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A/N: The Neo-Animamates: Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi, Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne, and Sailor Pewter Fox and Sailor Titanium Kerokko, are characters taken and modified from the Sailor Moon Manga and Musicals to fit within the YuYuGiDigiMoon universe, in which this story takes place. Any discrepancy between these characters and their "canon" counterparts is purely intentional.

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The Battle Royale at the Neo-Animamate Palace! The Kuiper Belt Senshi United!


September 8, 2006


Amsterdam, Netherlands/Outskirts/9:09 PM

On the northern outskirts of Amsterdam, the six girls - and two dogs - gathered near a clear lake. Karin stood at the center and faced her new team. It had taken her two weeks, but she had successfully completed her mission to unite the Kuiper Belt Senshi.

Taylor, Jami, Helena and Christina had gotten along well with Karin, but Tyra wasn't so happy with Karin being the leader of the team.

Tyra, who had once led her own gang of street urchins, felt it was beneath her to be ordered by a girl like Karin and doubted Karin's capability of being the leader of a team.

Karin was determined to prove Tyra wrong and convince the Amsterdam street brawler that she could be a leader.

Raising her hand, Jami broke the silence by asking a question. "Karin, tell us, how are we going to find the Animamates?"

Taylor nodded, tapping her right index finger on her head. "Yeah, got any ideas in that ol' brain of yours?"

"Heh, I knew you'd bring that up," Karin chuckled, as she sweatdropped.

Christina slightly frowned. "Well, duh! I mean... we have to strike now, beat them and make sure they don't hunt us down again!"

"And I don't think you want us to be hunted by these witches for the rest of your life, do you?" Helena inquired, folding her arms beneath her chest.

"Whoa! Hold it! I was just getting to that, guys!" Karin reassured them, backing away and holding her hands out.

Tyra leaned against a tree while staring out toward the lake. "So, what's the point of this meeting again, Karin?"

"Well, now that our team is complete, Sailor Pluto wants to meet all of you."

As Tyra listened, she closed her eyes and sighed. "I see. Well, I guess I have to thank her for getting me off the streets."

"Heh, who knows? You might find some competition in Japan, Tyra," Karin grimaced with ingenuity.

"Sounds like fun."

"Heh, just don't start picking fights unless they really deserve it," Taylor smiled deviously.

"We'll see," Tyra replied.

"Well, I think you've done excellent work, Karin. You have managed to gather all five of your teammates," Lucy said, as she walked over to the Japanese Brunette. She sat down beside Karin and looked at the five girls.

"That's right, Karin. Lucy and I are both proud of you, and I'm sure Pluto will be, as well," Desi added. "Now, go ahead."

Nodding her head, Karin pulled out a handheld device and set it on the ground. She pressed a small, yellow button (shaped like an arrow) and activated a holographic image, which projected out of a flickering beam of light. As the image continually flickered, a distorted image of a slender figure appeared. The girls gathered around to stare. The image became clearer as Sailor Pluto appeared.

"Sailor Pluto. I've finally completed my mission," Karin said, bowing respectfully to the green-haired woman.

Pluto smiled genuinely at the young girl. "Indeed, you have, Karin. We're proud of you." She shifted her gaze at the five girls. "Kuiper Belt Senshi. It's nice to see you all here. I am Setsuna Meioh, better known as Sailor Pluto, Senshi of Time. You girls have been gathered from the corners of the globe in preparation for a coming evil. Taylor West, from North America, you are Sailor Eris, Senshi of Wind."

The red-haired Texan stepped forward. She slightly bowed - learning a Japanese custom. "Nice to meet ya, ma'am."

"It's nice to meet you, too, Taylor."

"And those two dogs are mine. Lucy! Desi! Come here!"

As the dogs raced over to their owner, Pluto smiled to the dogs and noticed the golden crescent marks shimmering on their foreheads. "Lucy and Desi, you two have been endowed with the knowledge of the stars and will provide advice and act as these girls' mentors."

"We will, miss!" The dogs responded, bowing her heads.

Sailor Pluto smiled, as she looked over to the Nigerian girl. "Jamilah Waziri, from Africa, you are Sailor Ixion, Senshi of Poison. I can see you are a bright and intelligent young lady."

