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Ziva stood in front of the mirror, the silky champagne coloured dress clinging to her form. It accentuated all her curves, running her hand over her now straightened hair she smiled a sexy smile. If this didn't get Tony's attention, then he was blind and stupid. Ziva sighed and turned her attention to her matching handbag and her coat which she had decided to wear in order to surprise him. Ziva pulled on the coat keeping her dress and figure a surprise from Tony, then she walked leisurely over to the door, she had a feeling that Tony wasn't far away. She opened the door Tony stood with his back to her, he was muttering and talking to himself. "Tony!" Ziva said, surprised.

Tony turned around and his nervous smile disappearing as he tried to calm himself, "Here she is," Tony said his eyes roving over her hidden figure under the coat, "I thought you said you would wear the dress?"

Ziva rolled her eyes, "Tony, it's cold. Don't worry I kept my side of the deal." Ziva watched him for a moment, "So where are we going?"

"Thatis a surprise," Tony said as he lingered around the door for Ziva as she walked back into her apartment and taking hold of her handbag. She returned to him with her eyebrow raised as he grinned at her, "Well you'll just have to trust me Zee-vah." They walked down the hallway toward the elevator and stepped in. Tony's hand slid around to the small of Ziva's back.

"Any lower Tony and you'll be heading to the hospital," Ziva whispered her voice becoming a little husky. Then to emphasise the fact she grabbed Tony's wrist, Tony bent down letting out a hiss of pain, when she was sure that he wouldn't be touching anything lower then her back. Tony nodded her when she finally let go of his wrist and he was able to stand. The elevator door opened and Tony and Ziva exited, both walking out the front door toward Tony's new Mustang.


Abby and McGee sat on the lounge in Gibbs living room Abby's head on was on McGee's shoulder her eyes were closed. McGee sat quietly, he was reading Deep Six, it was the book he had given Gibbs that he had signed personally. Not that it meant anything to Gibbs even if he had actually read it. He wasn't sure whether or not Gibbs had read it. Now however as he read he thought about a new story which might be centred around Penny Pepard and LJ Tibbs. McGee only half gazed at the page as he allowed the idea to take a hold. Abby stirred as her head shifted on his shoulder, McGee half turned his head and looked at her, "You always sleep so quietly."

"Well I've learned to do something quietly with you," Abby grinned at him, a suggestive smile that meant she was more interested in something more then sleep.

"When you two are quite done," Gibbs said, both Abby and McGee looked up at him. "McGee, get your butt down here and give me a hand," Gibbs motioned for McGee to follow him back down stairs.

Abby stayed where she was a McGee rose from the couch, "Aww, Gibbs just when I was having fun with Timmy."

Gibbs paused on the stairs, "You two can do something a lot more fun later. Right now I need you to open up the car, while McGee and I carry the girls upstairs."

"They're asleep boss?" McGee whispered as he reached Gibbs, "You think I can carry one of them?"

"Yeah they're asleep McGee…you think I'd manhandle my own daughters out of my basement…" Gibbs glared at McGee daring the younger man to utter a word. McGee kept his mouth shut; Gibbs turned and walked slowly down the stairs a small grin on his face. "Come on Tim, lets get these two back to their mum." Gibbs walked over to where the girls lay just inside the hull of the boat. Gibbs lent over the side of the opening that lead into the hull and looked down at his sleeping girls.

"They look like their mother don't they?" McGee whispered quietly, Gibbs looked at him. It was a look that McGee had seen over his four years with Gibbs at NCIS. "Sorry boss."

"You're right McGee," Gibbs whispered and slowly lowered his upper body. Gibbs slowly slid his arms under Laura Jane's body. Gibbs ever so carefully lifted her out of the boat, LJ stirred for a moment. Then her rested on her father's shoulder and Gibbs smiled as he kissed her forehead lightly. Then he turned to McGee, "Get Hayley out of the boat," Gibbs whispered to McGee as he slowly climbed the stairs, "But do it quietly."

