Disclaimer: I own nothing

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Alas, this whole 'chapter' is going to be an 'A/N' hence it being pointless to bold everything.

M'kay…so…this is the end. Ayuh, the end of my epic fanfiction.

First of all, thank-you every single person out there who bothered to read this and stick it out until the end, it is greatly appreciated.

We all know what happened after Rory and Finn shook on it…it's not a mystery. Logan partially understood everything that was going on, so he got why Rory couldn't marry him in the end. Yes, I could have written a whole fluff chapter with the PDLD making out…shrugs If any of you think that's how I should conclude this fic, so be it; just leave a review or something and let me know :

Throughout this whole process, I realize just how many grammatical and OOC errors I made and looking back on previous chapters, I visibly cringe. This, to a degree, may be a fault deriving from the fact that I didn't have the whole thing planned out before I wrote it…I just kind of went with the flow. Not such a hot idea in the end.

Soon I'll be back, armed with improved story telling ammunition and (hopefully) a better plot line. Cheers to all of you and thanks a billion, again.

(fyi) I won't normally conclude a fic with a non-story entry like this…it's only a one time deal because of the whole 'my first fanfic' thing. Apologies if this got your hopes up, or whatever…

Overall thoughts or critiques on the story would be great if you're willing.

And now…disappears in a cloud of chalk dust…I'm out.