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Chapter 2

Crazy life

"D-don't tell me it is all you can say?!"


"I'LL KILL HER! I'M GONA KILL MYSELF!" roared Natsuki as she grabbed her hair, making her new companion scared "Damn! What am I saying?! If somebody hears me, they will think I'm crazy! But how else should I call her? Damn it!"

Holding her hair, said girl started to walk around the room, sending a deadly aura everywhere. Poor thing didn't know what to do about it, seeing her new master so angry made her really worried. Who knows, maybe she will punch her as well. Natsuki continued to walk around, cursing in her head about her so called devil, which did not make a very good joke, but then her eyes caught girl's scared ones. She looked into them for some time before sighing and letting her hair go.

"Gomen, I didn't want to scare you" apologized Natsuki and came nearer to her new friend" Sooo…do you want to eat?" the girl nodded "Good! Come! I still have some mayo left so we will be able to make mayo sandwiches" and with those words Natsuki headed towards kitchen, but Shizuru still didn't move "Or would you like to starve?" suddenly Natsuki's eyes widened "Don't tell me that you don't eat either!" Shizuru quickly shook her head and went after Natsuki on her fours "Eh? And what about walking?" shyly, the girl rose on her feet "Good! Starting now, you have to walk like this all the time, understand?" the girl nodded "Excellent" Natsuki turned around 'Good thing that she at least understands what I'm saying'

Natsuki went straight to the fridge and opened it to get one of the mayo bottles among ten, maybe more... Shizuru's eyes widened at seeing it and if her speech was human like, her thoughts would sound like this 'Does she call it some?' But Natsuki didn't notice the girl's surprised look and just took some bread which also lay in the fridge. She swiftly opened the bottle and put as much mayo on bread as possible and after even more into her mouth. Shizuru stood beside her, observing how her master eats this so called mayo with such delight and a happy expression, that she started to drool… wanting to try this magic stuff and feel happy too.

"Here, enjoy" said Natsuki and offered one of her sandwiches to the girl who gladly took it and with big desire put it into her mouth. Smile played on her face, before she finally tasted food offered to her… Shizuru's dreaming face immediately turned to one of horror. Her eyes opened wide, her face stiffened as did her whole body. Tears started to form as her face began to turn purple…

"Woooof!" shouted the girl throwing the sandwich on floor and trying to get rid off all mayo which stayed on her tongue by wiping it with her hands.

"Hey! What did you do to my precious mayo sandwich! And what is wrong with you?!" shouted Natsuki.

Shizuru stuck out her tongue and with pleading eyes looked at her owner, with eyes that trembled and were ready to cry at any moment. This sight took Natsuki aback and she didn't know what to do.

"Didn't you… like it?" Shizuru immediately started to shake her head "HOW CAN'T YOU?!" Natsuki exploded making poor girl jump backwards in terror "MAYO IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! I know that sandwich has to contain other stuff too, like some vegetables or meat, but sorry I'm out of that stuff and don't have anything else! I'm sorry, you will have to eat the sandwich as it is or you won't eat anything!" Shizuru looked away with a hurt expression "So you won't eat it?" she nodded "Fine! More delicious mayo for me!" and Natsuki sat in her chair, eating her precious so called mayo sandwich "You can clean yours while I'm eating"

With saddened eyes, Shizuru looked at her smiling owner before falling on ground to lick everything off. Seeing that Natsuki's eyes widened and even her precious sandwich fell on floor, not far from Shizuru's.

"What the hell are you doing?!" she shouted jumping on her feet "I didn't mean it that way! Do I look like a sadist?! What in the world where they doing to you there?!" still shouting, Natsuki pushed Shizuru back "Shit! My mayo sandwich fell too! Are you happy now?!" the pet lowered her head, traces of shining brown hair fell down her shoulders, covering her face…the poor girl shook, clenching fists upon her knees while kneeling in front of Natsuki. Small sobs escaped from girl's mouth which took Natsuki aback for another time. That definitely wasn't what she expected; she never wanted to hurt the other one, what made Natsuki to become nervous 'Nervous? Why? Why do I care? But still…she looks so broken…' Natsuki let out a sigh…

