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He swiftly moved along the darken corridors of the building, only stopping ever so often. The man halted before turning the corner, he held the stolen technology in his hands. It was carefully bagged in a cloth pouch that was tightly gripped in his leather-covered fingers. His dark goggles reflected slightly in the moonlight before he sank into the depths of the shadows.

"The alarm sounded, but where's the intruder?" another man asked, as they passed the silhouette. Said figure's eyes followed the guards and watched them disappear down the halls. He heard the faint sentence made by the security guard's lips: "It better not be that technology thief…"

"Peh! What do you mean? It has to be Techno…that guy never rests until he finds what he wants into his hands…I've heard he was a genius," the guard's companion said. The whispers died down, and the thief rose out from his hiding place. A smirk made its way onto his pale face, and he quickly left the scene, not making a noise with his soft-padded shoes.




"The Tech. thief or best known as, Techno, has struck again on the day of February 23rd. The stolen good was a vital piece belonging to a much bigger and undisclosed project. Authorities are still trying to deduce the thief's motives for the steals," the reporter droned.

A small picture of the robbed building was flashing in a small rectangular box in the background. "And that concludes our 10:00 pm report. This is Takamura Mika, and thank you for watching…"

As the screen switched to a commercial, the twenty-four year old wheeled around in his chair, turning towards his neat desk. His goggles were pushed back up onto his forehead; his raven hair was kept out from his eyes. He patiently tapped his fingers along the glass desk.

"What amateurs," he said with a smirk, looking over the article he printed from the internet. "No one can catch me…"

His raven eyes coolly looked over paper and he placed it back onto the stacks of paper.

Things have gotten a bit…boring, he must admit. Nothing was of a challenge to him anymore; after all he was a veteran thief, having stolen many things in the past years. The man was popular in Japan, he being dubbed as the Tech. thief, or better nicknamed as Techno. However, his true name, unknown to the public, was Ohtori Kyouya.

A child genius…

If only he wasn't abandoned and disowned by his stupid father...

Kyouya wouldn't be in this type of circumstance, but he is now.

He chucked the article into a trashcan and looked at the laptop that lay on the glass counter. Nothing had caught his attention; there were nothing that suited his needs. Most of the stolen goods were lying around his house, warped into more advance things, or many were put on the black market and bought for large sums of money.

The thief got onto his feet, and grabbed his pair of gloves that lay on the table.

He was going to investigate that night and stalk around the bustling city of Tokyo; after all, he was a very bored Tech. thief.




It was dead at night, and he was leaning against the stone cold bridge with his goggles pushed up against his raven hair. Kyouya looked over the moving cars, buses, and was ignored as people walked past him. A half-an-hour seeped by him slowly and people stopped passing the bridge; the area became a secluded and dark place that was littered with many shadows.

Although there weren't many people, no one gave the suspicious looking fellow a glance, for he was known only by name-wise, never by appearance.

No one will be able to catch him. They were so obviously stupid.

A triumphant smirk got onto his face, and he looked ahead at the bustling city. Tokyo, Japan is where he resides; no one had caught a glimpse of him during his steals. No one knows how old he was. And no one will be able to catch him.

Kyouya was the ideal thief.

The man's eyes wandered down the stone bridge and to the park paths nearby. He had always wondered if there would be a mob of police and news cars hurtling his way, ready to capture him. But they never came.

"Is Tokyo this boring?" he asked himself, leaning against the rails of the bridge. Kyouya tilted his head backwards and he looked at the dark gray skies. Nothing's happening in this world. He closed his onyx eyes and felt the breeze rustle through his hair.

There were curious rustling nearby him, and finally, a voice sounded.

"Excuse me, mister…"

Kyouya popped open an eye. "Hm?"

Standing near him was a woman around his age holding a clipboard in her hands. He was a bit confused on why this woman would just approach him so boldly. "I'm Fujioka Haruhi and if you don't mind, I'd like to have your public opinion…"

She had a business card in her hands and the thief had no choice but to accept it from her. Kyouya looked at the card, inspected it before pocketing it in one of his pockets. "I don't mind, what do you need me for, Fujioka-san?"

