Disclaimer: Credit goes to LazerWulf for beta-reading this chapter and introducing the idea of our Kuiper Belt Senshi, as well as providing some story ideas.

Well, readers... We managed to get by the first two mega seasons of the YuYuGiDigiMoon. It has been a long and intense rollercoaster ride that started in November 2003, and here we are moving into the first side-story of the series. This story won't be long, and will be based around only one of the characters introduced thus far... Karin Osaka, a.k.a. Sailor Sedna.

In other words, if you were expecting the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Sailor Senshi, the Spirit Detectives or the Duelists... Well, you'll be disappointed. Don't worry though, I'll make this story a fun and enjoyable one. Sedna gets her time in the spotlight. Yay!

Please, do take note: Search for the Kuiper Belt Senshi takes place after The Invasion of the Rajita - the second season of the YuYuGiDigiMoon series - and that story takes place after The Wrath of Pharaohmon - the first season. If you have not read those two stories, you might be lost while reading this. I highly suggest you read them to familiarize yourself with the YuYuGiDigiMoon universe and timeline, as well as my version of Sailor Sedna.

And who are these Kuiper Belt Senshi you might ask? You'll find out soon.

Anyway, let's begin Sedna's story!


"My name is Karin Osaka, I was born in a different universe from the one I am currently living in. In fact, I was killed in a tragic accident on February 7, 2000. I awoke within a nexus dimension, where many roads leading to hundreds of existing universes converged. I was approached by a woman in white, who told me that she was the one responsible for bringing me to her realm. I didn't know what to think. Was I dreaming, or was I really in Heaven?

I closed my eyes, but when I opened them, I was still there. My body felt naked. I was scared. This lady told me that I had actually died, and that I was brought here for a reason. It was there that I was given the power to cross over to other dimensions, a power granted only to a select few known as Chosen Ones. I thought I was suddenly in an episode of Sliders. The lady in white also told me that I would have become Sailor Sedna if I hadn't kicked the bucket, and that I would receive another opportunity to become the tenth Sailor Senshi.

Anyway, acting like the stupid kid I was, I rejected my new responsibilities and ran away from them. Somehow I activated my new power and ended up in Sailor Pluto's Time Room in this dimension. There, I was given a new body and was trained by the Time Guardian herself.

After getting a chance to say goodbye to my friends in my original dimension, I accidentally stumbled into the future of that world, where I met my boyfriend, Dimitri, and was then sent back in time to help prevent the rise of powerful beings known as Artificials, who had devastated Dimitri's world.

That done, I returned to this dimension just in time to help Earth's Mightiest Heroes stop an invasion of terrible alien beings known as the Rajita. What can I say... a Chosen One's life is never dull.

It's been three years, now, since that terrible invasion, and Earth's looking pretty good, and I'm enjoying life as it is. However, I know that soon I must accept another responsibility that Sailor Pluto informed me of shortly after the evil Kaiser Ghidorah was defeated... The search for my Senshi team begins..."


The Search for the Kuiper Belt Senshi

Awakening Star Seeds! Sedna's Quest Begins!


August 26, 2006

Tokyo, Japan, Ueno District/Local Gym/9:30 AM

Standing in front of a punching bag inside a training room, fifteen-year-old Karin Osaka focused her thoughts and took a deep breath. She quickly opened her eyes and executed a side kick with her left leg.

"HEE-YA!!" The leg connected with the bag as it flung back. Karin shifted her weight and followed it up with a kick from her right leg. "HA!!"

Two young women came walking in as they saw Karin fiercely practicing her kickboxing. They stopped to watch her.

"Wow, just look at that girl!" One of the ladies remarked as she clapped for Karin. "Kick it harder!"

Karin paused for a moment as she looked over at the two ladies. Acknowledging their support, she winked to them and quickly resumed her training.

"She's been coming here often. I wonder if she's going to join the kickboxing class here," the other lady whispered.

In the three years that have passed, Karin has been constantly training to keep her body in shape as an active Sailor Senshi, though no threat has emerged since then which would have prompted her to take action. In fact, she had recently returned from a trip to see her 'boyfriend' in an alternate universe. She had grown taller by a few inches, and her bust had also grown significantly - for a normal teenage girl that is.

As she stopped to take a break, Karin kneeled down and reached her blue gym bag. She took out a water bottle and poured the contents down her parched gullet. Oh, so thirsty! She even poured some over her face and hair to cool herself off. "Anyway, you two want to use the bag?"

"Oh, no. Don't mind us. We were just watching you," one of the women answered.

Karin shrugged. "Ok then. I'm done here, anyway." With that, she picked up her gym bag and started walking out the door. Besides, Setsuna-san has something important to tell me.

As she walked out through the door, she stopped and turned to glance at a television. She shifted her eyes to a lady news reporter speaking about Pluto - the planet of course.

"Hmmm. I wonder what's up. They're talking about Pluto."

"...The International Astronomical Union has resolved that planets and other bodies, except satellites, in our Solar System are to be defined into three distinct categories..."

Karin blinked in surprise and listened. "What the heck? I haven't been following up on the news lately. I know Setsuna-san and the others have apparently."


