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"Awww, you and the Director make nice Gibblets, Gibbs!" – Abby Scuito, Singled Out

Paris, France, 1999

Jenny Shepard's eyes flickered open as the cool breeze from the window wafted over her form lying on the bed. The wind in Paris at this time of year was always a little colder, particularly when you were naked and lying on damp sheets. Jenny pulled the sheet up over herself and looked about for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. "Jethro?" Jenny called, the darkness didn't respond. She sat up quickly. The feeling of sickness that had taken a hold on her a couple of days ago, came rapidly back to her. Jenny grabbed a shirt, which was the nearest piece of clothing, and ran for the bathroom. Jenny reached the safety of the toilet bowl before it was too late and threw up.

Five minutes later Jenny walked out of the bathroom slowly. She had washed her mouth out and splashed her face with water. She hoped that whatever this sickness was that it was a passing thing. It had only started to bother her in the last four or five days. She hurriedly did up the buttons on the shirt and pulled on a pair of discarded boxer shorts that had been lying on the ground. She sat down on the bed and glanced up at the clock on the bedside table. The clock read 5:00am. Jenny sighed, "I hope I feel better soon. The markets are usually lovely in the early morning." Jenny and Gibbs were on a surveillance operation monitoring a French drug ring which included some high US Navy officials working out of the Embassy. Some of these officials met their French contacts in the markets around Paris.

She rose slowly and called again, "Jethro?" Again she was met with silence. Jenny left the bedroom and walked out to the kitchen. His cell phone was still sitting on the bench, where he'd left it before they had spent sometime on the bed. Jenny turned around and surveyed the room, "Where is he?" She tried for a while but in the end she gave up, for whatever reason Jethro was not there. It must have been a one hell of a good reason. Jenny started to feel nauseous again, she walked slowly back to the bedroom. Then she was running for the bathroom, to throw up yet again into the toilet bowl. When Jenny finally walked out of the bathroom, her eyes were filled with terror. "Oh please God! Oh if it's true…" Jenny shivered as she began to cry. "I can't believe it" Jenny lay on the bed visibly shaken and let the tears roll down her cheeks, "I can't believe it." She repeated, softly. There was neither happiness nor sadness in her voice, she felt numb. She couldn't imagine how this was going to affect her career and Jethro's too. "Oh God, Jethro..." Jenny said sitting up quickly on the bed. She'd always known that Jethro was good with kids, maybe he would approve? Jenny sat back down. She placed her hand over her stomach, thinking about the life or lives that were growing inside her.


Gibbs climbed the stairs quietly. He was dressed entirely in black and was holding a plastic bag which held a silenced semi-automatic inside it. He pulled the key to the apartment out of his pocket. He gently and quietly unlocked the door. He stepped into the apartment and looked around. He could see that Jenny had gotten up she had been into the kitchen. That was the most he could work out from his scan of the room. Gibbs padded slowly over to the painting hanging on the wall. He pulled off the painting from the wall and unlocked the safe that sat behind it. Getting the combination lock unlocked he opened the safe and placed the silenced semi-automatic still in the bag inside the safe. "The sweeper team can deal with that." He frowned, if Jenny hadn't been sick he wouldn't have had to kill that Frenchman in the first place.

Yesterday morning Jenny and Gibbs had been at one of the markets monitoring the activity of a couple of American Navy officers. Jenny had been sick in a bin and it had caught the attention of one of the French drug dealers. He'd followed them back to a café and had watched them until they had satisfied his curiosity. That evening, after Gibbs and Jenny had spent some hours in blissful pleasure with one another. Gibbs tracked and followed the Frenchman to a quiet street; where he caught up with him in a dark alley. Gibbs had stepped out of the shadows and put three bullets into the man. He had left the scene with only a brief glance back at the dead man and long enough to police his brass.

Gibbs walked over to the kitchen. He pulled a cold cup of coffee out of the refrigerator and sculled the contents. Gibbs placed the cup on the sink and walked down the bedroom. He lent against doorframe as he watched his partner and lover asleep on the bed. He smiled then walked in and sat down on the bed and began to pull his shirt off. "Jethro..." Jenny sat up quietly and placed a hand on his bare shoulder.

"Jen," Gibbs turned and kissed her tenderly, "I'm sorry, I just had to deal with something. Go back to sleep."

"You're the one that woke me up, stands to reason you have something else in mind?" Jenny said, with a suggestive smile tugging at the corner of her lip, "Am I right?"

Gibbs smiled and it made her go weak at the knees. Gibbs pulled her closer to him and looked her up and down, "Well first things first, Jen," Jenny raised and eyebrow, Gibbs smiled a suggestive smile as his hands began to un-button the shirt Jenny was wearing, "You can start by getting out of my clothes..."


The Parisian morning was beautiful, Gibbs and Jenny walked along the stalls that were dotted around the market where they were watching the Naval Officers and their French cartel contacts. To the quiet observer, they looked like a very content couple in love. Jenny was smiling widely at Jethro, admiring his handsome and rugged looks. She wasn't afraid to show him she loved him. She knew he loved her and she could see from the way he was looking at her that he felt the same way. However Jethro noticed something was up with Jenny, he had always been good at reading people, after all it was part of his job to anticipate what others were feeling and how that could affect the situation. Jen planned to tell him sometime, she just needed it to be the right time, and now was not that time, they had a job to do. Gibbs glanced up to see one Officer go in one direction and the other in the complete opposite direction. "Jen they're splitting." Gibbs muttered, quietly, as if not to attract any attention. They continued on with their cover of husband and wife.

"I can see that Jethro," Jenny said nodding at him, "Let's split up that way we cover both and not lose them."

"That's not a good idea Jen," Gibbs muttered to her, "What if something happens to you?"

Jen glared at him, "Jethro, I can take care of myself." She said sternly.

Gibbs gave her a quick but sharp glare, "Like yesterday when you were sick in front of that cartel member?"

"That was different, there were circumstances beyond my control," Jenny said snapping quietly at him.

"Like what Jen? Enlighten me." Gibbs replied sharply, he was becoming irritated.

"Jethro I'm…" Jenny shut her mouth, not wanting to say another word. "Now is not the time to be talking about this, don't worry about me, we have a job to do. Plus, it's not my fault I chose it to be that time, if you get my point." Gibbs snorted at her comment. Ignoring him, Jenny continued, "We should go separately, when we've both cooled down we'll meet back at the apartment, okay?"

Gibbs grunted and walked off to follow one of the other US Naval Officers who was heading into a small side street, before Jenny could say another word. Jenny walked slowly after the other one who was looking at stamps at a stall nearby. Jenny heard the sound of sirens in the distance. She mingled into the crowd and was looking at a flower stall when the police cars pulled up around the market. The policemen climbed out of the cars and walked into the market they stopped and began to point and gesticulate towards a figure walking slowly away from the scene. Jenny couldn't believe her eyes they were targeting Jethro. Her Jethro. The police surrounded him and he was pressed up against a stall and handcuffed. The look that he gave her before he was lead away…meant whatever had developed had been destroyed. Jenny looked away, a sudden hurt and depressive feel hung over her. He would never know her secret now...

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