"On it boss," McGee said in a normal voice, before lowering it as Gibbs glared at him, "Sorry boss." McGee reached in and slowly pulled Hayley from the boat as Gibbs ignored his apologies as he reached the top of the stairs.


Jenny stood in the office in her house pacing the room, she knew the girls. They were their father all over, once they decided to do something there was not a lot she could do. Jenny had yet to take up the courage to call Gibbs. But maybe she could call someone else, walking round her desk to the phone. She immediately dialled the number, waiting for the person on the other end to pick up, "Dr. Mallard speaking?"

"Ducky," Jenny sighed with relief, "Thank god, do you know where the girls are?"

"Ah my dear, they swore me to secrecy," Ducky sounded a little embarrassed, "It's something I decided I'd do years ago…I'm sorry my dear."

"That tells me a lot," Jenny smiled to herself, that explained why they had the ability to disappear on her so many times and Ducky had never been able to help. "Okay do you know who I could ask?"

"Well my dear," Ducky sounding as if he was thinking slightly deviously, "Would you consider possibly phoning Ziva or Tony…they maybe able to help you."

"Why do I get a feeling that you are suggesting they're together?" Jenny smiled good humouredly at the mirror she was looking at. After all how many times had she told the girls that Tony and Ziva needed to get a room.

"Ah, well," Ducky sounded embarrassed again.

"It's okay Ducky," Jenny smiled to herself. "I'll talk to you later," Jenny sat down at her desk, "I just hope that Tony and Ziva know where they are?"

"Bye my dear," There was a hint of something under the voice. Jenny put the phone down, she sat there not saying or thinking.


"I know what you're thinking Tony." Ziva smiled as Tony looked around the lounge room. Tony looked up at her, Ziva was still wearing the silk dress her hair however was loose and gave her an even more attractive look.

"What am I think Miss David?" Tony walking slowly over to her, a grin that was gorgeously intoxicating.

"You're thinking that you like the DVD's in my collection," Ziva smiling provocatively as she turned and walked back toward the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Tony sighed and walked back to where the small yet interesting collection of DVD's again. Tony continued to peruse the collection that seemed to scream "Chick flicks", but right now Tony really didn't care. He was thinking about Ziva naked and he was wishing that it would come to pass, very soon.

"Well?!" Ziva's voice carried into his unconsciousness, Tony looked up. He stared in stunned silence as he took in the while silk dressing gown and the white lace underwear that Ziva stood in. Ziva rolled her eyes, "Don't I even get a thank you Tony?"

"Thank you," Tony breathed as he walked towards her, "Thank you very, very, very much." Tony grinned as his arm slid around Ziva pulling her close. Showering her with soft yet playful kisses, Tony looked into those beautiful brown eyes, "Words can't express how I'm feeling right now."

Ziva gave him a hungry yet provocative smile, "Well I'm guessing now that your knee wants actions to be spoken…"

"The term Ziva is, actions speak louder then words," Tony grinned before kissing her now more fervently now as they shuffled toward her bedroom. His cell phone rang, something in Tony wanted to ignore it but the tone suggested that anyone from work was calling. Pulling away from Ziva slightly, "Sorry," Tony pulled the phone out and flipped it open, "DiNozzo?"

"Having fun Special Agent DiNozzo?" Jenny Shepard's voice carried a teasing note. Making Tony turn his head as if what was about to happen could be seen in MTAC. Jenny spoke again after she didn't hear a reply, "Relax Tony, I had a good idea where you were considering the girls know how to paint people into corners."

"Yes ma'am," Tony replied, "I have had the experience."

"It's their father in them," Jenny smiled to herself from the other end of the receiver, "Speaking of the girls you and Ziva don't know where they are do you?"

"As a matter of fact director…" Tony started before Jenny interrupted again.

"Never mind Tony they've just come through the door," Jenny replied and disconnected all in one go. Tony stood there looking at his phone slightly perplexed.

"Well that was interesting," Tony turned to look at Ziva who stood only a few centimetres in front of him, "Now where were we?"