Jami stepped forward and bowed. "I am honored, Sailor Pluto."

Next, Pluto gazed over to the Brazilian. "Helena Fernandez Souza, from South America, you are Sailor Quaoar, Senshi of Earth."

Helena paced a few steps forward and bowed. "I am truly grateful, Sailor Pluto. I've never fit in with any group, before. Now, I feel like I'm with people I can trust."

Nodding her head, Sailor Pluto turned and glared at the Australian girl. "Christina Denton, from Australia, you are Sailor Orcus, Senshi of Shadow."

"And not just that! I'm Australia's newest hit sensation and looking forward to meeting my favorite idol, Minako Aino!" Christina winked, pointing to herself and striking a pose.

As the others sweat-dropped, Pluto slightly chuckled. "Your upbeat personality will certainly be good for the team, Christina."

"Thank you, miss!"

Last, but not least, Pluto turned and stared at Tyra - who was sitting in the background. "Tyra Vanderbilt, from Europe, you are Sailor Varuna, Senshi of Light."

Tyra got up from the floor and answered. "Listen, I'm here because Karin told me I'd be kicking some ass, but I object to wearing a skirt. Do you realize just many guys are going to try to hit on me?!" Tyra almost went into a tirade.

"Don't worry, Tyra! If they do, you can just kick their butts!" Karin giggled.

Before long, Tyra glared at Karin with a frightening gaze, as the brunette slightly backed away. Pluto cleared her throat, which promptly garnered everyone's attention.

"Now, as I said before, you girls have been gathered to prepare for a coming evil, but before I bring you to Japan, there is another evil that you must confront." Sailor Pluto slammed her Garnet Rod down. Suddenly, everything around the girls turned light purple, as they were being transported to her Space-Time dimension.


Space-Time Room/9:30 PM

In an instant, the six girls and the two dogs found themselves in a spaceless dimension shrouded by misty clouds and a dull, translucent blue light. They frequently glanced at their surroundings and searched for Sailor Pluto.

Karin quickly called out. "Sailor Pluto! Where the heck did you go?!"

Taylor shook her head. "It feels like I've entered the Twilight Zone."

"Or The Outer Limits," Helena blinked.

Tyra scoffed. "What the hell are you guys going on about? This isn't some sci-fi TV show! But, still... where the hell are we?"

Jami observed her surroundings. "It seems like we've entered some kind of alternate dimension. We're no longer in Amsterdam, or even on Earth."

Christina groaned, tapping her right foot. "What? It seems like just some misty room. And it's cold in here!" Putting her arms around her chest, she shivered and rubbed her shoulders. "S-s-s-o c-c-c-old!!

"C'mon, Pluto! This isn't funny! Where are you?!" Karin called out once more.

"Over here."

As the girls (and the dogs) turned toward the sound of her voice, they found Sailor Pluto sitting on a white chair. The girls raced over to the Time Guardian and watched, as she slowly sat up. She approached the six girls and stopped to give them a smile.

"Welcome to my dimension, ladies. This is the Space-Time Room," Pluto introduced her place of solitude. "Here is where I protect the gates of time."

"Whoa, you really are the Time Guardian! That's awesome!" Christina smiled.

"Surely that is a big responsibility for you, Sailor Pluto," Jami stated, pointing to the white door behind Pluto's back.

"Indeed. However, that is not why I summoned you here. Before I can prepare you for the evil that is coming, you must confront and defeat the Neo-Animamates. This will be your final test before you officially join our ranks as the new Kuiper Belt Senshi. Karin, I know you've been with us longer than these five, so this will be a test of your leadership ability."

"I understand," Karin nodded.

"The Neo-Animamates' base has been located. It is just within the Earth's stratosphere. I will teleport you girls there," Pluto announced, glancing over to the girls. "Your job is simple: infiltrate the Neo-Animamates' base and bring them to justice."

"And this is our test?" asked Helena.

Karin flashed a jubilant grin. "All right then! What are we waiting for then? The sooner we get there and beat them... the better!"