"Well, to start things off, I'm a lawyer and I'm thinking of contributing to the effort of capturing a certain thief," she said. "As well, I'm also building a case against Techno for some people who had been victims. It's rare for Techno to steal from a normal civilian; however there had been many cases for the prestigious."

Haruhi fumbled with her clipboard before flipping to a blank note paper. "I'd like to ask if you know anyone close to you who have been the victim to the Tech. thief. And if you do, please do your best to describe the case."

"Hmm. A case against the thief?" Kyouya asked, pretending to take interest in the topic. He raised his eyebrows slightly. "How are you going to sue this man if he isn't captured, or let's say…seen?"

There was silence and Haruhi placed down the clipboard onto the wide stone railings. "Uhm, mister, the purpose of why I'm asking these questions is to help determine the areas where Techno is residing," the brunette informed him; her large brown eyes critically meeting his cool gray ones. "The police will be able to use the target areas and deduce an ideal hiding place and therefore catch him."

A sly smile came onto his face and he subtly moved closer to her. "Ah…what a clever plan, Fujioka-san…"

"Yeah. I think it's going to be helpful. For a long time the police force hasn't been able to catch this thief. They'll probably have an easier time to track him down like this," she said, a smile on her face. "But I didn't inform the department about this idea. The material and data still has to be collected."

"Hm, with such a tactic, they'll be sure to capture him quickly," he said; the smile on his face was cold and icy. He didn't put any sincerity into his words. "However, don't you think that you're prone to danger by doing this?"

Haruhi blinked, her eyes losing its sharp and critical look. She raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

Kyouya shrugged and he turned away from her and onto a random billboard that was attached to a building. "…if you haven't paid attention to the internet, I'd say Techno has gotten a few hundred thousands of fans. For what, I don't know."

"Ah it's not like that like him for stealing things, but it doesn't make much sense either," Haruhi bit back. Kyouya raised his eyebrows curiously. "I don't see why people would support a thief that steals the next generation of machinery. But if these fan girls are to like Techno, it's probably because they imagine this thief to be slim, agile, and young to be able to escape security and the police. It's just their idiotic fantasies."

"That's correct, but if word gets out that you're going to capture him…you'll find yourself in a predicament, no?"

Haruhi swallowed slightly, and she looked at him with determination. As subtly as this man may seem, Haruhi noted, this guy is clearly discouraging her from doing her work. The Fujioka lawyer huffed and she smoothed out the wrinkles to her yellow shirt.

"Even if I'm chased down by an angry mob, I'll still give the papers to the police," she said confidently, giving Kyouya a mild glare. "And I'm planning to help them investigate into the thief's background and with my help we'll surely put an end to Techno's actions."

'Fujioka Haruhi…just a mere stranger, yet she's become a threat to my name and to my career,' he thought absently, while putting a hand to his mouth. 'If she hands the reports in…the police will bound to trust her and thus…by letting this woman chase me down…It'll be a wonderful challenge…however…I can't underestimate her.'

"Oh, I see," the thief said, his glasses reflecting the light from the street lamps. "So a woman like you is aimlessly wandering the streets asking for public opinions and information..." Kyouya tilted his head at her. "Am I right?"

The twenty-three year old lowered her head slightly and she hesitantly answered, "Yes…is something wrong with that?" Haruhi's eyes widened slightly as the man took her chin into his hand, and he ran a thumb over her red lips.

"Of course, there are many things to be cautious of, Fujioka-san," he darkly whispered. The woman started to shiver, but kept her stare bold and confident. "One, be careful of rapists and gangs…they are more than likely to hit on a pretty woman like you…" Haruhi turned her head away from Kyouya's hand. "Two, you'll never know what the hell would happen to you if someone finds you as a threat."

Haruhi turned her back on him and paced around slightly.

"That doesn't make sense…Who would do that?" Haruhi asked with a smile. Her smile didn't last long on her face, when a hand was slapped over her mouth. Haruhi's eyes slid to the side; the thief suddenly attacked her from the back. "Mmf?!"

