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Harry, Ron, and Hermione were splayed out in the Griffindor common room. Harry was once again flipping through his old potions book trying to find answers to his problems, while Hermione was fixing the mistakes Ron's self-check quill had made.

"I love you, Hermione," said Ron, sinking back in his chair, rubbing his eyes wearily.

Hermione turned faintly pink, but merely said, "Don't let Lavender hear you saying that."

"I won't," said Ron in to his hands. "Or maybe I will...then she'll ditch me..."

"Why don't you ditch her if you want to finish it?" asked Harry

"Easy for you to say. You and Cho just sort of-"

"Fell apart, yeah."

"Wish that would happen with me and Lavender"

Both boys gave reminiscent sighs as Hermione rolled her eyes. A little while later she finished up the scroll and handed it over to Ron.


"What the-" all three of them jumped as Kreacher appeared beside Harry, Ron knocked over a bottle of ink which spilled all over his newly finished essay. And Hermione shrieked and threw Harry a bewildered sort of glare as she straightened herself up, "Kreacher? What's this all about, Harry?"

"Well...er, I've been having him tail Malfoy. He has to be up to something!" he said defensively when she rolled her eyes. He shrugged and turned back towards the house-elf. The elf made a quick bow and began, "Master, I have come to report-"


"Kreacher should inform Dobby when he is coming to see Harry Potter so they can make the report together!" Dobby said resentfully, swaying a bit as he glared at Kreacher. His eyes seemed a little bit crossed.

"Er, right. Well go on." Harry waved his arm at Kreacher.

"Master Malfoy moves with a grace that befits his pure-blood-"

"Oi! I don't wanna hear about how much you love him! You go on then Dobby. What has Malfoy been up to?"

The house-elf grinned and bowed, "In all the time Dobby was watching the Malfoy boy sir, Dobby could not find anything he had been doing wrong. Dobby did hear something suspicious, though-"

Harry's face lit up and he tossed an I-told-you-so expression at Ron and Hermione, who both had their arms crossed over their chests and were wearing almost identical looks of disbelief.

"You see sir, as the Malfoy boy was walking down to breakfast this morning in the company of two girls, Dobby overheard him planning to sneak away from school, sir. He said he had to go to Riven's dale-"

"Riven's dell" Kreacher interrupted with a smug expression, which turned ugly once he realized what he had said.

You could almost see Dobby smirk as he continued, "Riven's dell. Dobby heard the Malfoy boy say he had to get something there. Something very secret, sir. They were to guard a fireplace. When one of the the girl's asked why and what it was, the Malfoy boy snapped at her and told her to lower her voice. He would say no more. Except he planned to leave tonight, sir."

Harry's eyes widened. This is what he'd been waiting for. He could catch Malfoy at it! If he hadn't left already...

"Why didn't you tell me this sooner?"

Dobby lowered his eyes, "I hasn't slept for almost a week Harry Potter. Dobby is sorry to say he fell asleep on the job."

Hermione glared at Harry, "You didn't-"

"Of course not," he said hastily, "Look, Dobby, you can sleep, alright? Now can you get us some floo powder? We have to-"


"Hold on there mate, we never said anything about this."

Harry rounded on them, "Look you two, this is the chance to catch him in the act! And prove he's a Death Eater. We've got him cornered!"

"But-Ouch!" Hermione had just stomped on his foot.

Hermione smiled back at Harry, ignored Ron, and said rather loudly, "Of course Harry. We'll come with you." Harry nodded and turned towards the two house-elves to give his instructions.

"What was that for?!" asked Ron indignantly, rubbing his foot. Hermione hissed, "What do you think? The least we can do is make sure he doesn't do anything too stupid.We both know we wouldn't have been able to talk him out of it."


They both jumped as the elves disappeared.

"Dobby will be back in a bit. He's gone to get some floo powder. I have to go get the cloak, be right back." Harry sprinted up the stairs to the boys' dormitory.

A little while later, after Dobby had returned with a small bag of floo powder, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all ready to go. Harry was impaitent to be off. He had folded his invisibility cloak in his pocket and couble-checked he had his wand.

"Okay guys. I'm going to go first. Ron, you can come after me and Hermione, you can bring up the rear," he handed her the bag,"Remember, Riven's dell. Don't use too much of that stuff, we only have enough to get there and back." They nodded in understanding, and Hermione took a pinch of the powder and tossed it on the flames.

Harry took a deep breath and stepped in to the emerald flames. He hated traveling this way, it always gave his the creeps. He was nervous and impaitient to get going so perhaps it is understandable what happened next.

"Rivendell!" he shouted, and with a woosh! disappeared.

Hermione and Ron exchanged worried glances, that was not the same name he'd said before, but they had to go with him so one after another, they stepped in to the green flames and went after him.

Rivendell October 1st Third Age

Hermione closed her eyes tight against the swirling flames and dizzying twirling. This journey seemed to be taking a little longer than normal, and she was starting to worry. Then she was flung from a fireplac and in to Harry and Ron. She expected them to complain or at least cry out. The ash from the fire had almost blinded her and she could not see anything. She rubbed her eyes saying, "Ron? Harry? Is everything-" Her voice petered out, because with her eyes now clear of soot she could see why they were silent.

They were surrounded in a huge hall filled with people, but these people were unlike anything she had seen ever before. If she didn't know better, sh would have said that they were veela. But that wasn't what made her fall silent; they were all pointing some sort of weapon at the three of them.

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