The Time Guardian cautioned them. "Be careful. That's all that is needed to be said. Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and her entourage are more powerful than the Animamates we had to deal with years ago."

Nodding, Karin pointed out. "Heavy Metal Papillon claimed that she's the strongest of the Animamates."

"And she is right to claim that. She was Galaxia's right-hand, but for some reason, she never arrived in this galaxy. You girls had better watch yourselves. Karin, use your Valkyrie powers if you really need to."

"Got it, Pluto," Karin replied, as she faced her teammates. "All right, guys! Let's make this happen! We're storming into their base and taking them out! Time to prove that we're worthy of being Sailor Senshi!"

"RIGHT!" The other girls, excluding Tyra, shouted in unison.

Taking note of Tyra's silent demeanor, Karin walked over to the blonde-haired Amsterdam native. She stopped and looked into Tyra's icy, blue eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Sailor Pluto inquired, noticing Tyra and Karin facing one another.

"Tyra. I know you dislike being lead by me, but we need you. Your instant-teleportation thing will be extremely crucial if we want to beat the Neo-Animamates. All I'm asking is that you put aside any grudge you might hold against me. I'm not your enemy. I want to be your friend. Not just a Senshi colleague, but a real friend," Karin said almost pleading to the blonde. She nearly downcast her eyes and sighed. "Please, Tyra... I..."

Before Karin could say another word, Tyra caught the brunette off guard and placed her hand on Karin's mouth. A sly smirk formed on Tyra's lips.

"Say another word and I'll put a bruise on your pretty face, kid," Tyra chuckled, as she pulled her hand off Karin's mouth. "Don't ever beg in front of me, okay? As long as there's a fight involved, you come get me and we'll kick some ass together."

The Japanese girl was a loss for words. "Tyra... I..."

"What did I just get through saying?" Tyra sighed irritably. "You're hopeless."

As Karin and Tyra approached them, the other girls chuckled amongst themselves. Helena walked over to Tyra and smiled.

"Thanks, Tyra," the Brazilian offered.

The blonde merely closed her eyes. "And there's no need to say that either. Let's just get on with this mission. I want these bitches off our backs for good."

Karin smirked, as she pulled out her Henshin Stick. A coy smirk formed on her lips as she cried out. "Ok, then! No time to waste, guys! Heavy Metal Papillon and her little posse are going down!"

"The legacy of the Shadow Galactica must be put to rest once and for all. Kuiper Belt Senshi, it's time," Pluto's eyes narrowed with seriousness.

As the Time Guardian announced, the six girls nodded their heads and raised their transformation items.

Then, they howled together simultaneously as they activated the magic properties of their Henshin Sticks.

"Sedna Planet Power... MAKE-UP!!"

"Eris Planet Power... MAKE-UP!!"

"Ixion Planet Power... MAKE-UP!!'

"Quaoar Planet Power... MAKE-UP!!"

"Orcus Planet Power... MAKE-UP!!"

"Varuna Planet Power... MAKE-UP!!"

And just like that in less than a second... the six teens transformed into the Kuiper Belt Senshi.

Sailor Sedna, Sailor Eris, Sailor Ixion, Sailor Quaoar, Sailor Orcus and Sailor Varuna stood in full assembly as they formed a circle. Sailor Pluto stood at the center of the formed circle and raised her Garnet Rod. The red orb, at the top of the staff, flared a crimson aura as it enveloped and extended outward to cover the section around the six Senshi. Each one lifted their heads and closed their eyes as they were covered by the intense, red light.

"Good luck, Kuiper Belt Senshi. This is your moment to shine." With that, Pluto slammed her Garnet Rod down as the six girls were instantly teleported from her domain.

Lucy and Desi were astonished by what had occurred. Right before their eyes, the Kuiper Belt Senshi were sent off to the Neo-Animamate base.

Lucy stared directly to Pluto and slightly closed her mouth. "Good luck, girls."

"Please, come to back us," Desi sighed, lowering his head.

Pluto lifted her head and deeply sighed, her lithe body covered in a purple glowing aura. "Sedna. Led them to victory. We'll be watching you, dearest child."