"I'm sorry, Fujioka Haruhi," Kyouya said in a low murmur, his mouth brought to her ear. "I have never kidnapped before; I have always stole things. I find this highly unnecessary for me to do. But you kow, you're turning out to be a threat to me. I need you out of my way."

The lawyer's eyes widened. 'Is this—?' Haruhi freed her mouth from his hand, and she asked in panic, "Are you the thief? What are you going to do with me?!"

"Rest assured, woman, I'm not going to rape you, I'm not going to kill you to keep quiet," the thief said with a smile. "I can't be caught, so—Fujioka Haruhi, I'm stealing you."

Haruhi shivered with fear. She wanted to scream and call for help, but the thief gagged her with a cloth before she could. The dry and rough material was held to her mouth and nose that the brunette was afraid that she might die from suffocation. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes, and she was roughly grabbed by the thief and blindfolded.

Her vision became swamped with darkness, and Haruhi stumbled over her feet. 'No…let go of me!' Haruhi shook, trying to shake off the thief. Kyouya tsked at how annoying Haruhi was and in a swift movement, knocked her unconscious.




'…he really didn't rape me…' Haruhi thought, staring at her hands in awe. The mere fact that she still had her perfect pale skin on her hands made her amazed. She shivered. 'But then again…I can become a permanent sex slave for this guy…'

Haruhi placed her duct taped hands onto the carpeted floor and she tried to move around with the strong tape binding her feet. Her brown eyes swept over the dark room. It was dark, and she was huddled in a corner of the room.

A bed was visible, a desk, a book shelf, but nothing else.

She was just thrown into the darkness and she was forgotten inside. Haruhi tried to get onto her feet, but her hands and feet were bind together, making her useless and helpless on the floor. 'I can't believe I got myself kidnapped!' she thought angrily.

'Now, what's the thief going to do with me? Is he going to kill me?' she thought, collapsing onto the floor in defeat. Haruhi stared into the darkness, a frown planted on her face. The word of a thief can never be trusted. She was probably in a lot of trouble. Haruhi felt her heart wrenching in her chest; her fate lied within the hands of an infamous thief.

'Tousan is probably worried about me…' Bitter feelings mixed in her and Haruhi shut her eyes. She was cold and kidnapped, and bound in duct tape. 'I want to get out…'

As if on cue, the door swung open, and the lawyer was blinded slightly by the light. A figure was standing there, and a hand reached over to the side to open the lights. She identified the raven-haired man to be the Tech. thief who had kidnapped her.

"Techno, I'm so going to sue you for kidnapping! You kidnapped a lawyer no less, have you no idea what I consequences I can bring to you?!" Haruhi bombarded with a vein pulsing on her head. Kyouya only casually walked in, a towel on his wet hair. Ah so he took a shower.

"I demand to know where this place is, you thief!"

The Ohtori took a seat on the bed and stared at her while ruffling his hair dry. He blinked before slipping his glasses on. "Oh? Are you sure you're going to be able to sue me, oh great and might lawyer?" he mocked, a small taunting grin on his face.

"I can," she warned, narrowing her brown eyes at him. "And what're you going to do with me?" she asked, trying to hide her fear with a confident tone. She couldn't suppress her shaky breath. "If you want to kill me, hurry up and do so. I hate to know that I'm at the mercy of a thief."

'He's going to kill me…I know it…' her mind thought absently. Haruhi's shoulders shook as her head hung on her chest. 'I'm sorry, Tousan…I might never see you again. He must have issued a missing person alert…Ha…as if anyone in Tokyo could find me here…'

Kyouya stood up from the bed and walked towards the desk before sitting onto the revolving chair. "As I have said before: I have don't have any intentions of killing you," Kyouya said, and he leaned towards the desk, picking up a ball point pen. "Committing murder will only add more years to my time in prison that is if I'm ever caught."

There was silence. The Ohtori looked up from his paper at Haruhi who was trembling. He took a pair of scissors from his desk and leisurely took the time to stroll over to the twenty-three year old who was hunched up in the corner.