Five minutes pass.

"...The eight planets are now, according to the IAU, as follows: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. AN IAU process will be established to assign borderline objects into either dwarf planet or other categories. These currently include most of the Solar System asteroids, most trans-Neptunian Objects, comets and other small bodies. Pluto is a "dwarf planet" by the above definition and is recognized as the prototype of a new category of trans-Neptunian Objects."

As she listened to the official news broadcast made by an IAU official, Karin was stunned by this startling news. She quivered while holding a tight grip on her gym bag. Her mouth nearly wanted to drop.

"Oh. My. God." I wonder what Setsuna-san will think of this...


Ueno District/Teno'h-Kaioh Residence/11:45 AM

Setting down her cup of tea on the dining table, Setsuna Meioh had just gotten word from the news reports about Pluto's status as a planet. If anything struck a nerve with the calm-spirited Time Guardian, it didn't show.

"Geez, I've never heard such a pile of crap in my life. Why about we go over to that IAU and really show them who calls the shots around here!" Haruka watched the green-haired woman drinking her cup. As Haruka tried eating her buttered toast, she kept a careful eye and monitored the Time Guardian. She doesn't seem peeved one bit. What's the deal?

Frowning directly at the television, Michiru turned off the television. She threw the remote down. "The nerve of those fools..."

"What makes it worse is that those dumbasses assigned Pluto a number. 134340? Geez, that's sad," Haruka remarked.

Hotaru scoffed as she overheard Haruka and crossed her arms. "Really now, Haruka-poppa. You're just going to upset her by saying that. Be considerate."

"Hey, it's not like they won't change their minds once Setsuna goes over there and beats them senseless! Right, Setsuna?"

As she paused, Setsuna casually shrugged. "Why would I do that?"

"Because they demoted you!"

"They? They, you say?"

"Aren't you going to wage a little war on them?" Haruka prodded the older woman.

"You forget that I am the master of time and space. I have had knowledge of this for a long time," Setsuna shrugged with boredom. "In fact, I have been waiting for this decision to happen."

"Oooookay, whatever you say," Haruka backed off from Setsuna's remark. Man, she is taking this bullshit lightly. That's our Setsuna.

Walking down the stairs, Karin had gotten out of the shower as she wrapped her hair inside a towel and wore a dark blue bathrobe - in addition to pink slippers. She stopped and turned to find Setsuna in the dining room. She realized just how hard the news effected Setsuna as Karin didn't get a greeting from the woman. Not even when she arrived back home. This worried Karin and the others for that matter. Rather than throwing a fit over the IAU's announcement, Setsuna was as calm and collective as she's ever been.

"Poor, Setsuna-san," Karin sighed sadly as she walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Karin! How about we go and play some Go a little later?" Hotaru offered to Karin.

"You'll have to wait, Hotaru-chan. You can play with Haruka-poppa," the green-haired woman spoke up as she lifted her head and shifted her eyes to Karin. "Sedna, it's time."

Karin blinked shortly as she quickly recalled her brief talk with Setsuna three years ago on Christmas 2003. That same night over at Hikawa Shrine. That's right! I almost completely forgot about that!

"Once you're done eating, meet me up in my room," Setsuna commanded the young girl. With that, the Time Guardian calmly walked out of the dining room and walked up the stairs back to her room.

Haruka raised an eyebrow. "Guess it's that time, huh? Well, whatever it is, it must be important, considering Setsuna-san's been training you, kid."

Hotaru casually walked over and pat Karin on her back. "It'll be okay, Karin. Be strong and listen to what Setsuna-momma tells you."

"Right. Thanks, Hotaru-chan," Karin smiled as she returned a smile to the dark-haired girl. Opening the refrigerator, she pulled out a can of orange soda and tapped her fingers over it. Setsuna, I just don't know if I'm ready now.


Setsuna's Room/12:15 PM

After finishing brunch, Karin opened the door and casually walked inside the Time Guardian's room. She stared toward the room to find the woman with her back turned. Setsuna gazed out the window with both arms behind her back.

"Um, Setsuna-san? I just got done eating. I'm here just, as you asked of me."

Shifting her head and eyes toward Karin, Setsuna nodded accordingly and pulled up a chair for Karin to sit down. "Have a seat, Karin."

The girl did as she was instructed and sat down on the cushioned chair. She watched as Setsuna sat on her bed and let out a relaxed sigh. The teenage girl knew that Setsuna had been in the dumps since the announcement about her planet's status. Yet, Karin couldn't help but shake off the thoughts of the Time Guardian losing her temper over this issue. Though, now Setsuna appeared to be nonchalant in her demeanor.

"First I just wanted to say... I'm sorry to hear about Pluto's status. Those jerks over at the IAU just don't know what they're talking about. Even if Pluto isn't classified as a 'planet' anymore, that doesn't change the fact that you're still one of us! IAU will be long gone by the time we ascend to our thrones on our respective planets. Um, right?"

Setsuna smiled as she listened to Karin's encouraging words. "True. Whether or not the IAU classifies our planets as 'planets,' it does not change the fact that both Pluto and Sedna have given birth to the star seeds which reside within our bodies, giving us our Senshi powers."

