A/N: This is my first ever fanfic

A/N: This is my first ever fanfic. Aren't you proud Gilmore Girls got this fantastic honor? Hehe, anyways...caution to all: this isn't a Rogan story. My apologies if I led you on...this is a Rory/Finn...two or three shot, maybe? I don't know...if I end up getting reviews from ya'll, I might continue. So, this is all about a (possible) reason as to why Rory declined Logan's proposal, and ends up asking his best friend if Logan will ditch the cheating characteristic. I know that Rory responded to said proposal, like, the next day, but I added about a two week period between the two events. Rory's response is a little more dramatic and...wordy. Slightly AU I suppose. I'm not exactly sure as to what "AU" means, but I think I got it right. Now...dramatic music...Story Time!!

Disclaimer: So not mine. CW's. Er...used to be, I suppose, seeing as GG is canceled.

"...will you marry me?"

Logan's words echoed in Rory's head as she opened the little velvet box that held her engagement ring. Cheap lighting from the only lamp she bothered to leave on danced on the absurdly expensive diamond, giving the ring a sort of unique quality that made Logan's proposal seem a little bit more special.

The corner of her lips turned up in an attempt at a smile as she slipped the ring on her finger. The formed gold band hugged her finger perfectly.

Not able to resist, she stretched out her arm and wiggled her fingers, loving the way the ring complimented her hand. When she moved, the flimsy cardboard box she was sitting on shifted, causing it collapse. She landed with an animated 'thump' on the carpeted floor, but she barely noticed she fell, completely transfixed by the new jewelry she heavily debated on, trying to decide if she was going to add it to her collection or not.

Her weak smile was now a full blown grin as she brushed herself off and stood up, walking to the other side of her apartment to the kitchen, where she left her cell phone when she ordered take-out earlier. She flipped the screen on her Sidekick, a present her father gave her a while ago for...well...existing. She hit the #2 speed dial and examined a note on the counter from Paris, which stated that Rory "better get her ass in gear because I didn't pay last month's rent and you need to get your stuff out of here before the landlord waves a crack pipe in your face claiming that your money was keeping him alive, dammit!"

"More like a heroin needle," Rory mumbled to herself as she listened to the tinny ring of her mother's phone in her ear.

"You've reached me and the reason that I'm not answering the phone is because I'm putting on a little black dress to try to persuade the Dali Lama that he should give me his yoga mat."

After the beep, Rory left her message; "Mom! You need to call me back as soon as possible!" she exclaimed, barely able to contain her excitement, "I'm almost absolutely sure about the Logan situation. I mean, I was trying on my ring for, like, the twentieth time and it just dawned on me that Logan is the most honest, true, cutest, faithful guy on the pl-" her sentence was abruptly cut of when she realized that she was fooling herself. Faithful? Who was she kidding? "...Oh, God."

With shaky hands, she hit a number on her phone to finish the message, and then another to delete it. There was no reason to worry her mother with false information. Rory couldn't believe that she was so opaque to the "Logan situation." She put her Sidekick back on the counter. Immediately after, she pulled the ring off her finger with a smidge more of force than it would take any other person. "Oh, God," she repeated, shoving her engagement ring back in it's box and snapped it shut, tossing the container into her purse.

She picked her phone back up and dialed Logan's office number with a pace that would make K.I.T.T. jealous, "Pick up the damn phone, Logan," she growled when he didn't answer. Eventually, she just hung up. Rory sighed, feeling empty inside as she ran her fingers through her hair, mulling over the details to support her thesis of the probability of him cheating on her...again. Her true reporter was definitely kicking in. 'I mean, it's not like it was just one girl...' Rory thought bitterly to herself, 'it was every single one of Honor's friends. I think I could just barely stand one girl, but five? Six? Seven? Christ, is he going to forget we're married during some godforsaken trip to London? Get that infuriating Bobbi- was that her name? -girl knocked up? That would sure be a fiasco...who does he think he is? The next Bill Clinton? I sure as hell am not Hillary...' Rory's thoughts wandered off as she left her crummy apartment, half of her stuff still not packed.