Above Earth/Outside the Neo-Animamate Base/10:05 PM

Appearing outside the entrance of the Neo-Animamate base, the six Senshi instantly appeared. They quickly glanced around their surroundings and shivered from the freezing air blowing around them.

"DAMN!! IT'S FREEZING!!" Sailor Sedna shouted, as her knees shook. Her teeth nearly chattered, as she noticed her team mates were already running toward the entrance door. "Whoa! Hold on!" As she quickly leapt across, she landed in front of the entrance.

Sailor Orcus placed her hand on the entrance and glanced up. "This is one huge door."

"It's nearly fifty feet high," Ixion calculated, examining the height of the barrier that blocked them.

Lifting her right brow, Sailor Eris had a perplexed look. "How were you able to figure that one out?"

"Just a guess, but my estimation appears to be close to accurate," the Nigerian responded, placing her hands against the giant door.

Sailor Quaoar giggled, a sweat drop poured down her head. "That's our Jami."

Punching and kicking at the door, Sailor Varuna scoffed out of irritation. "Shit! So, how do we get in?"

"I suggest we put our powers to good use here," Sedna suggested, as she summoned her trident. "This'll do!" With that, she slammed her weapon through the door and yelled out her attack. "Ice Wall Summoning!!" In an instant, a sheet of ice covered the entire door as Sedna smiled at her handiwork. "Yes!"

"All right! My turn!" Sailor Quaoar announced, bringing her right hand out as her spear appeared in hand. She leaped across and impaled her weapon in front of the frozen door. "Terra Breaker!!" The force of the spear's blow lifted the earth from the ground as a cannonball-sized, yellow orb shot at the frozen door.


It slammed against the ice sheet with tremendous force and pushed the door back. Then, it collapsed and shattered into pieces.

"Yes! We broke through the entrance!" Sailor Eris cheered happily.

Sailor Ixion slightly frowned. "I don't know. That seemed to be too easy."

"Does that matter now? We've already broken in," Sailor Varuna paced forward, as she stepped over the crushed ice remains. "Not bad. I guess."

Suddenly, Sailor Sedna shifted her eyes forward. "Seems like they were expecting us."

"What do you mean?" inquired the Brazilian Senshi.

"We've got company," the Ice Senshi confirmed.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

A loud stamping of footsteps came running down a stairway. The girls looked forward, as they saw enormous figures emerging from the darkness. Twelve large, muscular, green-skinned women wearing silver battle armor came charging down their path.

"Guess I was right," Sedna smirked. "Ok, girls! Let's show them who we are!"

With that, the Kuiper Belt Senshi dashed ahead to meet the twelve monstrous women.

Sailor Sedna crouched down, as two of the muscular women threw punches at her. The Ice Senshi easily dodged their closed fists and used her trident to parry their blows. As she somersaulted over the two Amazon-like women, Sedna slammed her Ice Trident down as frozen air blew around the two muscled behemoths. They were instantly frozen solid and rendered immobile.

"Heh, looks like I've got a couple of lime-flavored snow cones," Sedna remarked, flashing a grin. To finish the job, she jumped across and kicked the two ice statues down as they shattered once hitting the ground. "Oops. Did I do that?"


Sailor Eris flipped back, as one of the two muscled woman tried grabbing her. Eris retaliated with a roundhouse kick, which knocked the monster back. The second came up from behind the Texan. Eris quickly turned around and dropped to the floor. As the monster fell back and lost her balance, Eris jumped up and shot both feet up into the enemy's face. The heeled boots caved into the monster's right cheek as it stumbled back.

"Let's tie ya two up!" The Texan announced, as she summoned her lasso and started twirling it overhead. As she threw her lasso across, she targeted the monster's necks. The lasso caught both monsters by their necks as Eris tightened her grip on her trademark weapon. "You two gals might be big and strong, but ya can't survive without air to breathe. So..." With that, she tightened her grip as the lasso constricted the two muscled behemoths. They gagged as air was forced out of their bodies.

Then, as the last ounce of air left their bodies, the pair dropped dead.

Sailor Eris smirked, as she untied her lasso. "You two can be built as shit bricks, but ya can't live without oxygen." With that, she turned around and winked towards Sedna.