"I remember Galaxia mentioning something about star seeds three years ago, during the battle with Yami Houou," Karin said.

"This is true. Several years ago, Galaxia was corrupted by the evil entity called Chaos and began to steal all the star seeds in the universe. She even got her hands on the Senshi's star seeds, but Sailor Moon purified Galaxia and our star seeds were restored. Ever since, Galaxia has been on a mission to restore all the star seeds she had stolen. It is a bit ironic, but the IAU's decision is actually the herald for the awakening of six new Senshi."

"The Kuiper Belt Senshi..."

"Correct," Setsuna stated as she put out her right hand. The Garnet Orb materialized over the woman's hand as it released a red beam. The beam then focused into a projection image to display a model of the Solar System. In addition to the eight planets and Pluto, six small, bright orbs appeared on the image. Setsuna pointed to one of them. "This is your world, Karin."

Staring at the planet awestruck, Karin leaned closer to get a better view. "Wow. It's pretty."

"Indeed, these are the mysterious gems of this outer Solar System. Originally, these worlds were never to be discovered by humans."


Nodding her head, Setsuna explained. "My home world was the first trans-Neptunian object to be discovered, in 1930. However, since 1992, advancements in technology have allowed astronomers to discover the other trans-Neptunian objects since 1992. More than 1000 of them have been recorded - each differing in size, orbit and surface composition. Out of these thousands, these few that my Garnet Orb has displayed have given birth to star seeds. Yet, the Royal Courts of these planets are fairly new compared to planets such as Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn."

"So we're pretty much the newbies in the Solar System, right?"

"More or less..."

Karin blinked. "I see. Ok, so what are those other worlds called?"

Pointing to the larger gray planet, Setsuna confirmed it. "This is the dwarf planet Eris. Now, as you can see, it is in fact larger than Pluto, and, like Sedna, it's actually a member of the Scattered Disc, rather than the Kuiper Belt." She shifted her focus toward a smaller, black object. "This is Orcus." As she moved her finger across, Setsuna stopped at an even smaller gray object. "This is Quaoar." She then pointed to a greenish blue planet. "Ixion." Finally, she stopped at the tiniest of the six: a tiny light-shaded brown world. "Varuna."

"That's incredible. I can't believe there are other planets like that out there. I thought I was alone in this."

Setsuna nodded. "Well, dear child, now you know. And the princesses of these worlds are living on Earth as we speak."

"Yeah, but how am I going to find them? I don't even know where to look!"

"That is why I have confirmed their locations."

"What? You actually found them?" The future Princess of Sedna inquired with bewilderment.

"Yes. In fact..." Setsuna focused the mystical energy of her Garnet Orb as it displayed a global view of Earth. "The Princess of Orcus can be located in Sydney, Australia. Her civilian name is Christina Denton."

"Wow, all the way in Downunda? That's cool."

"The Princess of Quaoar currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is known as Helena Fernandez Souza."

"Brazil, eh? I've wanted to go there to see some capoeira."

"Residing in Nigeria, Africa is the Princess of Ixion. Her name is Jamilah Waziri."

Karin smirked. "Wow, an African Sailor Senshi? Awesome. We're really getting some diversity in this group. First an Aussie, then a Latina and now an African? Where are Eris and Varuna?"

"Princess Varuna currently resides in Amsterdam, Holland. This girl is named Tyra Vanderbilt. Princess Eris can be found in Tyler, Texas, which is a small town just outside of Dallas. She goes by the name of Taylor West."

Closing her fists, Karin was already trembling with excitement. How often would a teenage girl be given an opportunity to travel around the world?

"Setsuna! Now, you've got me excited! I've got to go and meet these girls!"

"Yes, time is essential, and they must realize their destinies soon."

"I can't believe this," the brown-haired girl grinned and jumped up out of the seat. "Oh my god! I want to meet them SO BAD!!"

Watching Karin getting overly elated, the Time Guardian slightly smirked. "Tell me, Karin. How do you feel about flying out to see them?"

"Um, you mean actually taking a plane and seeing them?"

"Well, yes. We've obtained a passport for you, though it was rather difficult, considering that you don't legally exist in this universe. It was only with Michiru's funds and Haruka's contacts that we were able to purchase one."

"I'll have to remember to thank them."

Setsuna closed her hand over the Garnet Orb and watched as it faded away. She immediately got up from the bed and stood in front of Karin. "I have trained and watched you grow since the Rajita War. You've obtained plenty of knowledge and honed your skills efficiently as a Sailor Senshi, and you have trained to stay in fighting shape, despite the lack of opponents. Karin, it is time you go out there and prove why you are ready to lead your own team. You've seen how strong the leadership skills of Sailor Moon are."

Karin smiled with a nod. "Yeah, but I also look up to the other Senshi: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and even Saturn. You, too, Setsuna-san. I was there to fight alongside you guys against Ghidorah and Yami Houou. Not to mention I was able to kill one of the four Rajita generals with you guys there to help me. I wouldn't be where I am without you."