Haruhi refused to look at him, and she replied icily, "What."

"Nothing," he said, before getting into a squatting position. Kyouya took the blade of the scissors and her wrists. Haruhi was ready to flinch and expect pain; however, she felt the sticky tape on her peel off her skin.

This infamous thief was actually setting her…free…?

"I have more uses for you than having you sit in the corner of my room and cry," the adult said, as he ripped the rest of the duct tape off the lawyer's body. Kyouya whisked around and threw the scissors onto the desk, and he went back to it, picking up his pen once more. "You're still useful."

Haruhi cautiously stood up from the floor. Her legs felt numb; after all, she had been sitting in that position for a rather long time. Once she got herself stable against the wall, she looked at Kyouya with wide and questioning eyes. "I'm…what?"

"Come here," he commanded, his gray orbs never leaving the paper that he was writing. Kyouya slapped down his pen, took the paper, and slipped it into an envelope. He kept scribbling things onto the envelope and Haruhi was hesitant on walking over to her kidnapper. "If I must repeat again: I said, come here."

"Uhm…right," she murmured before walking towards the stranger. Kyouya abruptly gave her the envelope. She blinked and looked at the man, who was now staring at her with a straight face.

"Take that outside to the door, and drop it in the mailbox."

'He's letting me leave?'

"You can't leave," Kyouya murmured as he stood up from the table. Haruhi froze slightly as the man passed her. "Once you have seen my face, I'm not even going to consider letting you leave this place. And besides…you can't get out without a key."

She blinked and walked out of the room. Kyouya had already gone somewhere, and she looked around to find him. There were no signs of the twenty-four year old. She stepped into a living room near the elevator.

Haruhi wondered why there was an elevator, but ignored the reason. Instead, the lawyer focused her attention onto the metal plate near it. There was a key slo on it, but the up and down arrows were missing.

'Ah…this is what Techno meant. Without a key, huh?' Haruhi thought. Her brown orbs spotted a slot that had the words: MAIL printed on top in a metal plate.

'…the elevator is just so close…' she thought, giving side glances towards the way out. Haruhi eyebrows scrunched together in concentration, and she reached a hand up to her hair where a hairclip sat. 'I can pick my way out…'

Something snatched her hand and Haruhi's eyes dilated.

"Ara," a voice floated to her ear creepily. A bead of sweat slid down the side of her face. "You aren't planning to leave, are you?"

"Why would I?" she asked, a sly simper on her face. 'Damn, I've been caught.' After several seconds he released his hold on her, and snatched away the envelope he had given her. Haruhi frowned distastefully, while rubbing her wrist.

"If you're planning to pick your way out of here, it's not going to work," he said, slipping the envelope into the slot. Kyouya smiled and turned around. "The security has been enhanced with all the technology I stole."

'Dammit…' she thought, her lips twitching upwards to reveal her teeth. 'He's one step ahead of me.'

As he turned away, the thief grabbed her wrist roughly, intending to drag her somewhere.

"Hey!" Haruhi snapped, before pulling her hand away from him. She hissed at him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

The Ohtori silently looked at her beneath the glare of his glasses. "What do you think I'll do?" he fired his own question. Kyouya coolly crossed his arms and smirked at her. "I'm sorry, but if you want to leave, you can't. But if you're going to be staying here, and you will, there will be a lot of rules and things you must follow."

"I never chose to stay here," Haruhi grumbled, giving a deadly glare. Techno scoffed and turned his back on her.

"We both haven't expected something so small as a survey to result in something like this," Kyouya muttered darkly. "Since my house is rather large, you have your own room and bathroom." He directed his stare to an empty hall. "It's just down there, second door to your left. I have the rules and laws of this house on your desk. If you have any questions feel free to ask me."

Haruhi only warily stared at him, as he turned on his heels and walked away from her, his hands clenching the hems of the towel around his neck. "If you wish to have something to eat…it's just out here," before he disappeared out of sight.