Two more creatures charged toward Sailor Ixion, but she disappeared in a cloud of her 'Poison Vapor.' Breathing in the fumes, the two attackers became instantly paralyzed. The Nigerian pulled out a pair of poisoned arrows and shot them at her disabled opponents. The first arrow struck one monster in the shoulder. The poison caused her to collapse as she died instantly. The other arrow pierced the second monster's forehead, which killed it even quicker.

"Brains always triumph over brawns. Let that be a lesson to you," Ixion lectured the slain monsters.


As Sailor Quaoar dodged one of the monsters' blows, she danced around the other's vicious punches. Quaoar leaped up, as the two muscled women slammed against each other.

"WHOO!!" Quaoar howled out of excitement, as she landed on her feet. Reaching over for her spear, she slammed it against the ground as a yellow condensed orb shot forward. "Terra Breaker!!" As the orb expanded, it engulfed the two monsters completely and left no traces of the slain duo.

Twirling around and doing a victory dance, Quaoar jubilantly grinned. "Aww, over already? I was just getting a good workout!"


Bouncing off the edge of a tall column, Sailor Orcus launched herself at her two opponents. She landed a kick onto one's face and head butted the other across its chest. As the two monsters fell back, a thought came to the Australian's mind.

"Awww, isn't that a shame? Shadow Capture!!" Orcus chuckled as she extended her own shadow and ensnared the two muscled vixen's shadows. "Ha! Game, set and match." Following her capture of her two adversaries, she then moved her shadow across the monsters' bodies. Her shadows slithered up like snakes and entirely covered their noses and mouths to cut off their air supply. "You might look big and strong, but you don't have any special abilities to guard yourselves against me. Piece of cake!"

As the monsters struggled, the oxygen left their bodies. They dropped to their knees while their bodies weakened. Finally, as their air supply was entirely closed off, their bodies fell limp and dropped dead.

"WOO!" Sailor Orcus shouted, as she flashed a 'V for Victory.' "Score one for Australian's number one idol in the making! Thank you! Thank you!" She took her bow.


Standing her ground, Sailor Varuna watched her two opponents charged down her path. By the time they reached her, Varuna was already gone.

The muscled duo blinked out of perplexity. They quickly turned, as Varuna stood yards away behind them.

"DIIIIE!!" The monstrous pair roared, as they charged.

Sailor Varuna scoffed, turning around and placing her hands on her temples. Her tiara's gem released a beam of white blinding light. "Blinding Flash!!" As she implemented her attack, the two behemoths were rendered blind as they covered their eyes. Varuna extended her right hand as an axe appeared in her grasp. "YAAAA!!" Letting out a loud cry, Varuna raced across and cut down her foes.

Line streaks appeared vertically across the monster's bodies from head to toes. Their bodies split in half as the pieces dropped to the ground. Varuna stepped over her slain enemies and no emotion was expressed on her face.

She walked off and didn't bother with any post-victory celebration.


"Piece of cake, guys! That was just some lower-class scum," Sedna reassured her team. As she pointed to the stairway, she flashed a confident smirk. "Let's go up the stairs guys! No doubt they're waiting for us up there!"

Ixion nodded. "Yes, but let's be careful, Sedna."

"Right, they might have traps set for us," Quaoar noted, agreeing with Ixion.

"C'mon! Let's go!" Eris exclaimed, as she raced ahead. "I'm already getting into the heat of battle!"

Varuna scoffed, crossing her arms. "Whatever. Let's get going already!" She miffed with slight irritation as she followed Eris.

"Right! Time to settle this once and for all!" Sedna exclaimed, as she dashed ahead with Orcus, Quaoar and Ixion trailing behind her. Heavy Metal Papillon, this time I'll be going all out! Get ready!


Meanwhile, the Neo-Animamates monitored the Kuiper Senshi through multiple screens on a wall. They had cameras placed throughout the base while keeping an eye on the girls.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon quivered with excitement. She had left during a battle with Sedna and now the Ice Senshi arrived on her base. The heat of battle overwhelmed her to the point of anxiety.

