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Renge immediately stood up, shielding the Cheshire from the other thief. Putting her arms up to her sides, she said boldly, "She's not here…"

Techno's cold eyes swept at her, sending chills down her spine. He narrowed his eyes at her, and clenched his fist tightly. "Ah, so you say that she isn't here?" He took an intimidating step towards her, and she stiffened. Renge hesitantly backed away. "I suppose you do know what I'm going to do to you for playing dumb, yes?"

Kaoru's eyes narrowed poisonously, his hands slowly traveling to the drawers. He slipped on a glove, while struggling to stand from the bed. "Renge-chan didn't do anything, leave her out of it."

His hazel eyes slid to his maid—the woman that he had taken in almost half a year ago. "It's alright, Renge-chan," he said softly. He pushed her back roughly, forcing her to topple onto the bed. She blinked and looked at him, speechless. "Don't interfere from now on. It's only a thief's business."

She swallowed thickly and obediently nodded.

"I won't."

Kyouya frowned, glaring at them with the unexplainable rage that was twisting in his stomach. He couldn't think of any reason why he felt this…disgusting feeling writhing in the pit of his chest. He twitched slightly, flexing his fingers stiffly. "How sweet," he spat venomously, glaring at Kaoru crossly. "A thief…protecting his own…possession? That's something new…"

The Cheshire gave an icy glare, a dissatisfied frown on his face. "Well…aren't you the same, Techno?" he asked testily. "Don't you want to protect your captive—isn't that why you're here? Wanting to know where she is, to keep her out of harm?"




He dashed quickly through the thick bushes, breaking through the barrier of leaves. Debris from the forest caught onto his black, midnight clothes, but he didn't care. He didn't care at all. Blood poured from the streaming open gashes; it was a surprise that he could still bear the pain.

Kyouya's heartbeat was pounding so thunderously in his chest that the only sound that he could hear was the rhythmic poundings—one beat after another. Air was pulled in through his cracked lips, and he heavily exhaled hot breaths.

His foot caught on a root that jutted from the earth, and he tumbled onto the ground—

All his grace as a thief was no longer evident, as his shoulder grazed the dirt and rocks. He hissed in pain, shaking as his wounds throbbed achingly. Kyouya laid there immobilized, his head against the cool dirt. His slate eyes were barely open as he stared at the darkness of the outskirts of the city.

He should give up, his inner mind stated. Why do it for a girl who left him on her own accord?

He shut his eyes tightly and allowed his breathing to catch up to him and for the pain to subside. No matter how hard he tried to control the mad beat of his heart, it kept on aching. It had a hurtful hold on him, and whenever he had to think of her it was pain by the tenfold.

His gloved hands fisted a patch of grass and dirt, his body started to sting from the gradual pouring of rain.




It was like a fire setting the explosion off; he lurched at Kaoru, grabbing his collar, roughly choking him with his shirt—

"You're just assuming, Cheshire," he hissed, glasses glaring dangerously. A murderous aura poured off of him. "I wouldn't waste a second protecting someone like her! If she ever leaves, she'll be able to use the information she knows about me and land me in jail—it's only for caution that she doesn't get out—"

Kaoru only grinned and let out a quite satisfied huff. The grin only grated on Techno's nerves, and Kaoru suppressed a small gasp of pain when the thief's grip tightened. "Techno, are you so oblivious that you don't realize…that it isn't just pure caution that fueled you to come after her? You're really intelligent…but when it comes to these things…you're seriously…stupid."

His hazel eyes twinkled tauntingly, and his lips twitched upwards, "Face it, Techno…you're lonely."


"Shut up! There's no way in hell am I like that!"

"Kaoru-kun!" Renge's chocolate orbs widened as the Cheshire weakly slid down the wall, crumpling onto the floor. She slid off the bed and hurried to his side—"Kaoru-kun, are you okay?!"

