Eh... This was written entirely out of fun. Initially posted it at LJ, but decided to share it here. It's gonna be multi-chap, but will be updated randomly.

Title: Blogging
Pairing: GrimmIchi, possibly one-sided ones later
Rating: M (because Ichi's memory can be vivid... lol)
Disclaimer: Don't own Bleach or its characters. All goes to Kubo-sensei... who still hasn't shown Grimmjow's state in the manga yet!! RAWR.
Hope you enjoy my crazy writing, even though it's short. Oh, and it's most likely OOC on Ichigo's part. It's just my speculation of what he really wants to write/keeps in his head XD

Friday, 7th March

Alright, I know I haven't been blogging for a while now, but hey, I was busy with the kicking small fry Hollows, school, homework, crazy Shinigamis calling me up for stupid missions, avoiding Urahara and his crazy experiments - and trying to contain Grimmjow from jumping me at any random moment. It's tiring enough without that fucking panther around threatening to rape me any time he chooses to. Argh!

And speaking of threatening to rape me, something interesting happened in school today: Grimmjow did it again. IN CLASS. Where everyone except me, Ishida, Chad and Inoue couldn't see him. Heck, I think Keigo and Tatsuki could see him too. They were gaping at that fucker just like we were.

He went "Oi Berry!!" from the classroom window beside my desk all of a sudden and the usual lot of us immediately snapped their attention to him. Ishida looked like he was going to shoot a freaking arrow at him; Chad looked nervous; Inoue seemed to want to reach for her Shun Shun Rikka right there. And as for me? I was glaring at him to GO AWAY.

Which he apparently didn't, and I ever doubt will, notice.

Then he continues to go on by yelling a short yet most certainly disturbing demand to be heard from enemy to enemy (to any normal person): "You and me. Sex. NOW."

I could have jumped out of the window, not to go to that fucking bastard, but to end my life right there. Fortunately, my teacher was calling my name, asking me why I was staring out the window and not paying attention. Not that I ever really do pay attention to her lessons, but anyway -

Ishida stared at me with a horrified look; Chad seemed to be muttering something under his breath with an embarrassed expression, and Inoue… I swear I thought I saw a smirk on Inoue's face! She must think I'm a freak or something!!!

So I ran out of the classroom with the usual excuse of wanting to go to the bathroom. Shit like that works, amazingly. I heard that fucking Hollow snort at the rest of my classmates' expression. As I ran out of the classroom (heading for the toilet to relieve myself of the embarrassment in front of my friends), I tried to remind myself to give that asshole a fucking kick in the groin.

Too bad I didn't.

As usual Grimmjow had me dancing in his palm the moment he greeted me in the guys' toilet. Why does that insensitive, sex-depraved jerk have to have such skilful hands? And that sinful tongue… GOD, it just makes me horny thinking about it.

...Okay fine.

We did it in the toilet. Stupid prick! Didn't he care if we got caught?! Especially when he made me moan that loudly!!

Arrggh I swear I can hear that bastard laughing at my state right now! …But frankly, it was a kinky thing to do…

Ah, thank god I got this blog locked. Not being able to type out my real thoughts and keeping them all in inside my head can drive me insane!

Besides Grimmjow.

In bed.

...Shit shit shit. Grimmjow's dirty ideas are rubbing onto me! That influential bastard! I'm so gonna kick his ass soon!

I hope he drops by tonight.

Deathberry at 8.53pm


Comment by QAhatesyou 9.34pm, 7th March
Wow, Kurosaki. I had no idea you were gay.

Comment reply by Deathberry 9.42pm, 7th March
Who the hell is this?! How did you even get in here?! It's locked!!

Comment reply by QAhatesyou 9.48pm, 7th March
Oh, just someone… And as for your other question – it's a secret. :)

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