Surprise Visitor

"Wait, did you see that?" Calleigh asked Ryan as they swabbed the bed sheet for biologicals. "That brown stain."

"Yeah, I see it," Ryan replied, running a fresh swab over it. "Considering how disgusting this sheet is already, I'm not taking bets on what this is."

Calleigh couldn't help ribbing him just a little. "Some of that old OCD rearing it's ugly head?"

"Now look, I can dig in trash and I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but just think, somebody slept on that and somebody else probably left it there. All I'm saying is that I'll never lay on another hotel bed again," Ryan retorted as Calleigh's cell rang.

She held up her hand as she answered it, "Duquesne...sure, I'll be down there in a minute." She cut the connection and turned to Ryan. "I'll be right back. Gloria says I have a visitor."

"You expecting anyone?" he asked.

"No and she says that it isn't my dad. See you in a few."


Eric was by Reception checking his messages when a petite, elderly, flame red-haired woman walked in. She stopped for a moment and let her eyes adjust to the shade of the lobby before heading over to the Reception desk. Something about her seemed very familiar to Eric, but he couldn't place what. He knew he couldn't have possibly seen her anywhere before because he'd remember that hair, yet that familiarity...

"Can I help you, ma'am?" he asked politely.

"Thank you, dear, but I'm just here visitin' my granddaughter," the woman replied with a strong Irish brogue.

Before Eric could ask if he might know her, the elevator dinged and Calleigh stepped out. Eric saw as her eyes went wide and she broke into one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen.

"Gran!" she cried in delight and ran into the other woman's outstretched arms where she was hugged and kissed until her face went red. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit my wee granddaughter. Now stan' back so I can look at ya, Calleigh," she said, although she pronounced the name kay-lee. "You're tired, muirnin. Ya haven't been getting' enough sleep again."

"I had to work a couple of double shifts. I'll catch up on the weekend," Calleigh said. "You came all this way to see me? Is there anything wrong back home?"

"Everythin's fine, Calleigh. Don't ya be worrin' about it. I missed ya and haven't spoken to ya in so long so I decided to come and pay a visit," Calleigh's grandmother said. "I was hopin' to be spendin' St. Paddy's Day with ya."

"Of course, Gran. You just caught me off guard, that's all. Would you like to come up and have a tour of the Lab? I can't bring you into any of the lab rooms because we deal with extremely sensitive evidence, but we have glass walls and you'll be able to see plenty," Calleigh offered.

"I would love it. I was hopin' I might get to see where my muirnin worked," she replied with a bright smile very much like Calleigh's.

Calleigh was retrieving a visitor's pass from the desk when she noticed Eric standing there. "Hey, how long have you been there?"

"Some CSI you are," Eric teased, "Long enough to have talked to your grandma before you did, although I didn't know she was your grandma."

"Well then I'll introduce you," she said, sliding her arm into his. "Gran, this is my partner, Eric Delko and Eric, this is my Gran, Maureen Barry O'Sullivan."

Eric extended his hand to the elderly woman. "It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am."

Maureen knocked his hand aside and embraced him, placing a quick kiss to his cheek. "None of these handshakes for ya; not for somebody who often holds my granddaughter's life in his hands."

Eric gave Calleigh a pointed look as she grinned at him. "Did I forget to mention that my Gran is aggressively friendly?"


"That's Tox, where I spent some time a couple of years ago, and there's Trace over there," Calleigh narrated as she maneuvered her grandmother through the corridor. "That man in the lab coat is one of our field CSI's. His name is Ryan Wolfe. We were working together to analyze stains found on a hotel bed sheet when you arrived."

"Is he the one ya told me about getting' your da off the hook when he thought he killed someone while on the drink?" Maureen asked quietly.

"Yeah, he's really turned out to be a good CSI. He was very respectful of my feelings, yet he didn't flinch to uncover the truth, even if dad might have killed a person, which he didn't. It was a case of wrong place, wrong time," Calleigh said as her pager went off. She glanced down at it and swore mildly under her breath. When could the citizens of Miami ever stop killing each other? "Gran, I have to go. I have a call-out for a homicide. I don't want to just leave you here...Hey Eric, are you busy right now?"

"No, I was heading out for lunch. Do you want something?" He asked, walking over to her.

"I just got a call out and I can't leave my Gran here and I can't bring her with me-"

"Whyever not, Calleigh? I'd love to see ya work."

"Gran, murder scenes are often violent and messy. They smell bad and are horribly gruesome sometimes. I don't want you to have to see that," Calleigh countered.

"Need I remind ya, child, that I've dodged Catholic bullets and lost my own sister to an IRA bomb? I've seen far worse than your crime scene," Maureen stated.

"I also don't know how long it'll take to process and I don't want you sitting in a hot Hummer in the middle of Miami." Calleigh turned to Eric. "Can you do me a huge favor and take my Gran back to my place?"

"Sure thing, Cal." Eric offered his arm to Maureen. "If you'll allow me, Mrs. O'Sullivan."