"Don't get in the way," Kyouya growled coldly, grabbing Renge's arm roughly. She desperately looked at Kaoru; his eyes now closed, breathing labored. Kyouya's eyes grew dark, as he murmured, "It's a thief's business…"

And she screamed, a last sound of rebel, before being effortlessly thrown aside; her head bashed into a corner of the metal cabinet, rendering her unconscious as blood poured out of the wound. Like Kyouya even cared…

"Don't…involve her…" Kaoru hissed, as he struggled to sit up; the thief's body was shaking with pain. He could feel the healing wounds reopen, and the fresh bruises throb. Kaoru's breath rattled out shakily and he held his shoulder and arms painfully. "Whatever you do…no matter how much you try to deny…"

He brought his eyes up to look at Kyouya critically.

"You were always lonely from the start. Before we became enemies…and when I was still a civilian…I've always seen this man…perched on the roof…looking and staring out into the tall buildings of Tokyo…every night…like he was waiting."

"You're…" Kyouya started; his eyes depicted the confusion and anger he felt. "only a thief—a selfish, robbing, little twit—you don't have the right to make false accusations about me—"

"You're forgetting, Techno," he interrupted with a small grin on his face. "We're only human—and that's who we'll always be. It seems that…even though you're like us…you're lacking…the ability to identify the things you feel—"

"Cheshire—" Techno hissed; his sanity and reason had left him, and were replaced with rage and anger. He slipped out a hidden blade from his glove, while strolling towards the fallen thief. He knelt down in front of Kaoru, with a cold look of indifference. "You are pure hatred…don't you know…?"

Kaoru made an uncomfortable noise in the back of his throat as the tip of the cold knife slid up the center of his neck. "Knowing so much…it makes me sick…and to know that you care about your captive…" he continued.

"You don't understand…"

"I'm sorry, I don't," he replied apathetically, his thumb brushing over a pale spot of skin on the copy-cat's cheek. He effortlessly dragged the blade against the creamy skin, pulling it across slowly. It sliced open, and hot red liquid started to flow from the wound; Kaoru shrank away from the knife.

"And where's your so-called 'savior', hmm? Should he not be watching over you at this time?"

"He has other things to do…" The sharp edge traveled dangerously close to his neck.

"I'm not going to kill you, Cheshire," he murmured lowly, each word spoken with a heavy splash of hate to it. Kyouya's glasses glared, flickering evil past the rims. "You'll experience it nice and slowly, and I'll leave you an inch away from death's door."

"To the brink of death, huh…?" he laughed dryly, his confident smirk still twisting his lips. "You're an idiot—"

His sentence was sliced off with a choke anda fist heldKaoru readily against the wall. "Repeat that one more time, and you're dead."

In the thick silence, the alarms kept wailing. Kaoru's Cheshire grin spread, his gloved hand landing onto Kyouya's shoulder, precariously close to his neck. The feeling of sharp, cold metal suddenly appeared with the addition of faint stinging; shreds of Kyouya's clothes sliced in the familiar claw mark that had wounded him before.

"You. Are. An. Idiot," he said, almost happily and cheerfully.

He clenched his teeth, "You—"


The two directed their attention to the metal door; Kaoru smiled triumphantly, his efforts paid. The intruder, a fully attired Cheshire thief, stood, slowly absorbing the scenario. It was as if in a standstill, a blade at Kaoru's neck and several razor claws threateningly clutching Kyouya's shoulder.

"What…the hell…is going on…?" Hikaru murmured, giving a glare at Kyouya. A disgusted frown was on his face, and he stared at the blade resting on Kaoru's throat. "…what the fuck are you doing to him?"

"You're…" Kyouya started, turning his head towards the other. A murderous aura started to cloud around the Cheshire thief, sending dangerous vibes into the air. "The other Cheshire Cat…?"

Said thief allowed his eyes to drift to the other unconscious person in the room. For a second, his features softened into a blank, expressionless face. '…Ren…ge?' Anger boiled inside of him, and sharp eyes snapped back to glare at Kyouya.