"You've learned from your mistakes and have grown in potential as a leader. You possess valor, intelligence and the ability to fight with all your heart. You possess all the quality traits needed to be a strong Sailor Senshi. You have nothing more to learn from us. Now you must go out there and gather your Senshi. The Kuiper Belt Senshi must be awakened soon."

"But... what am I going to do about money? I have a passport, but I'll need tickets to travel."

"Not to worry, dear Karin. Michiru-san will provide you with money. We have already discussed this the other night."

"We're lucky that we're living with someone as wealthy as Michiru-san," Karin replied with a curious smile.

"I would suggest you start packing tonight. Your first destination will be Dallas, Texas, where you'll take a bus to Tyler. There you will find Sailor Eris."

Nodding her head obediently, Karin smirked. "That's Taylor, right? Ooooh, I'll be going to the Lone Star State as the Americans call it."

"Yes, and I would suggest you brush up on your English. Most of the girls speak it as their primary language, you know."

"Oh yeah. I only know a little bit of English but my polar bear should be able to tutor me." The brown-haired girl sweat-dropped. "Um, are you sure you don't want to come with me, Setsuna-san?"

"This is your mission, Karin. In order to prove you are going to be an effective leader, you gather them on your own. Please, don't forget that your polar bear spirit will be there to guide you. If anything comes up, you can communicate with me telepathically through him."

"That's right."

Setsuna put her hands on the girl's shoulders. "Don't be nervous. You will manage through this. Wasn't it your boyfriend from that alternate universe who told you to stay strong?"

Karin smiled as she blushed, remembering the boy. "Dimitri-kun. If only I could have brought him here... No, I've got to do this on my own. It's time for Sailor Sedna to finally shine on her own!" She lifted her head up as her eyes showed intensity and determination. "I guess this would be my final exam I assume?"

The Guardian of Time nodded. "Yes, that sounds appropriate. And I expect you to pass. Now, why don't you start packing, so you're not rushing tomorrow morning?"

"Right! Thanks for everything, Setsuna-san!"


Unknown Subspace Dimension/2:30 PM

Within an alternate dimension, a group of seven shadowy figures gathered in a room devoid of walls or a ceiling. Nearly the entire room was shrouded in pitch darkness. The only light source was a cone of hazy red light centered on a throne, the same throne once occupied by Galaxia.

"Kee, hee, hee!" The group giggled simultaneously. Their voice tones were clearly feminine.

"Humph, to think Lady Galaxia was defeated. Kee, hee, hee!" the fox-eared figure giggled.

"Not only that, but she was defeated by Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon of all people! Now Galaxia-sama is going around the universe returning all the star seeds she'd stolen!"

"Well, Sailor Moon is the one to have beaten many others before Galaxia-sama, Sailor Titanium Kerokko," a pair of blonde-haired twins proclaimed in unison. "She is the current holder of the Silver Crystal. Many have fallen before her."

Scoffing under her collective breath, the tall, winged figure responded. "Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi, you two are correct as always. And, as Sailor Titanium Kerokko pointed out, Galaxia herself is returning the star seeds to their rightful owners. That means it's up to us to continue on where she failed, and I know just the ones to start with."

"Ooo, tell us! Tell us!" A short, purple-haired figure - wearing a purple silk dress - jumped up and down excitedly.

The other purple-haired figure - wearing a dark green silk dress - cut in. "Will you pipe down, Sailor Mnemosyne?!"

"Oops, sorry, Sailor Lethe! Tee-hee!"

"Ok, ok, let's have a little order around here. Shall we, Animamates?" The winged figure slowly stepped toward the throne. As she stepped into the large spotlight, the supposed 'leader' of this Animamate group turned and faced her colleagues. "We are the surviving Animamates, and it is up to us to prevent any more Senshi from being awakened. Of course, once we're rid of these pitiful little children... Oh ho ho ho! Then, we will find Sailor Moon and her cohorts as we avenge Galaxia-sama! We are the Neo-Animamates and we will not be denied victory! I, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, can guarantee you that nothing will stop us from taking back the star seeds that rightfully belong to Galaxia-sama!"

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon looked relatively human. Her lavender hair was let loose and hanging down across her back. Tied around her neck was a lavender neck choker. Her milky white skin was almost entirely exposed, with only a few areas covered by an article of clothing. Adorning the Senshi's forehead was a purple headband with a golden star hung down at the center. Covering her breasts was a light purple bra with a golden ring looped around the center of the bra. Covering her hips was a short fuku skirt that barely even managed to go down her slim waist. Covering her arms were long fingerless gloves - which started from the top of the forearm and stretched down to her knuckles. Strapped around her wrists were golden wristbands with a gem set into the middle of each. She wore a long pair of high-heeled boots that stretched several inches above her knees and down toward the feet. Spread across her back was a pair of white butterfly wings. Papillon's eyes were violet and her youthful face was beautiful, despite the seductive smile she put on.

As the other Animamates stepped forward, each of the members were revealed by the beam of light.

