I do not own InuYasha or any of the Charaters, though I wish i owned sesshomaru!

How things are going so far….

Things with the group were the same as always. Naraku had most of the jewel shards inhis possession but the Inu group was not far behind. In a previous battle in an effort tokeep Naraku from getting the whole sacred jewel Kikyo shot it with a sacred arrow shattering it, losing her life again in the Process. It was summer break in Kagome's time meaning they could travel longer distances. Miroku and Sango were planning a wedding at the end of summer. As the final battle with Naraku looms closer, Miroku began to wonder if waiting was really the best thing. So after discussing it with Sango they agreed not to wait any longer. Shippo was still the same. His days were usually spent annoying InuYasha, getting hit on the head by InuYasha, talking to Kagome or Kilala. The group was not able to fly on Kilala for long distances because after her last heat the group learned that she was going to be expecting soon. All in all the group's travels were not out of the ordinary. The only thing that was a little off was InuYasha. If he thought his romance tale was over when Kikyo died he was sadly mistaken.