The twenty-three year old growled under her breath before walking to where she would be sleeping. Haruhi sighed, as she stopped in front of her door. She was already expecting an empty room with only a cardboard box on the floor as a desk. And as for a bathroom, something like what would be in a jail cell would probably do.

'…I'll be living in hell, Tousan,' she thought dreadfully. Anger ran through her veins and she glared at the metal door. 'I'm trapped in here with a cold-hearted—' K-chak. '-bas…'

Her thought died and she stared blankly at the room. 'What…the…hell?' she asked herself. Surely if she would live as a captive or something, the place where she would be staying could easily be classified as poor living conditions. Haruhi looked around, and murmured to herself in awe, "What a big room…"

Haruhi sighed and trotted in through the door. The woman collapsed tiredly onto the neat bed, and stayed in that position. A content blush fought its way onto her face. 'The thief gave me a bed…' There was silence and she pulled the pillow to her face. 'Maybe I'm overacting a bit.'

The lawyer sat up suddenly and shook her head. 'No…I won't know until I check everything…' Haruhi stood up from the wrinkled bed and walked towards the bathroom. A mild fragrance wafted to her nose and her fingers traveled the inner wall of the bathroom.


'What the—?'

The woman blinked. The bathroom was equally as large as her room. 'Is this the correct room that someone would give to a captive?' Haruhi walked onto the marble-floored bathroom, and she looked at the expensive-looking furniture in it. The high luxurious accessories overloaded her senses and the brunette left the bathroom as quick as she could.

'…Maybe…I walked into the wrong room,' Haruhi sighed, as she slammed the door behind her. She looked around at the light gray and blue room. A thought clicked into the kidnapped woman's mind.

Haruhi walked towards the glass table and sitting on top of it was a stack of papers, stapled together. She blinked and picked it up.


'Wh...What's with this?!'




"You thief!" she exclaimed, stomping angrily into the vast living room. Said person was sitting there on one of the beige velvet couches, sipping tea out of a porcelain cup. "What the hell is with this?!"

Kyouya looked up, his glasses glaring. "Hm?" A cold, distant smile came onto his face. "Have you decided to join me for dinner? If so, you're late. Your food's on the table…cold."

"I appreciate the fact that you didn't even bother to microwave it for me," she forced out through gritted teeth. Haruhi shook her head and whipped out the printed rules. "But what's with these?"

"What's with what?"

"You know very well what you wrote for your rules!"

Kyouya serenely sipped his tea and closed his eyes calmly. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Haruhi fumed; the paper in her hands almost crushed in her fist. "Mr. Thief-san, I am talking about your stupid rules that you gave me!" she said stiffly. Haruhi's eye twitched and she stomped closer to him before shoving the paper in his face. "What's with rule number one?"

The tech. thief opened his gray eyes and looked at the first rule: "One: Be a maid."

"It's pretty self-explanatory," he said, holding the delicate cup by its handle. "I generally need someone to take care of the house while I'm off in Tokyo stealing from labs and companies. It's nothing big. There are just only fourteen rooms and fourteen bathrooms to clean."

"Jut only? You say that as if it's so easy," she murmured under her breath. Haruhi put a hand on her hip. "What about rule two?"

"Two: There are clothes in your closet. Wear it," Kyouya read. "Okay, while you were sulking in my bedroom for a long period of time, I gathered my sister's clothes and placed them in your closet. Although they are rather impropriate, they're the only ones that Oneesan left behind."

The thief looked up at Haruhi with a blank face. "I don't expect you to complain, because it's the only clothing you have. But if you do, you'll have nothing else to wear, and I rather not see you clad in your underwear."

Haruhi's face turned slightly red. '…like hell I'll do that."

Kyouya took the papers into his hands and read the last sentence. "Any failure to listen to owner of the house will result in no food." Kyouya beamed. "That means, no dinner."

"I understand that."

"So what I basically want you to do is: be the maid of the house, wear the clothes I have for you, and you have to listen to whatever I say. Understood? The expectations for your behavior are also in there, but I know a lawyer would be smart enough to comprehend them."