Sailor Phi was a tall, slender woman with long blonde hair tied up into a bun hairstyle - with a long lock of hair hanging down the right side of her head. Attached over the tied-up hair was a golden hair clip with a green gem embedded within it. She wore a pair of green earrings and a green neck choker. Her voluptuous breasts were covered by a skintight, leather top - which exposed most of her large bust. Tied around her slim waist was a long flowing green dress - which split apart with one section hanging down the front and another section hanging down her back. Her long, curved legs were entirely exposed; Phi wore a pair of green stiletto-heeled shoes in addition to long, thin straps lining the top of her ankle and foot. Her eyes were entirely green - matching her outfit. She held a long, golden staff - which served as her primary weapon.

Sailor Chi looked identical to Phi with a few exceptions. Her eyes, earrings, hairpin gem, neck choker and leather top covering her breasts were all red instead green. She wore long, red silk pants that started just below her waist and flowed well above her ankles. Even her stiletto-heeled shoes were the same red color. She, too, carried a long staff.

Sailor Pewter Fox appeared to be a fairly young teenage girl. She wore a dark gray cap with a pair of fox ears extending out on the sides . A golden sun-like ornament adorned the top of the cap. Exposed underneath the cap was pink hair hanging down her forehead and the sides of her cheek. A gray neck choker was tied well above her collarbone. Her collar was black with fur serving as the sleeves. The basic design of her body outfit was entirely silver; the bow was also silver with a golden brooch exposed at the center of the bow. A tight black leather belt was tied around her waist with a silver, pleated fuku skirt hanging down. Her legs were covered in a gray linen material as her legs/feet were hidden underneath a pair of long, high-heeled silver boots. The gloves were also gray with white fur covering the top area. Tied around her wrists were golden bracelets. Pewter Fox's eyes were icy, light blue and her lips were covered in pink lipstick.

Sailor Titanium Kerokko also looked like a teenage girl. Her hair was shoulder-length and was entirely light green. Hanging from her ears was a pair of black star earrings. Strapped above her collarbone was a green neck choker with a black star symbol decorated over it. She wore a black and green striped collar. Her body outfit started from the middle of her bust and went down into a fuku skirt - several inches below her hips. The main outfit had a unique design with colors consisting of green with black stripes coming down horizontally and vertically. Her gloves were black with the golden bracelets strapped around her wrists. Her black leather boots started from the middle of her ankles and stretched all the way down to the end of her feet. The boots were high-heeled with silver metallic ring-shaped plates decorating the front section. Titanium Kerokko's eyes were fairly light green and her lips covered with pink lipstick.

Finally, the last two members of the Neo-Animamates stepped forward. These two were also twins like Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi, though these two Animamates appeared younger, in their late-teens. These were Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne.

Sailor Lethe was the taller of the two. Her lavender hair was tied with three braided ends hanging down the back. She wore a dark green, spaghetti-strap summer dress that hung down all the way to above her knees. Her slight pale legs were exposed as her feet were inside a pair of brown sandals. Lethe held what appeared to be a long, silver oar - with the end appearing more like a spear if anything. Her face showed an expression of deceit with her purple eyes gleaming.

Sailor Mnemosyne was shorter than Lethe. She appeared slightly younger as she wore a lavender dress - thus matching her hair color. She, too, wore the same brown sandals and the same hairstyle much like her twin. Mnemosyne's eyes were golden yellow and her demeanor appeared more innocent than Lethe's.

As Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon exchanged looks toward each Animamate present, she crossed her arms and smirked evilly. "Ah, everyone's present I see. I think it's only fitting that I lead this team."

Giggling playfully like a gleeful child, Sailor Pewter Fox hopped up and down. "Oooo, we're going to have some fun! Yay! Collecting star seeds and beating up some little kids! Kee, hee, hee!!"

"How about switching to some decaf? Ri-bit," retorted Sailor Titanium Kerokko as she sighed, lowering her head. "Honestly, how do you get so much energy to hop around like that? Ribit, ribit."

Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi slammed their staffs against one another - forming an X symbol. "Lady Papillon, what is the first order of business? Shall we go collect star seeds or find those brats?"

"Well, as far as I know..." the new leader said as she sat upon the throne and crossed her legs. "According to a few sources of mine, the one named Sailor Sedna is about to begin her quest. The Time Guardian has managed to reveal the location of the five brats."

Raising her hand, Sailor Lethe garnered Papillon's attention. "Um, what are these sources of yours?"

"They are confidential for now. All you need to know is that they've been very helpful," Papillon answered as she continued on. "Now, I can confirm the sites of where these five yet-to-be awakened Kuiper Belt Senshi. Just think, if we can take their star seeds, we can prevent them from having their powers reawakened. Oh yes, just imagine how beautiful their star seeds maybe!"

"Tee hee!" Sailor Mnemosyne giggled. "Kuiper sounds like viper!"

Ignoring the purple-haired girl, Sailor Titanium Kerokko inquired, "So, what are the five locations? Ribit, ribit."

"Sailor Eris is in Dallas, Texas, Sailor Ixion is in Nigeria, Africa, Sailor Quaoar is in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Sailor Orcus is in Sydney, Australia, and Sailor Varuna is in Amsterdam, Holland. Now, there are seven of us. Any suggestions how we should split up?"

"We have one, madam!" Sailor Chi and Phi shouted in unison. "We both will find Sailor Varuna."