She slammed the door behind her, making the whole hallway shake something fierce and only engaged two of the hundred thousand locks on the entrance. Paris was going to kill her when she found out about the boxes, but the locks, too? Tsk-tsk, Rory Gilmore. 'Paris can stick it up her ass,' she thought icily as she made her way to Finn's apartment, 'because that last thing I'll be caught dead doing is marrying a cheater,'


"Finn!" Rory yelled as she banged her fist on his door, "Finn, its Rory!" Rory's knocking tapered off when she realized that she could no longer feel her right hand. She crossed her arms across her chest, standing defiantly in the hallway, knowing perfectly well that Finn was there. He was most likely not sober enough to drag his drunken self to the door was all.

Rory stepped forward again and was about to make another attempt at shattering his door to pieces when Finn ripped it open, facing the little brunette who jerked him from his sleep, "Jeez, Reporter Girl, what in the fat hell is you major malfunctio—"

Rory's fists clenched when she interrupted his declaration of her "major malfunctions." "Finn, will he do it again?" she asked, her eyes having a shiny tint to them.

It took Finn a good three-and-a-half seconds to figure out that the gleam in Rory's eyes were actually the beginnings of tears. He'd never seen his best friend's girl cry before. He'd make sure to delay that moment as long as humanely possible.

"Er- Rory, pet?" Finn said in a vain attempt to try to console her and postpone the true meaning of her cryptic question, "You can't stand like that in the corridor, love."

"Oh," Rory responded blandly, pushing by him and stepping into his place. Her eyebrows suddenly perked up, "Finn, why isn't your stuff packed ? Graduation's in a few days...you must have enough marbles in that skull of yours to comprehend the fact that you need to take all of you crap somewhere else. Soon."

"I...I, uh, won't be graduating in...a few days, " Rory already knew why, but she asked it anyways, "I don't have enough credits."


"I don't have enough credits,"

"Finn, I swear to God..."

"I'm taking the summer program,"

"You shouldn't have to do that. You're smarter than that. I know you are," Rory said, shifting her stare to bore right into his eyes.

There was an awkward silence before Rory saw Finn change his weight to the other foot and an extremely light hint of pink clouding his face. You had to be looking for it to notice. She heard him quickly switch the subject, clearly not wanting to dwell on his latent brilliance, "You had a question for me?" he said, a master at regaining his composure. Rory's face suddenly turned ashen when she remembered why she was in his apartment in the first place, "Coffee," Finn suddenly blurted.

"Huh?" Rory snapped back to attention, "Coffee?"


"...it's two in the morning..."

"Decaf. Dearie, I'm not that dense."

"Coffee will be great..." she responded blankly, following his form to his kitchen island where upon sat some sort of protein shake in a blender, a knife block, and a coffee maker. She watched him retrieve the coffee filters from some random drawer. She also watched the way his factory-ripped two hundred dollar jeans creased when he walked and the way his pinstripe dress shit's first three buttons were undone, which emphasized the style of how the garment hung on his broad shoulders.

Rory sharply sucked in her breath and mentally punched herself in the face for being a hypocrite. And Logan was the cheater? She was the one who wanted to jump his best friend's bones. She was disgusted with herself, "So...uh," her voice was quavered, but Finn didn't notice, "My question..."

He was finished setting up the coffee and was now reaching into the fridge for...a Pepsi?

"Finn," she said in a motherly way, "you'll be up all night."

He grinned, showing off his perfect, white, straight teeth, "Wouldn't be the first time, love" Finn chuckled, opened up the bottle of Instant Teeth Liquidizer, and added on, "Damn redheads..."

Surprisingly, Rory didn't crack a smile at his joke, but just stood there looking venerable, "Pet," Finn said softly, propping himself on top of the counter and started swinging legs back and forth because that's what people do when their feet don't touch the ground. And when someone's trying to lighten the mood.

He set his Pepsi next to him and laid a hand on Rory's shoulder before saying, "So...what was that question?"

Rory took a few shaky breaths before asking, "Will Logan cheat on me when we're married?"

All Finn could do was stare at her stupidly.

It was a good two minutes before he responded.