A/N-- This is written in Harry's brother's, Nicholas Sirius Potter's, POV

A/N-- This is written in Harry's brother's, Nicholas Sirius Potter's, POV. I'm not going to tell you who he is until the next chapter. So, in your reviews, why don't you all try to figure out who it is. The first person to get it right will the get their name in the next chapter and, if my cousin will help me out and not be so mean, I'll even e-mail you the next chapter, k? Well, that's all for now, and on with the plot twists!

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Dear Harry,

You may be surprise to hear this, maybe even more-so than I was, but you have a brother and he is writing this letter to you. Strange, isn't it? I have attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with you for the past six years, but, up until a month ago, I had no idea about who I was or what I was.

I guess I really should wait until I meet with you to tell you this, but I was born with the uncanny ability to read people's minds and the ability to feel other's feeling, such as their happiness, madness, but especially their pain. Consider yourself luck that you weren't burdened with this curse.

Harry, listen closely, this is no joke. I want you to enter the deserted Transfiguration classroom while on you way to the Great Hall for lunch today. Come alone. You are soon to become the only other person in the world besides my nurse to know that Nicholas Potter survived Voldermort's attack. When you enter the classroom it should be emptied of all people except a hooded figure. This will be me. I will be forced to hide my face from you until I am absolutely sure you can handle the shock. Who I am may shock you more than the fact that I even exist, Harry. You understand, right? I will explain everything that I can when you arrive. Please, do NOT go to Dumbledore. I promise we'll go to him after we have come to an understanding, all right? He does not know that I'm still alive. I believe that he has kept my existence a secret from you because it might have shocked you or hurt you more to know that you also have a brother who you never knew. Now remember, this is no joke. Do not take this lightly. I will be awaiting you. Please do not be late.

Your brother,

Nicholas Sirius Potter