I was bored one day and decided to write this little one-shot because I've recently gotten interested in this anime. Since Mamimi is my favorite character I wanted to write something with her in it, and I also wanted to write naota in it as well since I'd like them as a couple. This is my third story on here but it's really not very good because its been awhile since I've written any story at all and of course it was also difficult to do because of the fact that since I've just recently gotten into the anime I'm not sure if I portrayed the character's very well. I didn't really want to post this story because I honestly thought it was no good, but here it is and you can decide if its any good or not.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: naota and mamimi are having a quiet moment together when she tells him something a bit surprising.

Naota sat underneath the bridge with mamimi holding him closely against her. Normally he would be very irritated at her holding him at such close proximate, but today he was too bored to care. Just as every other day, that day had been boring and uneventful. He had hung around with mamimi as usual for most of the day and since it was a weekend he didn't have school. 'Nothing ever happens around here' he thought with a sigh.

Suddenly mamimi spoke ''takkun I have something important to tell you'' naota, instead of reminding her as he always did that his name was not 'takkun', asked nonchalantly ''Yeah? And what would that be?'' mamimi tightened her grip around him a bit much to his great annoyance , but surprisingly he did not pull away. ''Takkun…I-I mean naota…'' at this naota's eyes widened in surprise. Mamimi had never called him by his real name before – at least not with him having to correct her first anyway – and it shocked him greatly. But not more than her next words did. ''I've decided to move on nao-kun. Move on and leave the past behind me.'' ''W-what do you mean?'' naota asked genuinely curious. Mamimi smiled down at him ''I mean that I'm going to try to forget about tasuku and move on with my life.'' Naota honestly couldn't believe what he was hearing.

The red haired girl had been devastated when his brother had left her and had talked about nothing but him afterwards. She had nicknamed him – and everyone else that she was fond of with the exception of canti – after the boy and naota had been sure that there was no way that she would ever get over him. And now she was saying this?! It didn't make any sense. But he kept listening to her words as she continued. ''I mean its not like he's ever coming back for me or anything…he's probably gotten over me and gotten another girlfriend already.'' 'You don't know how right you are' Naota thought ''And I've been doing okay on my own anyway.'' mamimi continued ''Plus I have you.'' She kissed his forehead making the poor boy blush a light pink. ''You'll never leave me at least…right?'' Naota nodded saying softly 'Yeah'. Mamimi smiled widely at that and jumped up suddenly letting naota fall to the ground. ''H-hey! Why'd you do that?'' Naota asked sitting up. ''I'm going to take some pictures of us! Okay nao-kun?'' Mamimi said already pulling out her camera from her bag. ''Uh…sure whatever.'' Naota said as mamimi began happily snapping pictures of him. As nonchalant as ever he sighed and thought once again ''Nothing ever happens around here.''