"Awww, two against one? I don't like poor little Varuna's odds," Sailor Pewter Fox snickered. "Kee, hee, hee!"

"I'll be the one to find Sailor Ixion," Sailor Titanium Kerokko raised her hand. "And I have a few of my little pets that would love to help me track the brat down! Ribit, ribit."

Papillon nodded her head as she shifted her eyes to Sailor Lethe. "Who will you choose to hunt?"

"I think I'd like Sailor Quaoar to be my prey!" The lavender-haired Lethe cruelly smiled and licked her lips.

Sailor Mnemosyne glanced back and forth toward her colleagues and weakly raised her hand. "Oh! I guess I will take Sailor Orcus then! Yeah!"

"That leaves you, Sailor Pewter Fox," Papillon looked down at the fox-eared Senshi.

"Kee, hee, hee! Ok! Sailor Eris is mine!! Hee, hee!" Pewter Fox giggled.

"Perfect, then that leaves me with Sailor Sedna," Papillon closed her right hand and grinned deviously. "I can't wait to squeeze the life out of that brat. I can use her to draw out Sailor Moon and her colleagues! Ah, yes, all plans will soon come into fruition. Taking a cue from Sailor Mnemosyne, Operation: Viper will commence first thing tomorrow." Shifting her eyes directly toward Sailor Pewter Fox, the Neo-Animamate leader narrowed her eyes and frowned a serious expression. "Sedna will be heading off to Dallas, Texas tomorrow morning by plane. I want you to follow her trail. Once she has found Eris, attack and extract Eris' star seed! That is your assignment. Do not fail, dear Pewter Fox."

"Kee, hee, hee!! No problem!! Eris will die!!" Sailor Pewter Fox rubbed her hands together, giggling sinisterly like a classic cartoon villain.

As she sweat-dropped, Sailor Lethe leaned toward Sailor Titanium Kerokko and whispered into her ear. "Are you sure it's not the caffeine? Ribit, ribit."

"Lethe. This is Pewter Fox we're talking about here," the green-haired Animamate sighed as she lowered her head. "Even I can't figure her out, but remember... she's the most unpredictable member of our crew. Honestly, I feel sorry for Sailor Eris. There won't be anything left of her when Pewter Fox gets done with her."

Bowing her head, Sailor Pewter Fox turned as a vortex opened up. "Kee, hee, hee! Exit! Stage right!" With that, the absent-minded Senshi exited out and prepared to start her assignment.

"Just a fair warning, make sure you all disguise yourselves cleverly. Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Tin Nyanko each wore disguises during their routine missions for Galaxia-sama."

"Got it, Papillon-sama," Sailor Lethe responded.

Sailor Titanium Kerokko scratched the back of her head. "Ugh, something tells me Pewter Fox is going to do more than just take that brat's star seed." She shrugged. "Eh, oh well... Not my problem. She'll become Sedna's problem."

The Animamates gathered while plotting their game plan as to how each member will be covering each designated site.


August 27, 2006

Ota District, Tokyo, Japan/Tokyo International Airport/9:30 PM

Upon arrival at Terminal 1, Karin Osaka was standing at the center of a lobby as she faced the Sailor Senshi - both Inners and Outers - standing in front of her. As Karin surveyed her surroundings, she watched as many people passed by her and others hurrying over to make it to their scheduled flights.

Karin looked down at her watch and gasped. "Oh, shoot. My flight is scheduled to leave in half an hour! I've got to get going, guys!" The girl wore a light blue spaghetti-strapped shirt with the words 'Ice Princess' inscribed on the front, blue jeans cut off above the ankles and a pair of black flip flop sandals. Flung over her right shoulder, Karin carried her purse containing her belongings - including cell phone, camera and other essentials. She carried a bag containing her laptop and notebooks in her right hand.

"Karin-chan, please be careful. You are heading for countries that are completely different from Japan," Michiru advised the girl.

Haruka smirked. "Hey, kid, don't forget to take lots of pictures of some really cool places!"

"Yes, please do take some pictures of popular tourist attractions," Hotaru suggested. "I'd really like a picture of the Sydney Opera House."

Ami walked over to Karin and handed her a book on historical sites. "Here, take this. Since you've told me you want to become a historian, this will be a good start. You can use this book as a reference for all the historical sites you'll see on your trip."

Nodding her head, Makoto added. "Not to mention all of the cultures you'll be seeing. I swear I envy you, Karin-chan. I really want to go out there in the world."

Minako clapped her hands. "You're so lucky, Karin-chan! You're not the only one who has gotten to travel. You'll like it in Sydney! I performed a show there not too long ago. The Australian crowds really loved me. Have fun in Downunda, girlfriend!" She gave a wink toward Karin.

Rei smiled as she approached Karin. "Good luck finding these girls, Karin. I know it'll be a little hard to convince them but I have faith in you. You will make a wonderful leader of the Kuiper Belt Senshi. Just remember everything we've taught you and the advice we've given you."

Mamoru nodded toward the girl. "Karin-chan, we'll be thinking about you."

Stepping out in front of Karin, Usagi put her hands on Karin's shoulders and hugged her. "We'll be thinking about you. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any trouble. I know going into all these different countries may seem overwhelming but this is an experience you'll never forget."