"It can't be helped…it seems you have no idea how to do it any other way, right?" the girl nodded, still not facing her "Ok I will show you, although I really hate to do stuff like this…" said Natsuki in annoyance and went towards the sink to grab a paper towel "Well…it is small one but it will do" she turned around "Ok look, first of all you take the sandwich from floor and put it into trash bin, see? Now you have to make the paper towel wet and dry the floor like this" Natsuki knelt down and moped the floor while making a disgusted expressions "Eeeewww! I told you I hate doing it! Now I think you understand why it is so dirty around here" and started to wash it "Eeewww! Now they stink!" blurted the girl while sniffing her hands "Come! I will show you where to wash it" and they went to the bathroom with Shizuru behind. She went through living room towards bedroom, but stopped in small hallway and opened one of two doors "Ok, this is the bathroom, you wash yourself here. Now I will open the water and wash my hands using soap, see? It isn't hard, so please never do it the way you wanted to, ok?" asked Natsuki, wiping her hands.

"Woof" answered other girl who was more cheerful now.

"Good! Ok let's see…I'm not really hungry right now, so…" she took a thinking pose and was watched by pair of curious rubies "Then I will play my new games!" she was ready to go before she noticed one more thing "Ah wait" she took better look at her companion "We need to do something about your clothes, if they can be called that while looking like this… Let's start with most important thing…d-do you have underwear on?" asked Natsuki fearing for the worst as her face tinged a color pink.

"Woof?' asked the girl with a puzzled expression, lowering her head to the side.

"It seems we have found a new problem" sighed poor girl "Ok come with me, but don't touch anything!" and they went into her bedroom where a big closet with big white doors could be found.

Slowly she opened one of the doors which blocked any kind of view for Shizuru who was even more confused right now. Using her time while Natsuki was looking through her wardrobe, Shizuru took a time to take in all of the surroundings and what caught her attention more was the big, queen sized bed with blue pillow and covers, including a big, dog like toy, and clothes which were lying all around the room.

"Ummm, Shizuru?" the one who was called, looked at the owner of the voice who was still a little pink "Alright Shizuru…the thing I will show you is called underwear which has to be on you beneath all this stuff you have, do you understand me?" girl nodded "G-great! Ok…so do y-you have something like this on?" asked Natsuki and showed simple white bra and panties, they were so simple that someone knowing Natsuki well as did Mai would be very surprised if not shocked. Natsuki also didn't know why she was having something like this, maybe because it was her first ever bought set? Anyway right now she was really happy to have it, after all it didn't make her so embarrassed, but she was relaxing to soon…

Shizuru carefully looked at the pieces of clothing, remembering where exactly they should be found. She raised her hands and tugged at the clothing on her chest, making space where Shizuru could look in. After checking her chest, she did the same thing with her trousers, checking if something could be found underneath her clothes, but sighing hopelessly, she let go them and shook her head accompanying it with another 'woof'.

Natsuki's face turned red as she observed the girl in front of her who some seconds ago was checking her clothing 'G-good thing she d-didn't undress to check it!'

"Ah! Well…then we will have t-to find something…Let's see…" she came closer to the poor creature and inspected her with her eyes "Hmm… I think these panties w-will be fine, I don't wear them anyway…but bra…it will be problem…" 'Damn! It's so unfair! Why is her chest bigger than mine? She isn't even human!' "We will have to go shopping tomorrow after school, till now you will be fine without it. Alright, now we have to find other clothes for you" and went back, towards the second wardrobe which stood near the opposite wall, while still holding articles in her hand.

While Natsuki was checking her outfits, Shizuru took time to crawl on her knees and look through the garments which lay on floor; most of it was underwear… She took one of articles into her hand and looked at it with perplexed expression; it was a black bra made from some nice material. Natsuki did tell that she should be wearing under clothes, but she didn't mention where exactly it has to be put on chest and what below…

"Alright, I think I found something suitable for-r-r-r…." Natsuki looked at her companion and lost all words when she saw view in front of her. Shizuru was standing on her feet and holding bra between her legs, thinking how to make it stay in place and not fall off. "Shizuru! What are you doing?!" yelled Natsuki and throwing everything on floor, ran towards the girl and took bra away from her "You putting it on in the wrong place! It has to be here!" and pressed bra against brunettes chest, gaining a squeal and faint blush from her "Ah! Gomen!" and jumped backwards, blushing madly.