"This must be the Time Guardian's doing. She's one of the few that could have transported those girls here," the Neo-Animamate leader stated, her hands trembling with excitement. "Oh yes. I'm ready for you, Sailor Sedna!"

Nix glanced over to Papillon, chuckling. "Anxious to fight her again, Papillon?"

"You don't know the half of it, Nix. I'm dying to go all out against her. And you should feel excited too, Neo-Animamates!" The butterfly woman spun around as she exclaimed. "We will crush these impudent children! Then they'll realize just how hollow their chances of victory are!"

Chuckling, Sailor Chi grinned malevolently. "It is as you say, Papillon-sama. These children will know their place in the Sailor Senshi hierarchy."

"They are beneath us," Sailor Phi stated.

Sailor Pewter Fox snickered her trademark laugh. "Kee, hee, hee! Nothing but children!"

"This time we will fight them more seriously," Sailor Titanium Kerokko nodded. "Ribbit, ribbit!"

Looking over her left shoulder, Sailor Lethe faced her twin sister and snorted. "Don't get too soft on us, Mnemosyne. If we are to defeat those brats, you're going to have to get your head straightened! Got it?" She sighed out of exasperation and shifted her focus to the screen.

Sailor Mnemosyne was silent as she gave no comment.

Once she turned away from the screen, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon called out to her group's attention. "They'll be here shortly. I suggest you get ready!" She immediately pressed a button near an activation switch, which allowed the sealed entrance of their lair to be opened.

Gathering their power and spreading out all over the lair, the Neo-Animamates waited to ambush the Kuiper Belt Senshi. Heavy Metal Papillon sat down on her throne seat as she patiently waited. Nix stood by the butterfly woman's side as his eye gleamed toward the unsealed entrance.

"I sense they are getting closer, Papillon-sama," the creature confirmed, his voice slightly lowering.

She smirked. "Good. Let them come. They are our guests, after all. We'll be sure to give them a proper greeting." Uttering an evil chuckle, she licked her lips and smiled a seductive grin.


"HEE-YAAAAAH!!" The Senshi cried out in unison as they finished off a swarm of gray-skinned humanoid bats. Their elemental attacks had packed enough punch to freeze, slice, poison, subdue and incinerate the monsters.

Pressing her foot over the dust remains of a defeated bat monster, Sailor Sedna scoffed. "Who do they take us for?"

"I'll say! They're taking us rather lightly!" Eris exclaimed, frowning with irritation.

Ixion noticed a ray of light beaming out of an entrance. "Look! That must be it!"

"Yeah, I'd say we're close," Quaoar made her observation.

Making a dash up the stairway, Varuna was already ahead of the others.

"Sailor Varuna!!" The Senshi exclaimed simultaneously.

"Hold it! We have to be careful once we get there!" Ixion shouted, giving chase to the blonde.

"Ugh, you think she's going to listen? She's too headstrong," Sedna sighed out of annoyance. She mentally noted. Tyra has to realize that we're a team! Ugh, unbelievable. "Varuna, hold on! Ixion has a good point! It might be a trap!"

As if oblivious to her teammates' concerns, Varuna reached the top of the stairway as she stopped in front of the entrance. The other girls were bewildered by this as they leaped up to the top and landed beside Varuna. Sedna turned, as she furrowed her brow and frowned.

Once she watched the six warriors enter the seemingly spaceless room, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon sat up from her throne and clapped her hands. This mocking gesture caused the Kuiper Belt Senshi to step into defensive postures. Nix chuckled, as he stared at the Senshi with a penetrating gaze through his single eye.

"Welcome, Kuiper Belt Senshi! We're so glad you could join us!" Papillon exclaimed while continually clapping her hands, much to the irritation of the Kuiper Senshi. "I'm amazed you were able to get here. Though, I suppose you had some help from that Time Guardian. Oh, I do believe she goes by... Sailor Pluto?" She chuckled.

Sedna blanched. "You know about Pluto?!"