Baring his feline-like teeth, Hikaru hissed, "What the hell did you do to them?!" His paw-like gloves flexed with razor blades; his glare, hiss, and extended claws—signs of a cat ready to kill.

"I didn't do anything to them, Cheshire Cat," Kyouya retorted icily, with a con-like, disarming smile etched on his face. The statement didn't cease Hikaru's anger. Kyouya's slate eyes turned dark and an ominous smile replaced his con. "I see that you have been…out?"

"Yes…" the chestnut-haired man said hesitantly, giving a cautious stare. "I was…and what's that have to do with you?"

"You took her, didn't you?"

Hikaru crossed his arms. "Took who?"

"Stop playing, I know you did."

He lazily dropped his arms to his side and grinned. Kyouya raised an eyebrow at him. "…you're selfish…you're a real selfish thief," Hikaru chuckled, brightly smiling a strange grin. "What else do you want…? You have already hurt one of my peers…"

Kyouya's eyes slanted and he pressed the long-forgotten knife against Kaoru's throat once more. "I only want to know…where my maid is…"

"Drop…the knife, Techno…" Hikaru muttered. "Don't hurt the injured anymore…"

"And…what if I do?"

In a number of quickened steps, in several blinks, in a quick slash of a razor claw—


Blood slowly trickled down from his arm, and Hikaru tightly held the bare limb against the wall; his other hand, limply hanging at his side. His golden eyes turned dull and void of any emotion. "Land a touch on Renge…or my brother…and I'm afraid this will get personal…"

"Hmph," he chuckled, his lips twitching into a smile, regardless of the open gashes in his arm. "…oh, I won't touch them."

"…cheh," Hikaru murmured, pulling the now blood-stained sharp-edges from the layer of skin. He ignored the sharp intake of breath. "Good. I really…don't want to kill someone today."

"That brings me back to the reason as to why I'm here—"

Hikaru laughed as he strolled a few steps away. "You…really love her, huh?"

It caught Kyouya off guard, and he blinked. "…what?"

Hikaru's smile dropped suddenly.

"…don't tell me that you don't know what love is."


"…I don't, care to explain?"

Hikaru face-palmed himself, shaking his head disbelievingly. He tsked several times, his eyes closed. "Techno…" he murmured, before giving the thief a critical look. "What do you think…you'll do now…?"

Kyouya's eyes narrowed. "What?"

"What would you do now? If you had no idea where we had taken your little captive," Hikaru explained patiently. The opposing thief stared warily at him. "Would you…keep searching for her…even if you don't know where she is?"

"…maybe, but I may have to force it out of you…"

"Then I'll have to kill you," Hikaru chirped, clashing the long claws together, earning a light clashing sound. The corner of his lips twitched upwards, "That is…if you suddenly become violent towards Kaoru or Renge, I will be forced to slit your throat."

"How sweet."

"Thanks, you too."

There was a tense silence following in suit, the technology thief staring at Hikaru expectantly. The Cheshire smirked as he began to pace back and forth around the room, "Love…is a wonderful thing, Techno…"

His feline smile widened. "I…happened to fall victim to it, and it's, of course, no surprise that you…are confused by this new emotion you feel…"

"I'm not confused," he denied harshly.

The other shook his head, eyes closed. "Cheh, you're just completely trying to ignore how your heart twinges in a…sickening pain. Believe me, no one slipped in some kind of mini-cardiac shocker into your chest, you know."

Kyouya rolled his eyes, "Of course I know that, Cheshire."

"You're being ignorant," Hikaru bit back, his voice losing the playfulness that he once had. He dipped his head, eyes penetrating the others critically, "Techno, do you know why we're doing such things…"

Kyouya froze, his gaze drifting off to the side; he stared at the ground. Of course he knew why. "…I do…"




Kyouya pushed himself from the ground, cringing as sharp sensations shot through his arm. He could feel the water droplets slowly descend onto him and the ground around him, and the Ohtori struggled to stand. The gashes on his arms reopened again, but the rain washed away the blood as it slowly poured out.

