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Hell and Heaven were always fighting each other, to be truer it was the Devil who started it all. The fallen angel who didn't want to follow God's wishes the one who wanted to make his own world. He always was jealous, God has made so many different and wonderful things like plants, animals, water, humans… He created the life from nothingness, it made Devil angry. He tried everything in his power to destroy it all, but always failed… so one day he decided…

'I won't allow it to continue like this…I will make my own creature…much better than humans! He will see…I won't give up!'

From that day experiments begun…He and his helpers were working on something new, on something that will show that God isn't the only powerful one here. Days went, but no result… All his creations were useful, how hard he didn't try, how hard he didn't punish his workers, nothing worked… The creatures which he created just weren't smart, they were simple animals. It made him mad! After so many failure experiments he decided to gather all scientists and workers who worked on this project with him…he gathered them to discuss how things are going and what has to be done…

"It's useless! She is already experiment No 666!" exclaimed one of the demons.

"It's a good sign; it's your number master. What means we should work on her harder. I'm sure luck will be on our side" tried to cheer up another.

"Are you death? I told you she is no different from our previous experiments!"

"At least she is prettier than all others" commented one of the ugliest among them all. His eyes sparkled when he said it while his tong like snake appeared and disappeared from his mouth.

"Master…" was heard weak voice which belonged to small demon "Maybe we can't teach her because…she doesn't feel love?" the last part was said after some pause.

Everybody looked at him with wide eyes which screamed from anger!

"Continue" said Devil for everybody surprise.

The little one sighed in relief "Well you see… when God created the world, He did it with love… And if to observe humans… all of them learn much faster if they feel loved… But we demons don't have this kind of feelings, so maybe that is why we can't teach them…" he finished hoping that his lord won't get mad.

This statement made the king of Hell to think about his words.

"And what do you suggest? To give her to Heaven's?!" shouted someone from crowd.

"No! Definitely no!" he cried out "If they will find out…all our efforts to create something will be failure…He won't allow us to continue…"

"Then what do you suggest?!"

"Maybe…maybe we could give her to humans?"

"Are you crazy? How do you think they will react if they will see someone like her?!"

"Besides God will see her too!"

A lot of different shouts were heard, but the lord of Hell didn't listen. He sat in his big chair; chin was resting on the back of his hands while He analyzed all information that was given him.

"Claw…" he called someone's name and silence fell upon them all.

"Y-Yes master" answered one of the monsters.

"Is it possible to put part of our barrier on Earth?"

"On whole planet?"

"No…only the part to whom we will give her" He said with still closed eyes,

"I think…I w-will be able to do it"

"Good" His eyes opened, revealing two big, golden balls.

"A-are you serious master? You are going to give experiment No 666 to some kind of human? It is ridiculous!" it were last words of the one who dared to say it, before his body burnt to ashes from fireball which was sent into him by Devil.

"Who else doesn't agree?" He eyed everybody around, but no one said a word "Good…" He stood up.

"Sir… but whom will we give her to?"

"We will see" he smiled making thousand of shivers ran down their spines.

Slowly he went forward, not looking at anyone. He walked and everybody gave him the way while bending and following after Him. Soon they found themselves in small room with big table on wall and stick which looked from the wall.

"Now…" He took the stick "We will play a little game" and pushed it.

It was like lottery… Millions of names were showing on board before it stopped at only one…and it was "Kuga Natsuki" He turned around.

"Hai master" was heard the voice from crowd which stepped to the side, to let a blue-haired girl to come nearer.

The devious smile played on her face, while fire danced in her green orbs. All her dressing was black which included snickers, skirt, jacket and jumper beneath it. She also had medallion on her neck, with devil sign, which was fully made from black gold including chain on what it swung.

"Kuga…wait until Claw will make the barrier, then take experiment No 666 and go to your human self. Starting from now on will watch over her more than usually and make sure that no one else will find about experiment real identity. Do you understand me?"

"Hai master" she bowed.

"Good…" His eyes sparkled "Now you will see my dear friend…you will see what I can do!" He laughed loudly making all walls in Hell to shake…

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