There was empty silence, and Kyouya stood up from the couch, his teacup in his hand. "As well…I've written a letter to your parents, they will be knowing your circumstance."

"A what?" Haruhi asked, perking up completely.

"Ah…yes, that's right," Kyouya murmured, derailing from the topic. He gave a glance at Haruhi. "I'd like you to greet me every time I come home. I prefer a voice over silence." Haruhi made a load groan, and she smacked herself with her hand. Kyouya raised an eyebrow. "Is there something wrong with it?"

"I can't believe you're actually expecting me to do these things," Haruhi sighed before falling onto the couch with a plop. Kyouya blinked at her confusedly as she ran her fingers through her brown hair.

"Usually, kidnappers would force the kidnapped to be tied or taped down for days on end, starve, and have poor living conditions. I'm a lawyer, I've dealt with kidnapping cases, and never in my life have I seen a case where the captor would provide for the captive." Haruhi frowned at him. "You don't have any experience with this do you?"

Kyouya's glasses flickered with light and he stared at her stoically.

"What do you expect from a thief?" he asked; his voice was void of any emotion. "I only steal inanimate objects. How would I know how to treat a human?"

'…mn, that's probably why I have a bed and I'm not dead yet…' she thought, chewing her lower lip in doubt. Haruhi closed her eyes. 'Tousan, maybe life here wouldn't be so bad…but this is Techno…the infamous and most wanted thief.'

"Also, I wanted to tell you…"

She opened an eye and glared at him. "What?"

"Attempt to escape and I will hunt you down," he said with an evil smirk. His glasses gleamed and dark aura clouded around him. "And instead of being duct taped for an hour, I'll have you chained and starved for a day." Haruhi twitched uncomfortably. "And we wouldn't want that to happen, neh?"

"N-No, thief-san," she murmured, her eyes sliding away from this potentially dangerous man. "I won't try."

"Good," he agreed.

Haruhi narrowed her eyes slightly. 'At least not yet.'




'Haruhi has been gone for this whole night,' the man thought in pure dread as he trudged up the stairs to his apartment complex. He collapsed onto the step and put his face to his hands, tired from his night's search. His eyes were swollen and dry from searching, and he still hasn't found any traces of his daughter.

'She only told me that she'd be out for a while…just to ask for public opinions…where is she?'

"Fujioka-san, you have mail," a man said, coming up the stairs. He snapped his head up, hoping that the person was probably a policeman. His hopes depleted when it was just the mail man waving an envelope in the air.

"A letter?" a red-haired middle-aged man asked himself. He quietly thanked the man, and grabbed the envelope from him. What if it was a letter from the police department stating that they have found his daughter? With new energy, the Fujioka ripped it open and pulled out the neatly folded letter within.

Instead of finding a computer typed paper, it was a neatly written one:




To whom it may concern,

I am currently holding your daughter, Fujioka Haruhi, as my possession. I have no intentions of keeping her…yet I have no intentions of letting her go. The night before this day, the night that you have last seen your daughter's face…treasure it. I don't plan on returning her. Ever.

If I do let her free, it's possible that my career as a thief will be over. Because of that, your daughter is not leaving my residence. Prepare to mark her status as dead or missing; be ready to end her profession as a lawyer. It was because of that profession she was led to this difficult circumstance. If you are to blame someone, blame your daughter who had foolishly decided to catch me.

I must say that she had a clever plan. However, this clever plan of hers will never leave this house. I'm not taking any risks of having my identity and whereabouts known.

If you want to, you can contact the police and try to catch me.


Do not be worried, I am certainly not going to do any harm to her at all. I don't have any purpose to going so far as to rape, violence, or murder. Your daughter is underneath my watchful eye and care. To let you know, I won't let anything happen to her. However…I can't guarantee her mentality after this.

Ah…also…if you wish to bring this to the police, just know when you're filing a missing person report…

I didn't kidnap your daughter.

I stole her.

And stealing is my specialty…

now isn't it…Ranka?

--Tech. thief.

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