Heavy rain began to batter against his figure. He was drenched, and clumps of mud and wet leaves stuck to his moist skin.




"There are many rankings of thieves," he laughed, eyes twinkling dangerously. "There are the really lowly ranks…who do nothing but steal food from the markets, they aren't even called thieves. There are the middle ranks, where they steal consumer products and goods. There are high ranks, who steal the more advanced goods."

He drew closer to Kyouya, and lightly jabbed a claw into Kyouya's chest. "And then there's us…the extremely high ranks of the thieving society…"

Kyouya swallowed thickly, but kept his cool mien.

"We can't co-exist, Techno," Hikaru continued on. "What's yours is supposed to be mine, and what's mine is supposed to be yours…we are of the same kind…"




He trudged in one direction, muddied shoes and puddles slowing him down. Kyouya attempted to swipe away the bangs stuck to his face, and strained his eyes to see through the water-stained glasses. His clothes hung heavy on his tired limbs, and he could see the apartment buildings from a distance.

A lone light from a room poured out into the gray rain, but it was made dim—however, that didn't discourage him at all. With effort, the raven-haired man walked slowly towards the source of light.

Because…he had reason to keep going.


"And only one of us can stay in Tokyo."


She stared out the window, watching the pouring rain pound against her glass window. Her brown eyes were glued to the grainy scene; she sighed as she hugged her pillow tighter. Ever since the Cheshire had delivered her out from where she had been captive, she was too blinded with the happiness of going home to realize the after effects…

She wondered whether she should be caring about the thief who held her as his permanent guest. Haruhi closed her eyes and buried her face into the pillow. She had mixed feelings and split thoughts about the situation…

'I wonder if Techno is worried…'

Her thoughts were immediately chased away by the fact that a thief would never care for someone like her. She inhaled the fresh scent of the pillow—of course, she had been gone from home for a few days…although they had seemed so much like eternity; she should be content and sleeping in her bed.

However, swarming thoughts of Techno kept her awake, and all she could do was debate in her head whether or not to go for or against the man who had captured her from the streets of Tokyo.


"So what do you say, Techno? Do you want to know where she is?"



Haruhi blinked, casting a curious glance at the window. There was nothing there to be seen, not a figure or anything in sight. Haruhi shook her head, ridding the thoughts of paranoia from entering.


She froze, looking slowly towards the window. The lawyer slipped off her bed and tiptoed hesitantly to the window. She peered out of it; there was nothing but gray and the black shadows of the forest in sight.


She opened it, just a small crack—



He smiled up at Hikaru; it wasn't a smirk, a sneer, or a sly, con smile. Instead it was sad, and took Hikaru by surprise. His eyes dulled and he murmured softly, "I can't do anything about it, now, can I?"



The lights quickly snapped off, shadows overtook the lighting. A hand reached out and covered her mouth while an arm embraced her tightly—

She staggered backwards and bumped into a moist chest. The wetness melded into her back, and she shivered at the coldness. Shallow breathing entered her ear, and Haruhi felt a shiver climb up her spine; her brown eyes widened.

"…Please…" he murmured in a hoarse whisper, the voice breaking the heavy silence. The brunette inhaled sharply, as the hand fell from her mouth. She could smell the wet smell of earth and an iron tang of blood. The intruder laid his head on the crook of her neck. "…come back to me…?"


"You win," Kyouya admitted. Hikaru blinked stupidly, dumbfounded at the 'uncharacteristic' statements that were spilling from his rival's mouth. Techno bowed—which made the situation more awkward than what it really was supposed to be— "Please…tell me…where my maid is…?"


She shifted in his embrace. Haruhi gingerly placed her hands onto the arms that wrapped around her, her warm hands making contact with a wet and sticky layer of skin; her face was burning, there was no doubt it was him but something didn't feel…right.

