The Thunderstorm

Brandy pulled up the blankets closer as another crack of thunder was heard, she hated thunder storms, to be more accurate she was scared of thunder storms, unlike her roommate Mr. whiskers who was currently sound asleep in the bunk below her in his hands he held a stuffed doll that looked like a psychotic magician, it's eyes seemed to move eerily in the darkness, it was her mind playing tricks on her she thought, just as the shadows on the wall had formed make believe phantoms that danced each time a crack of lightning rolled by, like the howls of the wind seemed to be whispering her name, she was gonna hate herself for this in the morning but right now she couldn't care less, she looked down at her roommate cleared her throat then asked

"Whiskers are you asleep?"

"Well I was" he yawned at her after a while "why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason!" she blushed feeling embarrassed

"Now brandy are you telling me you woke me up it the middle of the night for no reason what so ever?" he questioned her in one of his once every blue moon actually kinda smart moments

"well I er.. can I sleep with you?" she finally came out and asked

"sleep with me?" Mr. whiskers repeated the question a slight blush on his cheeks " I don't know brandy I mean I don't think I'm ready for this sort of thing!"

"not like that you perverted rabbit!" she cursed herself for not wording the question properly

"then like what?" he asked curiously his pink eyes looking into her sapphire ones

"can I sleep beside you?" she rephrased the question feeling flustered

"sure brandy" he smiled up at her, she smiled back then climbed down and slipped into his bed he helped tuck her in then stuck his creepy doll in her face

"wanna hold Mr. magicstine?" he asked her with a huge grin

"no Mr. whiskers " she grabbed his doll and threw it over her shoulder "I don't wanna hold your sick doll"

"then what do you wanna do?" he asked

"I wanna sleep" she sighed putting her head on his pillow

"what am I supposed to do?"

"sleep" she answered

"okie dokie" he smiled then rested his head on her chest

"what are you doing!?" brandy squealed

"sleeeeeping" he answered her wrapping his hands around her waist

"can you not sleep on my chest!?"

"but it's so soft"

"still! Get off!"

"but you took my pillow" he whined

"get off" she commanded him icily

"well I guess I'll go sleep in your bed" he shrugged getting ready to get off but brandy grabbed him and hugged him tight

"no wait don't!" she pleaded

"why?" he asked looking really flustered and confused his face half buried in her breasts

"cause I'm scared of the thunder storm idiot!" she wailed and hugged him tighter "I don't want to be alone"

"oh! You should've just said so" came a muffled reply

"you know I never reveal my weaknesses!" she wailed as if this predicament was all his fault

"okay! Calm down brandy!" he pulled himself out of her grasp the put his hands on her shoulders reassuringly "I'm not gonna leave you! Ever! So you don't have to be scared anymore"

"you know whiskers you're the sweetest guy I know" brandy sighed then laid her head on whiskers shoulder

"aw thanks brandy" whiskers smiled broadly at her then wrapped his pale arms around her, and they stayed like that embracing while listening to the pitter patter of the heavy rain and the booms of thunder, like a mothers lullaby the steady noises had put them to sleep, and so they slept embracing like some would say brother and sister but others not unlike myself would say that they are most probably lovers.

Authors notes: there a sweet brandy/whiskers fluff I hope you enjoyed it