"I know all of the Senshi in this solar system," the butterfly woman responded to the Ice Senshi's question. "I know that Sailor Moon and her Guardian Senshi are here. And just now we've discovered that they were searching for a future generation Sailor Senshi. This is quite an interesting and diverse group. I must say I'm impressed. Of You've been able to resist us for these past two weeks." She shot a glance toward Sailor Sedna. "Congratulations, child. You should be honored to be leading this strong unit. Unfortunately..." Licking her lips, the Neo-Animamate leader was ready to spill their blood. "Your lives will have to be cut short here. So sorry, but we'll take good care of your precious Star Seeds."

Eris growled, as she heard enough. "Blah, blah! You're just talk!"

"In any case, we're not going to die here," Quaoar scowled, assuming a battle stance.

"Screw that," Varuna snorted impatiently, as she balled up her fists. "Your ass is mine, you winged bitch!" With that, she vanished.

However, Heavy Metal Papillon grinned, as she spun around and caught Varuna as she instantly reappeared behind the Neo-Animamate leader. As Varuna's face expressed shock, she saw her right hand caught by butterfly woman.

"What the hell...?!" The blonde-haired warrior gasped in disbelief.

"Know your place, you ungrateful brat!" Papillon hissed, as she blew Varuna back by flapping her wings. As Varuna was launched back, Heavy Metal Papillon flew at the blonde and stomped her right foot into the girl's gut.

Sailor Varuna let out a deep gasp as the air was knocked out of her.

"VARUNA!!" The girls raced out to aid their team mate.

Sailor Sedna leaped up as she caught Varuna and landed on her feet with cat-like agility. "Varuna..."

"Ugh, that bitch..." Varuna growled, as she coughed.

As soon as the Kuiper Senshi stood at the center, the Neo-Animamates immediately dropped down and stood side by side. Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and Nix turned and stared over to Sedna. The duo had unfinished business with the Ice Senshi.

"Kee, hee, hee! We're going to play with you, children!" Sailor Pewter Fox snickered her trademark giggle. With that, she jumped up and launched herself for Sailor Eris. "GET READY, SAILOR ERIS!!"

Eris anticipated Pewter Fox as she leaped backwards to draw the Animamate away from the others.

Sailor Ixion watched, as Sailor Titanium Kerokko hopped across to attack her. The Nigerian dashed away to lure her opponent to the right direction of the spaceless lair.

Sailor Quaoar fled to a completely opposite side as Sailor Lethe flew off after her.

Sailor Orcus turned, as Sailor Mnemosyne dashed off. The Australian Senshi pursued for the fleeing Animamate until Sailor Chi teleported in front of her.

Sailor Varuna stood up as she faced Sailor Phi.

Finally, Sailor Sedna made a dash out the entrance, forcing Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and Nix to chase the Ice Senshi.

The battle between the Kuiper Belt Senshi and the Neo-Animamates began.


As Sailor Pewter Fox dashed across, she formed four silver orbs in her palms. She tossed them hastily at Eris and howled with insane laughter. "Pewter Fox Magic Explosives!!" She grinned a cartoonish smile as the orbs exploded and pounded around Eris.

The explosive blasts knocked Sailor Eris away as she rolled across the floor. Eris managed to regain her momentum as she hopped to her feet. Her eyes focused on the Neo-Animamate that stood yards from where she was.

"Can't let my guard down with her. Those bombs of hers are going to be trouble," Eris murmured, catching her breath. "All right, ya freak. This is for hurting my family!" As she closed her fists, she charged across with serious intent in her eyes.

"Kee, hee, hee. What are you? Retarded or something?" Pewter Fox laughed, as she formed another set of explosive orbs. The four orbs floated around her as she prepared to launch them. "You're just one big target! That's fine! I'll BLOW you to BITS! Kee, hee, hee!"

Suddenly, Sailor Eris stopped and flashed a smirk.

"Huh?" Pewter Fox blinked, as if bewildered. "Have you decided to give up?"

"Fat chance."

"Heh, perhaps you're begging for some pain. Well, so be it! You're doing me a favor by giving me a free shot!" Pewter Fox pushed her hands out as her orbs were launched forward at high velocity.

Eris timed the orbs coming forward. She pressed her heeled boots down as leaped straight up to avoid the orbs. "Ha! Nice try!"