Haruhi turned her head to the side slightly, a familiar, disgusting smell of blood wafted to her nose. She shuddered, and the thought— 'He's hurt.' Flashed in her mind.

"Techno, are you—"


Haruhi blinked, confusion flooding into her mind. She freed herself from his grasp, and turned around swiftly, brown orbs widening in slight surprise. The lawyer swallowed slowly, trying to think of the correct words to say, however she only amounted to the words: "…what…" The brunette cleared her throat slightly. "What did you say?"

The thief didn't meet her stare, instead looked at the ground in a submissive manner— his confidence and arrogance completely stripped from him. He murmured quietly, whilst closing his eyes.

"I'm no longer a thief…"

She stood there stunned, as he neared her. The gravity of the figure in front of her dawned upon her heavily—

There were scratch marks—

Gashes…many of them.

A leather-gloved hand reached out to stroke her cheek softly; Haruhi shied away, unconsciously, from the feeling of the wet material sliding over her skin. Heavy breathing littered the air, as another hand reached out to grip her shoulder. Dark shadows covered his face, a look of defeat flashing in his eyes.

"I gave up my position…"

Haruhi could feel him collapse against her, his body dripping wet with water. He was out of breath, heaving in gulps of air, "Just to be with you."

"Wait, Techno," Haruhi exclaimed worriedly, as she tried to support his weight. "You're hurt aren't you?"

He paid no mind to her question, and his head fell onto her shoulder, sending shivers down her spine, "…please teach me how…to love…"

And then a word—a name- slipped passed his lips, freezing Haruhi in all her thoughts and actions. Everything that she was planning to say, slipped away from her mind—

"Please…call me Kyouya…"

Black edged around his eye sight, and he crumpled onto the floor, losing consciousness.




--Some time later…

"Hey, get up!" she called out for the umpteenth time, a frown fixed onto her face. The brunette scratched her head, thinking, and gave the metal door a hard glare. '…he's not getting up…'

Haruhi sighed exasperatedly and kicked at the door, bashing her dress shoes at it. "Techno! Get your butt out here—"

The door slammed open, a hand reached out and grabbed her arm, and yanked her in—


And the door closed.

"Noise…is not necessary for the morning, it disturbed me…in my sleep," Kyouya mumbled; a dissatisfied frown was on his face. Haruhi, unfazed, only looked up at him, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Well, so sorry, Techno…the police have staged to hunt you down, so go out there and lead them somewhere…because they're very close to the place where the entrance of the base is," she huffed, jerking her thumb towards the door. Kyouya frowned, his glasses glaring.

"I vividly remember that I've told you to call me Kyouya," he mumbled, turning his back on her. Kyouya yawned and crawled back into his bed. "About the police situation, I'll do the running later…not this early in the morning…"

"…why are you going back to sleep?" she asked, her brown eyes narrowed in annoyance. Kyouya ignored her, pulling his blankets over his head.

"Well, Techno, even though you have stopped stealing things, the police are still after you for the things you stole before," she lectured, walking closer towards the bed. "Hey…"

No response.

Haruhi sighed and sat on the edge of his bed. She looked at the room that belonged to the former thief; it was still cluttered with many things, thought relieved of some of its mechanical and useless gadgets. '…neh…his room…doesn't seem like it changed…'

It has been almost three weeks after the incident of the kidnapping and the quick range of events. It's finally quieted down; and since Techno has stopped stealing, the city of Tokyo has been relieved of a high-classed thief. Though…I can't help but feel kind of overwhelmed by the news of the police trying to track him down…

She sighed and leaned backwards slightly, using her hands as support. "Neh, Kyouya-san…if you keep sleeping every time I come in…I'm just going to think that you don't like me and not visit anymore."

Kyouya's ear twitched.

