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For this story: This takes place during Bella's birthday party in 'New Moon'. Things turn for a crazy change – and then it takes off from there. My advice: just go with it.

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Without further ado, fasten your seatbelts and hold on… here we go!

(Bella's point of view)

I was laughing a lot tonight despite my earlier disinterest in my own birthday party. Alice had truly outdone herself. But honestly, what did I expect? My little, beautiful pixie-like best friend really couldn't help herself.

"Open mine and Edward's next", Alice said walking towards me with a small, wrapped package in her hand.

"You promised", I said to Edward with a glare. Was he kidding? I couldn't read minds or see the future, but did he really think that would stop me from being upset that he'd spent money on me?

Emmett came bouncing in from installing the new stereo in my truck, "Just in time!"

Jasper edged closer with Emmett to see what Edward and Alice shouldn't have gotten me.

"I didn't spend a dime", Edward said coolly as he brushed a strand of hair from my face. He looked even more gorgeous from the candle lights that surrounded us. His eyes smoldered at me for a second and I had to look away. He is so unfair and he knows it. Oh, I am so lucky.

"Give it to me", I said to Alice. I took a deep breath, told myself to give a reaction worthy of my favorite crooked smile. I took the little package wrapped in a shimmering silver paper. Alice couldn't yank that grin of off her small face. I could see Edward looking at me intently from the corner of my eye, a hint of a smirk on his perfect lips. Shaking my head, I stuck my finger under the edge of the paper and jerked it under the tape.

"Shoot", I said under my breath. The shimmer paper had sliced my finger. I pulled it out to examine the damage.

I had a terrible feeling right then. I put my hand behind my back.

"What is it?" Edward asked me, putting his eyes on me fully.

"Nothing!" I said maybe a bit too quickly. Was I bleeding? I have a paper-cut don't I? Why aren't they reacting? They would know if I was bleeding, their incredible sense of smell would detect it. Should I run?

'NO!!!' I screamed at myself. Alice would see the decision. She hasn't seen anything yet. She's still standing there, smiling, but throwing Edward annoyed looks every millisecond.

"It's okay Bella, it's just a small gift … and it won't bite", she added that last bit in a whisper.

I smiled and shook my head again. I pulled my hand out from behind me. Why was I worrying so much? Just as I was going to re-attempt to open the gift, I squeezed my finger just to see if I was concerned for nothing.

Slowly, a pin-prick sized amount of blood seeped through a slit on my finger tip.

Everything happened very quickly then.

The sudden shade of red shocked me, I looked up at Edward. His eyes were on mine, just as his brow formed a crease, I felt the wind, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see, and I felt the sensation as if I were traveling backwards.

Something had crashed into me and sent me hurdling through the nearby window and to the grass outside.

"NO!" Edward roared.

I felt hot, and I still couldn't see. But there was one thing I did know, and that was that Edward's voice was not near me and I was being held down by the same something that had thrown me outside.

Edward wasn't near me.

I felt a sharp pang on my neck, near my right ear.

I began to panic then. My legs moved first as I kicked, my arms followed as I punched, and my voice found itself as I tried to take a breath. I could feel myself panting because I couldn't get a good breath of air. I was being crushed.

My hands traveled to my neck, and I felt it: hot, wet, sticky blood. But there was something else too, something cold and vibrating.

Before I could put my hands on this new discovery, I felt it being ripped away, I felt a cold wind again, and heard Carlisle's voice:

"No, don't move her"

"What?! I need to get her away!" I heard Edward, now at my left side screaming at his father.

"We don't know what that fall has done to her. Don't touch her", Carlisle said. I realized then that my head hurt and I felt like I needed to throw up.

I felt that sharp pang in my neck again, and with that, I suddenly sat up.

I opened my eyes gradually to find myself covered in bits of glass, Edward looking at me not breathing and Carlisle peering at me with a scared expression on his face. He was kneeling like Edward, but in front of another figure that I saw who was panting hard.


Did he push me outside? Why?

Alice was near him, her hands grasping onto his shoulders. Rosalie was behind Alice, holding onto her. Esme was behind Carlisle looking frighteningly at Edward. I noticed arms around Jasper's waist and saw that they belonged to Emmett who was in a crouching position behind Jasper.

It hit me: they are restraining him.

Jasper was struggling with all his might, Emmett was even struggling with him. The ungodly sounds escaping Jasper's lips made me feel even sicker than I was before. I swallowed hoping to ease my dry throat. The sudden movement made Jasper thrash violently once again. As he did, his head leaned forward and a growl broke out from his throat. I saw his eyes then: they were red. I saw red hang from his grimacing lips as well.

Oh god.

I felt Edward's body tense and slightly relax; I could guess that he was forcing himself not to attack Jasper from the cries in the thoughts of the rest of the family. I wanted to see his face to tell him that I was alright. I began to turn my face towards him and was hit by a flame wall.

"Oh!!" I felt sound come from my chest as I collapsed to the ground once again. My hands shot up to my neck but were intercepted by stone ones.

"Bella…wha…what have I done?" I opened my eyes long enough to see Edward holding my hands, his face contorted into an agony I had never seen before. This was not his fault. I was the one playing around with a loaded gun, so to speak, hanging around vampires.

"Edwa- ahhhh!!" I was cut off from consoling him by a scream that had been gathering in my throat. I could see that pain in Edward's eyes; I did not want to hurt him. I am not screaming anymore if it is literally the last thing I do.

I heard Carlisle again, closer this time, "get her inside, be gentle. We are locking down the house once we are inside. There is no time for debating, Edward, just go". With that, I felt my hair rush all around me, my love's arms slightly moving as he ran inside, I took what I knew now was my last breath, and plunged into the churning fire that was waiting for me.

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