"I think the term is called sex Tony," Ziva added teasingly before Tony was holding her close and kissing her long and slow as he half carried half dragged her towards the bedroom.


McGee padded down the stairs to where Jenny Shepard and Abby stood in Jenny's house. He stopped to look up at the top hoping to hear noise, there was no noise. Jenny looked at him and Abby, "You two are in trouble!"

"But…" Abby started and McGee looked at his feet as Jenny continued.

"No buts Abs," Jenny said, the mum inside her was now working at a hundred percent, "It was my fault, but you two didn't help the situation by doing what they asked!"

"Jen!" Gibbs low growl on the top of the stairs, made Jenny turn in a second. Gibbs descended the stairs quickly, "It's neither your fault nor their's, its mine."

"I don't want to start now Jethro," Jenny turned on him, the anger that she had felt after he had left and after the girls disappeared now coming into play. "I'm tired, emotional and I had my girls disappear on me tonight. I'm not interested."

McGee and Abby slowly backed into the lounge room as they began to witness another family fight. McGee shook his head and sat down, Abby smiled and clapped her hands, "This means they're gonna get married Timmy!"

"Yeah, how Abs?" McGee looked at her incredulously, "That racket is going to wake up the girls and they're going to see they're parents arguing."

"I think that was the plan Timmy," Abby smiled at him, a knowing smile told him she knew things he didn't. Her attention turned back to the main hall, Jenny and Gibbs were now arguing and were making a lot of noise. Both, McGee and Abby took in the two figures looking wide-eyed over the banister at them.

"They're my girls Jethro," Jenny wept her anger now dissipated; "I raised them, made sure that they were always looked after." Tears began to flow consistently now, "You have no idea what it was like to know you're a single mum and their father is married."

Gibbs pulled Jenny into his embrace, for the first time in his life Jenny had revealed truth like she had never before. He loved for it, he loved her because he always had, and he loved her because they had had children together. Gibbs eyes were rimmed with tears as he looked up at Hayley and Laura Jane, "Come on you two, mum needs a hug."

Hayley and Laura Jane raced down the stairs, arms wide as both Gibbs and Jenny embraced they're girls. LJ looked at Jenny as she held her daughter in her arms "Does this mean Daddy is here with us all the time now?"

"Please Daddy!" Hayley whimpered as Gibbs held her tightly.

"That's Mummy's decision," Gibbs smiled softly at Jenny, "I'd like to."

"Mummy?" LJ and Hayley asked in unison, looking expectantly at Jenny.

Jenny looked at Gibbs, "You think you can handle being a Dad to these two terrors?" The smile on her face told the story, she wanted him too. He was what she needed and always did.

"I think I could just about manage," Gibbs grinned at her before, "Girls I need you to get down for a minute." Gibbs and Jenny lowered LJ and Hayley down. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this Jen!" Gibbs knelt down in front of Jenny, taking her hand in his looking up at her.

"Oh I have a fairly good idea, Jethro," Jenny smiled down at him.

"Marry me Jenny?" Gibbs words floated about the room, Jenny pressed a hand her face as joyful tears ran down her face.

"Yes!" LJ and Hayley jumped up and down as they heard the words proclaimed. Jenny smiled at Gibbs as he his hands cupped her face; Gibbs kissed her tenderly and passionately. As they parted Gibbs caught a glimpse of Abby kissing McGee in the lounge room.

"I don't suppose you know where DiNozzo and David are?" Gibbs grinned at his wife to be.

"Oh I think they might be a Ziva's," Jenny smiled knowingly at him.

"Sounds like we might be having three weddings soon," Gibbs grinned to himself.

"Three?" Jenny looked at him.

"Yeah," Gibbs grinned before kissing her again, LJ and Hayley sat on the stairs watching them with big grins on there faces, "Looks like two people we know going to be doing a lot of brides maids jobs!" Jenny laughed as Gibbs kissed her again, LJ and Hayley looked at one another, things were going to work out they could both tell.

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