest of the day the werewolves and the vampires acted not as enemies but as friends. I was so glad that my best friend Jacob was here with me and also my love, Edward. I knew I was being selfish, but I wanted to keep them forever, both of them. This was defiantly better than setting on that couch at the Cullen's house watching Emmett watch soap operas. He can be such a child. I chuckled to myself.