Yes yes you can shoot me, stir fry me, beat me to a pulp for taking so damn long but this is the end... finally... Had to urge myself like mad to end this, and whenever I try to write something else, this series kept haunting me to end it. So yeah, this is the last 'blog post' to end all the fun... I've had fun but all good things gotta end, as always...

This would be a serious, kinda sappy post... for some reason... And... no smut because I think it feels weird to have so. I have lots of smut in my other writing (which would hopefully come...) so please don't hurt me. Yet.



Friday, 11th June

Jeez, has it really been 2 months? Time flies fast... Life's suddenly been hectic; I wanted to blog, but I kept getting interrupted, either by shinigami duties, or an intrusive blue-haired arrancar.

Ever since the pink-haired freak incident, Grimmjow seems to be getting more... possessive lately. Well, I don't know whether to be flattered or irritated. He doesn't like it when I hang out with my friends, and leaves more obvious marks on me nowadays. It's embarrassing! Do you know how many times a week I have to answer questions on why I look like I've been abused at home when I come from a decent (even if it can get crazy) and respectable family?! Yuzu and the old man has been knocking at my door, sometimes in the middle of the night when we were busy... doing stuff because we uh, got too loud with the slamming against the walls and the floor. Karin looks at me funny every time now.

Goooosh, my excuses were pathetic... I mean, who the hell works out with his punching bag in the wee hours of the night!? And I'm pretty sure I was a little too vocal... Ah, fuck Grimm, and I don't mean it literally! I wish I could just dig a hole and hide there for a month to escape shame. The bloody fucker was totally nonchalant about it though... But for some reason he's pretty different.

Still the jerk with the foul-mouth, reckless, aggressive and insensitive, but he stays behind more often now... and he laughs more sincerely. His usual laugh is hollow, cold, and insincere, like he's laughing at you rather than at your joke, but now he seems to appreciate me more? Good god I sound like a woman. I remembered him saying something about me being better than the hicks over at Hueco Mundo. Well, I guess I am kinda flattered.

...This isn't really a good thing is it? We hardly have physical fights now. I used to depend on him for the crazy, bloody fights that I enjoy to vent my frustration, but we hardly do that now. It's so surreal, now that I look back – Grimmjow tackles, wrestles, scratches and chokes but soon enough it'd all melt away pleasure replaces pain. This is very very surreal. So let me ask you, is this normal?

I'm kinda worried that pink-haired freak did something to Grimm back at Hueco Mundo out of revenge... Like addled with his brains, inject him with some crazy drugs or just did something so horrendously gay it made Grimmjow this way. Or is it just me?

The past few months in which I did not blog was rather amusing, despite the sudden rise off goddarn random arrancar which Grimm guessed was probably sent by that Szayel guy out of rage and jealousy (hah, fag acting like a scorned bitch). Rukia and even Orihime was also hanging around more often as if to catch me doing some naughty things (no pun intended). They were already giggling at Renji and Ishida, whom I'm sure are already banging (do not deny it, you four-eyed freak; I swear I caught you guys leering at each other) and I think the two fangirls are scheming and teaming up with our local perverted candy shopkeeper Mr Urahara to hound me, stalk me and find out who I'm with now...

I am trying my very best to sharpen my intuition and speed, in such cases where I sense incoming danger and the need to shove Grimmjow into closeted spaces and pretend nobody's around. Darn shinigami and fangirls are a force to be reckoned with – that I have learned as much.

As for today, however, was a relatively calm day. Hardly any hollow around, nor was there any sneaky shinigami to poke around and disturb my business. No, not even Renji who still occasionally stares at my ass with what looks like a sense of longing or Ishida who now glares at me slightly whenever he catches Renji doing so.

Glad to see the progress of their relationship.

Meanwhile for me, it is a needed break. But good things can never last long. Again, as if he knew, Grimmjow popped up, dropping himself onto me who was already on the bed after another long day of school and shinigami duties. It was already the norm; I accepted his sudden intrusions and entrances just like I did for my old man's crazy antics and flying kicks.

I guess this is how it's gonna be every day.

...I wish it could stay so.

I don't like thinking about this, it's so depressing. I can tell Grimmjow avoids thinking of it too.

So I was under him, a little taken aback and out of breath since he was on top of me and all. He flashes his usual grin at me again – both of us know what is going to happen. I couldn't help but feel at ease and smirked back... It really was getting too normal and familiar...

A little kiss and a little groping from him earned us another knock on the door, worried calls from both my sister and my dad, wailing that they were gonna save me from the 'evil bad guy' who is haunting my dreams. I really should learn self-control, it's getting too embarrassing.

Gave another excuse of me falling off my bed in my sleep, and I was once again molested – this time with a gag in my mouth and me tied to the bed. Wasn't the first time really, and I doubt it'd ever be the last.

Looks like things are gonna stay this way for the time being, and I gotta stay I'm satisfied with the pace of my life now. Gotta admit... having Grimmjow around is better... I guess would regret a little if I left things as they are when he went back with that pink-haired freak, but don't tell that to Grimmjow would you? He's gonna laugh at my face and screw me to the ground with that smug look on him, that bastard.

...Yup, things are looking normal.

Deathberry at 9.56pm


Comment by QAhatesyou 10.00pm, 11th June

How nice, Kurosaki, you finally updated. I was getting bored while your blog-posting was on hold. Glad to know your sex life has returned to normal. (snickers)

Comment reply by Deathberry 10.04pm, 11th June

Are you sure you don't drop by my blog just to get ideas of what to do in bed while you're with Renji? (grins)

Comment reply by QAhatesyou 10.13pm, 11th June

You're being ridiculous, Kurosaki!

Comment reply by Deathberry 10.25pm, 11th June

Yeah well wish ya both luck!

Comment by Pantera 6.15am, 12th June

I see yer growing attached to me eh, Shinigami? Never knew I meant so much to ya hah. Better show it when we're in bed next time!

Comment reply by Deathberry 11.42am, 12th June


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