The half a human-half a dog pressed her hands tightly to the chest, covering it. Slowly she raised her head and looked at the raven-haired girl with a hurt and ashamed expression.

"Gomen! I really didn't mean it! Anyway here are some clothes" and took clothes from floor "Here! Now look…this part you put at upper part and this at lower one and panties beneath it. Will you remember it?" Shizuru nodded and took the offered clothing "Good! Now go to the bathroom!" and she pushed her in "Here, I will put the lights on. If you need any help, call me!" and shut the door behind her 'But till then, I should clean up all of this mess I made!' and started to grab all of her clothing from the floor, pushing it into a trash bag, which later will be taken to the bathroom.

To her surprise, she finished everything really fast, so she decided to finally play a new game, fighting game! She just switched the playstation on when the doors to the bathroom opened and the girl appeared in front of her 'Shit! Even her butt is bigger than mine! Damn! What in the world am I thinking?!'

"Um, how do you feel?"

Shizuru just shrugged her shoulders. She was wearing a white top and black sport trousers which were tightly pressed to her nice shaped butt and upper legs. She was walking bare foot, after all Natsuki didn't give her any kinds of slippers.

"Are you comfortable?" the girl nodded "A-and the panties? D-o they suit you?" another nod "Good, anyway we will have to buy new ones for you including all other clothes" suddenly Shizuru's stomach made weird noise and she quickly covered it with her hands, looking at her master with worry.

"You are hungry, right?" she nodded, lowering her head. Natsuki let out a sigh "Gomen, but I really don't have anything else, of course if you don't mind eating simple bread" the girl's eyes brightened at Natsuki's words "So you will eat the bread?" she nodded "Alright, go and take it. It's in the fridge" Natsuki waved with her hand and started to play, but Shizuru didn't move. For a second time she pressed her hands to her chest and lowered her head to the side. She stood like this for some time, before Natsuki got annoyed "What?!" and Shizuru jumped "Oi! Sorry! So what's wrong? Why you don't go eat? Didn't I say you can find it in the fridge?" still no reaction "Alright, I will give it to you!" and pausing game, went to the kitchen with Shizuru behind her. "Here!" said Natsuki and threw package of bread to the girl and went back to play games, but not without Shizuru behind.


"It's fine. You really can have it" waved Natsuki and started playing the game.

Shizuru's eyes immediately brightened at this and not wasting any more time, grabbed the bread that was left. She ate it with such hunger and speed, that Natsuki's mouth hung open while she stared at her companion and forget about the game where all the shit was beaten out of her 'Haven't they…fed her?' and looked back at screen to see her character lying dead on floor, with her opponent laughing loudly 'Bring it on loser!'

"Aaaahhhh!" a loud shout escaped from her mouth, making walls to shake, but Shizuru to fell on floor and shaking as well, with part of the bread still in her mouth "I lost! Impossible! I lost to that jerk!" screamed the girl, shaking the TV wildly.

"Woof?" was weak the response from the girl who finished her food, but still lay on the floor with fear in her eyes.

"Huh?" Natsuki looked at her "Oi! Did I scare you? Gomen, I didn't mean it!" and ran towards her "Come on, get up! I won't do anything to you. I'm not some kind of beast" but the girl still looked worried "sigh…Maybe…you would like to play too?" suggested Natsuki and went back to the TV.


"Don't worry, I'll teach you, come" Shizuru obeyed "Good, now look. These buttons are for walking, jumping, and sitting, but these are for hitting. Just press them as you like. It doesn't matter in this game, here" and offered the controller to the girl "For whom do you want to play?" no response "sigh…ok I will choose for you. Here, you'll be that jerk who beat me. Ok, go!" and the fight began.

Natsuki pressed her buttons really fast, kicking her opponent, but something wasn't right…Shizuru's player didn't do anything… "Hey, why didn't you do anything?" asked Natsuki when second round began "Here, just press them" and pressed one of kicking buttons on girl's controller. Seeing that player started to move after that, Shizuru's eyes widened from excitement and a tongue was seen coming out of her mouth 'I think she got it' smiling happily she turned to the screen to see that, her player was already being kicked "Hey!" beating immediately stopped "Huh what's wrong" and looked to the side, to see girl's worried expression once again "Hey! It's just a game; don't pay attention to my comments, even if I scream from anger. Just continue ok?" weak nod "Good, now go!" and the fight began.