"…and I even told Tousan that I was going to take the weekend off and spend it with a friend—"

A hand shot out, and an arm snaked around her waist suddenly, reeling her into the havens of the warm blankets. "GAH—mrfm!"

"Hrm. Tired," he hummed, wrapping an arm around her torso. "Sleep with me,"

She blushed furiously, feeling him nuzzle his face into her hair. "…ugh…Kyouya-san…off…" Haruhi tried to struggle out from his tight grip. The brunette shifted her body slightly, turning her head towards Kyouya—

Only to see blank, black eyes staring back at her—

He blinked several times before stating, "…you're wearing a skirt…"

A vein popped on her head, and she frowned irritatingly; her face flared up red once again. "Yes, and what of it?" She jerked suddenly as a hand slid up her thigh almost cautiously—

Kyouya was still staring with those damn blank eyes—

She quickly sat up and slapped him— "What the hell are you doing?!"

He only blinked and sat up as well, rubbing his reddening cheek. Kyouya curiously stared at Haruhi's full-blown red face. He cleared his throat professionally, "…if I'm not wrong, I believe that we're qualified as 'lovers', meaning we can sexually molest each other?"

Haruhi glared at him, veins slowly appearing on her head. "Where the hell did you learn that from?"

"Cheshire," he simply stated.


"…damn that thief…" she hissed, fisting the hems of her business suit. Haruhi sighed, as she sat back against the pillows, the blank stare from the thief still burning holes through her. The bed dipped, a heavy weight pressed into it.

"As well…we're able to share a 'deep, passionate kiss' with each other."

She shuddered, making a mental note to murder next time she sees purple cats sneaking around with stolen merchandise.

A finger jabbed at the corner of her mouth, and her eyes wandered to the owner of it.


She jumped, slightly; her name being spoken by him were still so foreign to her—Haruhi was so used to the informal names that he had once called her. Her face burned slightly, a stubborn pout (or frown, as she liked to name it) on her face. "What is it, Kyouya-san?"

Kyouya neared her, his face still expressionless. Haruhi, alarmed by the proximity between them, blushed furiously, smartly backing away from him. "…how do we share a 'deep, passionate kiss'?"

Her eye twitched.

'…why ask me?!'

As he pinned her against the wall, Kyouya's dark slate eyes stared at her, blank. As if he had just read her mind, the Ohtori bluntly replied, "I don't know how."

Haruhi's face burned and she glared at him poisonously. '…why does he always ask me about these weird things…?' And she faintly remembered a moment where he had directly asked how to hug people, despite the fact that he had embraced her few times before.

She sweat dropped, looking heavily to the side. '…he's hopeless…'

Yes…and I'm doing the painstaking job…of teaching this once emotionless and unfeeling thief…what love is. It'll be a while for him to understand what all this means though…perhaps he will…and by then, all faults on his name will be cleared.

"Uhm…when…you want to…kiss someone…" she explained slowly, the awkwardness of the situation dawning upon her. "Lips…have to meet and—"

Something warm captured her lips; the rest of her sentence were muffled and silenced. In another second, he pulled away, examining the flustered face carefully. "…I did it right, right?" he asked. "I'm pretty sure it was rather uncomfortable, since it was my first. Should I try it again—"

"…Kyouya-san…" she interrupted, grabbing his head with her hands. Haruhi's eye twitched uncontrollably. "You did it right, shut up. Don't do it again."

Though…I'm just looking far into the future…it won't happen now…not anytime soon…

"Haruhi…" he murmured, before taking her hands into his own. Kyouya stared at her, his eyebrows scrunched up in concentration, seriousness depicted off his facial features. "…I…love you."

She stared before rolling her eyes. The lawyer ripped her hands away from Kyouya's grasp, and let out an exasperated sigh. "That's what you said to me yesterday…"

Kyouya stared at her, mild confusion written on his face. "…did it work?"

"…if you're talking about it penetrating my heart like one of those clichéd stories—not really," she deadpanned.

but that's for another story…




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