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It had been three days since 'the incident' had occurred

It had been three days since 'the incident' had occurred. When Sesshomaru came back in the morning no one had the guts to ask him what happened.

"It was probably InuYasha's fault" Kagome said one night to the others. She was teaching them how to play poker.

"I don't think we should rush to conclusions Kagome besides this really isn't any of our business." Sango told her glancing over her deck of cards.

InuYasha and Sesshomaru hadn't said a word to each other since that day. In fact they hardly spoke at all. However Miroku couldn't help but notice InuYasha occasionally glance at Sesshomaru when he thought no one was looking. Meanwhile InuYasha was being driven insane by his demon blood. Their bond made InuYasha able to feel everything Sesshomaru was feeling. Part of him wanted to apologize and summit to him but his human blood and mind made him revolt when he remembered Sesshomaru was his brother.

The more he thought about it the more he knows he was going to have to talk to Sesshomaru... So the on the fourth night of not speaking to each other InuYasha made his way up the hill Sesshomaru was sitting on after dinner.

"Hey sess. Do you think we could talk?"

"If you wish."

InuYasha sat down next to his brother and silence fell over them.

"Well little brother wasn't there something you wanted to talk about?" Sesshomaru asked.

"O, yeah listen Sesshomaru I know I've been an ass these couple of days and I wanted to say I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?"

Silence fell again. After what seemed like an eternity Sesshomaru replied

"You are my mate InuYasha, whether you emit it or not, I will always forgive you."

InuYasha stared at him with wide eyes.

"Ya well that's what I wanted to talk to you about also. I'm guessing by your reaction that incest relationships are ok among demons?"

"Ye they are common especially among us dogs"

"Well I don't know if you know this but among humans incest is looked at with discussed. Now I'm because…" InuYasha was cut off by Sesshomaru finishing for him.

"Since you are a Hanyou that you are feeling opinions from both sides."

"Yes well I was thinking earlier that if you want I could be with you, IF you promise to go slowly that is. 'Ill need time to get used to this."

Now it was Sesshomaru's turn to look at him with shock. Softly he spoke

I would love nothing more little brother than that."

He gently leaned forward and kissed InuYasha. It was soft and sweet but passionate at the same time and InuYasha felt himself begin to enjoy it but before they could really get into it Kagome's voice carried towards them.

"hey you too, I've got some pocky in my backpack if anybody wan… WHAT THE HELL!"

They broke away to see Kagome's standing there with shock and anger (but mostly anger) on her face. Soon Miroku, Sango, Shippo Rin and Jaken followed but au-un came into sight.

"Kagome are you alright what happened?" Miroku asked.


"Calm down Kagome." Sango said trying to reassure her friend.

"NO I WOUNT! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TOO WELL YOU BOTH CAN JUST GO TO HELL!" With that she strutted right into the forest. Nobody said anything for a few minutes. The only thing that cou7ld be heard was kagome's distant screams getting fainter by the second. Finally Miroku spoke

"So I'm guessing by kagome's reaction she found out about you to and that you are back together?"

"Ya, she did. Man she's gonna be pissed for a while so I'll give her a few hours before I go get her." InuYasha said absently starring at the spot where she disappeared at. He couldn't believe his luck. She didn't even 'sit' him!

"Probably a wise thing to do InuYasha" Miroku said as he turned away towards their camp.

"Miroku hang on a minute how did YOU know about Sesshomaru and me anyways?"

"Forget that and count your luck InuYasha, if I know kagome's she will have another person she fancies soon enough and she will forget all about you."


"I can't believe that guy, all I did for him and he steals my man away!" Kagome was so busy ranting she didn't watch were she was going and walked right into someone.

"O I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." She apologized as she looked up to see the most gorgeous demon she had ever seen.

"The fault was entirely mine my lady."

"Hi my name is Kagome"

"My name is Onomaru, tell me what made you so mad beautiful maiden?"

"O its nothing just had a fight with some one that's all."

"Well in that case my I have the honor of escorting you back to your camp?" he asked bowing and offering his hand. Giggling Kagome took it and said

"I would love that." And they made their way back to camp.