"I know. I might ever get this opportunity ever again," Karin said as she embraced the blonde girl and pulled herself off. She turned toward Setsuna and smiled. "Setsuna-san."

"Good luck, Sailor Sedna."

Acknowledging her Senshi name, Karin started walking down with her belongings. The Senshi watched as their youngest member was ready to go out and embark on her biggest challenge: locating the Kuiper Belt Senshi and helping them realize their destinies. With more Senshi, this would ensure that the girls won't need to answer to every distress.

Most importantly, it was time for a new generation to rise up to confront any threat that may endanger Earth. Just as Usagi and her team had handled every crisis in Japan, the Kuiper Belt Senshi would do the same.

Setsuna watched Karin and closed her eyes. Sedna, please be careful. I have a terrible feeling that someone maybe onto you to prevent the awakening of the Kuiper Belt Senshi. If anything, you will need to defend these girls. Their lives may possibly be in jeopardy.


As Karin sat in her seat on her flight, she leaned back and placed her earphones on her iPod.

"Going to be a long trip to Dallas. I can say that much," Karin sighed as she started singing along with the lyrics of the song.

Sitting several rows behind Karin, a woman wearing a silver business suit, a matching color skirt and a pair of black high-heeled shoes. Concealing her eyes were a pair of black shades and her pink hair was let loose across her back.

"Kee, hee, hee," the woman snickered as she monitored Karin from afar. I found yooooooou. Hee, hee!

Sighing with boredom, Karin got up and approached a red-haired flight attendant. She immediately turned off her iPod and tapped the woman on her back.

"Yes, young lady?" the flight attendant inquired as she turned around.

"Where are the bathrooms at?"

Pointing ahead, the flight attendant directed Karin to the closest bathroom. "Over there."

"Thanks, ma'am," Karin walked over toward the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Shifting her eyes forward, the pink-haired woman snickered and snuck out of her seat. "Pewter Fox is going to have some fun now!" With that, she walked past the flight attendant and stood outside the ladies door.

Just as she was about to knock...


The door flung open and smacked Pewter Fox across the face. She fell back as she started seeing stars.

Karin poked her head out. "Excuse me! There's no soap in here. Can someone bring some?"

The flight attendant overheard Karin's request and nodded. "Oh, we need more? Don't worry. You stay there. I'll be back with some extra soap."

"Thanks, I appreciate it!" Karin smiled. Before she closed the door, she noticed Pewter Fox on the floor and groaning. "Oh, what happened here? Did I just hit you when I opened the door? I'm so sorry, miss!" She walked over and helped Pewter Fox to her feet. "That was really klutzy of me."

"It's... no biggie!" Pewter Fox responded as she shook her head. Her eyes were still spinning. "Hee, hee!"

The brown-haired girl sweat-dropped. "Oooookay." What a weirdo.

"I'll be going back to my seeeeeat nooooow," Pewter Fox walked down the aisle as she looked daze and nearly fell on top of other passenger's laps. "Hee, hee!"

Karin scratched her head in confusion. "Geez, I can't figure her out. Is she drunk or something?" Shrugging, she immediately closed the door and went about to carry out her business.

Pewter Fox plopped back to her seat while shaking her head. "Owww, that smarts." I'll make you pay for that, once I get rid of Eris! Kee, hee, hee!


Outskirts of Tyler, Texas/West Ranch/9:00 AM Local Time

Outside of the city of Tyler - approximately an hour or two east of Dallas - lived a family on a ranch named the Wests. The owners of the West Ranch are a couple named Bill and Terri.

Standing out in the grassy meadow was a girl. She stood 5'1, wore a short-sleeved red and white blouse, a pair of blue jean shorts and a pair of brown cowboy boots. Her eyes are visibly green and her hair was entirely red - with two-braided pigtails. Her skin had a slight tan to her otherwise Caucasian color. This girl is Taylor West.

The red-haired girl turned as her two dogs approached her. "Lucy, Desi, wanna go and take a walk with me?" She had a bright smile on her face as she bent over to pet her dogs. Lucy is a female golden retriever and Desi is a male Labrador retriever. "C'mon, let's go!"

With that, she started running down the meadow with her two dogs - as they started chasing after Taylor.


"So, this highly-spirited young girl is Sailor Eris? Well, let's hope she's up to the challenge." The Time Guardian thought as she monitored Taylor in her mind.


Hotel Room/Dallas, Texas/11:30 PM

After taking a shower following her long trip, Karin plopped on her hotel bed wearing her blue bathrobe and stretched her arms out. She let out a deep sigh while staring at the ceiling and thought about the importance of her assignment.

"I know this mission is important but I don't think it would hurt to spend some time sight-seeing in Dallas. Thanks to Setsuna-san, I know exactly where to find this Taylor girl. According to Setsuna-san, Taylor lives in a small town just an hour from here. It's in Tyler, Texas," Karin stated as she pulled herself up to stretch out her legs and feet. "As for sites to visit, there's the Dallas skyline, there's also the American Airlines Center where the sports teams play and..."

Just then, Karin's polar bear spirit materialized in front of her.