Shizuru got so exited, that she pushed all of the buttons as fast as she could and beat Natsuki for several times which made her angry, but she tried to be calm and not to scare her companion. But soon Natsuki blew up…

"FUCK! That's not fair! I hate beginners luck!" Shizuru's ears which during the game were standing straight, now slowly fell down "Oh come on! Stop getting upset after every time I get mad! You are with me for only half a day, but I already forgot how many times you got scared and sad" now her ears pressed even tighter and she looked at Natsuki with shame "Sigh…. Alright, I think we should go to sleep now" said Natsuki and started to turn off the playstation and put games in place. While she did that, her gaze always went towards the girl's ears which really got her interest 'Are they really like dog's ears?'

"Umm…Shizuru…" the girl looked at her quizzically "Can I touch your ears? It just looks so strange to see something like this on a human and…can I?" and received weak nod "Great!' Natsuki's face brightened and she quickly ran towards other girl. Taking deep breath, she slowly raised her hands and touched the ears "Hey! They really are like dog ears!" and she let them go "Anyway, let's go to sleep. You are going to sleep here on couch, understand?" the girl nodded "Ok, I will get you some sheets. Wait for me here" and went to her bedroom.

It took her some time before she was able to find anything among all the mess she had in her wardrobe, yep the mess was there too "Here" and offered them to Shizuru "Hope you don't mind sleeping in these clothes tonight, because I don't have any pajamas. Now…do you need bath? Or you will be fine without it tonight? "


"I take it as you don't need it?" shy nod "Alright, then you go to sleep, but I will take a shower" and with those words she headed to the bathroom.

She quickly undressed and jumped into the shower, switching on the water and enjoying its warmth 'What a crazy day…and it will be like this for a month! –sigh- if only she could speak, it would be much easier…I wonder what they were doing to her there. She seems so frightened –sigh- and I'm scaring her even more…what should I do with her?' and switching the water off, Natsuki left the shower and put on a blue tank top and sport shorts on, clothes which she always used instead of pajamas…of course if she wasn't too lazy to change and not to fall a sleep while watching TV, which happened very often. Drying her wet hair with a towel, Natsuki exited the bathroom and saw Shizuru curled on the floor without a blanket.

"Shizuru what are you doing? Didn't I say to sleep on the couch?"

"Woof?" the girl sat up.

"On the couch, here" said Natsuki and patted the place "Come here" Shizuru obeyed and laid down where she was shown "Good" Natsuki raised the blanket and put it on the girl "I hope you won't be cold. Anyway, good night and don't dare to leave this place" said Natsuki and headed to her room where she jumped on her bed 'Now I need a good rest…and who knows…maybe tomorrow I will find it all as a bad dream…'

Mini feed

Bad one: Sooo…how do you like Shizuru as doggy?

Natsuki: It is such a stupid idea!

Bad one: Why? I think it is nice one. Besides it is better for you too.

Natsuki: How?!

Bad one: Well you like dogs…and you love Shizuru, don't you?

Natsuki: And?

Bad one: Now you will have them both in one! And it will be much cheaper too!

Natsuki: Well if to think about it –thinking pose- it doesn't sound so bad.

Shizuru: So I'm too expensive for Natsuki? -sniff, sniff-

Natsuki: What? NO! NEVER!

Shizuru: But just now…

Natsuki: I didn't agree with that part!

Shizuru: Ara, so Natsuki would like to have me as dog? She should tell it earlier! –Ran away-

Natsuki: Shizuru! Where are you going?!

Bad one: -tries to leave the room-

Natsuki: And where do you think you are going?!

Bad one: Somewhere where my eyes will be saved.

Natsuki: Huh?

Shizuru: Ara, I'm back!

Natsuki: Shizuru where did you…-jaw on floor-

Shizuru: -in dog's outfit, very sexy outfit- now I'm Natsuki's doggy! –Jumps at her-

Natsuki: Ah! Shizuru! Mate!

Bad one: I didn't make it! Ah, my eyes! They burn!

Hope you enjoyed it. I will try to write new one as soon as possible ;)