"Luckily you're always with me, buddy," Karin smiled as she patted the spirit beast's head. "Thanks to you, I'm starting to get more familiar with the English language."

"And I will tutor you on learning how to speak the other languages. For instance, in Brazil, the national language is Portuguese."

"Really? Well, hopefully the girls living in Brazil, Nigeria and Holland can speak English. Man, I can't believe I'm all alone in Dallas now."

"You're not alone, Karin. You have me to guide you."

The future Princess of Sedna smiled fondly. "Yeah, that's true, but I'm actually talking about having another person. I kinda wish Dimitri-kun was here with me." The girl sighed as she bit down on her lower lip. "Once I find Eris, I won't be so alone anymore. I can't wait to meet her. Hopefully, she'll accept being a Senshi... if not, then I don't know what I'm going to do."

The polar bear approached Karin and kneeled beside her. "Don't give up, Karin. This is only the beginning. I have faith in you."

"Everyone does, but sometimes I often doubt myself. I know I shouldn't, but I just can't help it. I'm nervous," Karin got up and walked over to stare at the bathroom mirror. "...What if I screw up?"

"Please, don't think like that, Karin."

"I mean... What if something goes wrong? What if an enemy finds out about this and tries to prevent me from finding these girls?"

"That may very well be likely, Karin. Do you remember that strange woman on the plane?"

Glancing over toward the polar bear, Karin blinked. "You mean that woman who made those weird sounds and acted funny? What about her?"

"I sense evil. She may be spying on you and might possibly try to find Eris before we do. That's why I suggest we hurry."

"Oh my gosh... If what you say is true, then we better hurry. Guess I'll have to postpone visiting the tourist sites until we find Sailor Eris," the brown-haired girl stared at her hands and closed them tightly. Her expression changed from doubt to determination. "All right, my friend. Starting first thing tomorrow morning, we're heading out to find Eris. Sound good?"

"Good idea, Karin."

"Thanks. Now, to get some sleep. We have work to do tomorrow. I'll have to take a bus to Tyler then."

With that, she faced the mirror and turned off the light. Karin quickly gathered her pajamas and got dressed in the bathroom to prepare for bed.


Staring up at the ceiling in her hotel room, Karin had both hands behind her head and started planning out the rest of the few days. She would have to locate Taylor West before Sailor Pewter Fox does.

"Yeah, sounds like a plan..." Hopefully, you do accept your destiny and join my team, Eris. A new generation of Sailor Senshi must take a stand and rise to fight whatever new evil approaches. I, Sailor Sedna, will NOT let Setsuna-san and the others down! This is my time to shine. As Karin shut her eyes, she finally gave in and slept peacefully for the remainder of the evening.


Meanwhile, levitating over the rooftop of the hotel was Sailor Pewter Fox. The devious Animamate snickered as she carefully monitored Karin without being seen.

"Kee, hee, hee! So, she's in Tyler, Texas? Tomorrow will be the death of Sailor Eris!" Pewter Fox showed off her golden bracelets. "And her precious star seed will be collected in the name of the Neo-Animamates!"



Karin: Are you Taylor West?

Taylor: That's me. Who are you?

Karin: I came here to tell you that...

Sailor Pewter Fox: Kee, hee, hee! I've found yoooooooou, Sailor Sedna and Sailor Eris!

Taylor: What the heck is going on?! Who is that crazy fox lady?!

Karin: You're NOT going to have her star seed! Not with me around! Taylor, you're Sailor Eris! I came to recruit you to help me fight evil jerks like this witch!

Taylor:... What? You can't be serious?

Karin: Sedna Planet Power! MAKE-UP!!

Taylor: OH MY GOD!!

Sedna: Please, Eris! I need you!

Sailor Pewter Fox: Kee, hee, hee! No way! Her star seed will belong to the Neo-Animamates!

Sedna: I don't think so, you fox-eared freak!

Next time...

Attack of the Animamates! Sailor Eris's Rising Wind!

Taylor: Pewter Fox! For what you've done to my family and Sedna, I will fight and take my place as Sailor Eris!


Author's notes: And so the first chapter of Sedna's mini-arc has been written. The Kuiper Belt Senshi are about to awaken. Again, this will be relatively short compared to the first two seasons of the series. We've gotten preparations out of the way. Next time it will be Sailor Eris time to shine. ;)

Taylor West is a character created by LazerWulf for this story, as is Christina Denton, Jamilah Waziri and Tyra Vanderbilt. Belletiger is the creator of Helena Fernandez Souza.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon (pronounced "pah-PEE-yon"), Sailor Lethe, Sailor Mnemosyne (rhymes with "limousine"), Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi are all actually from the manga version of Sailor Moon. They were never featured in the anime. Sailor Pewter Fox and Sailor Titanium Kerokko are based off characters from the Sailor Moon musicals and were never in the anime or manga. Rather than creating my own villains, I decided to use these Animamates. What do you think? It saves me the trouble of making my own baddies. ;)

So, there you go. This will be a fun story to write and less stressful than the Rajita story. Also, some of you will be exposed to some different cultures. I'd like to one day travel to different countries (I've only been to Mexico).

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