"Heh, think again."

Suddenly, much to Eris' horrified dismay, the orbs followed her as they exploded in front of the Texan. Sailor Eris howled, as she was knocked back by the blast and sent plummeting to the ground.

"UGH!!" Eris grunted, as her back hit the ground.

Pewter Fox snapped her fingers and laughed. "BINGO!! Kee, hee, hee!!" The Animamate started a premature celebration and did a victory dance.

Groaning as the dust clouds cleared away around her spot, Eris barely moved her body and grit her teeth. "...damn it... I can't lose..." I can't lose to this her. I've gotta be strong to support Sedna... I must prove my worth as Sailor Eris. I CAN'T LOSE!! Suddenly, her tiara's gem shone as her eyes opened.


Meanwhile, Sailor Ixion leaped into mid-air as Titanium Kerokko had summoned her deadly hornet servants. The insects had fired blasts through their stingers and forced Ixion to dodge the deadly projectiles.

"Ribbit, ribbit! Run like mad!" Titanium Kerokko taunted the fleeing Nigerian. "You can't escape us for long!"

Noticing a column standing several yards from where she stood, Ixion risked the chance as she raced toward the column. She leaped across as the hornets simultaneously fired the beams through their stingers again. This time Ixion was able to reach the column as she scaled up the stone pillar. The hornets immediately closed in on her.

"Get her, my pets! Sting her! Make sure she's nothing more than a puffy ball of flesh! Ribbit, ribbit!" Titanium Kerokko cackled her trademark 'croaking' laugh.

Once Ixion reached the top, she balanced herself on the top and watched the hornets close in on her. She quickly spun her body around as a yellow mist sprayed out of body. "Poison Vapor!!" She howled, as the vapor engulfed the hornets. The insects were rendered paralyzed as Ixion finished them off by firing her poisonous arrows. They quickly dropped dead from the toxic darts, which pierced through their exoskeletons and poisoned them.

As she stopped spinning, Ixion noticed that Sailor Titanium Kerokko was nowhere to be found.

"Huh? Where did she...?"

Suddenly, a long sticky tongue shot forward and snatched the Nigerian girl by her throat. Ixion gagged and kicked her feet up as she was pulled down from her spot. Ixion found herself falling off the column and about to hit the ground thirty feet below.

No!! I can't die like this!! Sedna needs me for her team! I am Sailor Ixion! I will not let this freak kill me!

Just then, as Ixion opened her eyes, the gem embedded on her tiara flared.



Sailor Lethe backhanded the Brazilian Senshi and sent her flying against a column. Sailor Quaoar received a beating as a result of Lethe's deadly limb extensions. As Quaoar was pinned against the column, Lethe crossed her arms in front of her chest and closed her eyes.

Before Quaoar had time to recover, a pair of arms emerged out of the pillar and pinned her down. The Brazilian uttered a gasp as she struggled to break hold of the limbs that imprisoned her. Then, another pair of hands emerged beneath Quaoar's ankles and snatched her legs. Sailor Quaoar growled while struggling with the extra hands that Sailor Lethe had summoned.

"Lovely aren't they?" Lethe smirked as she coolly walked in front of Quaoar. "Awww, feeling all tied up? Don't worry. Just relax. It'll be over soon once I snap your neck." Licking her lips, Lethe reached out for Quaoar's vulnerable spot: her neck.

Quaoar screamed out in agony as Lethe's hands were constricting her wrists and ankles. No... NO!! I will NOT lose here! As Sailor Quaoar, I am sworn to protect my fellow Senshi! No, they're more than just Senshi... they are my FRIENDS!!

Just like the others, Quaoar's tiara gem started to glow as she opened her eyes.


"AUGH!!" Sailor Orcus cried, as she hit the ground. Sailor Chi had attacked her in place of Sailor Mnemosyne. Sailor Mnemosyne was hiding behind Papillon's throne as she poked her head out.

Chi snorted and turned to face Mnemosyne's direction. "...I can't believe I had to come and do your work. YOU were supposed to finish her off, Sailor Mnemosyne! I swear I don't see why we let a cowardly pacifist like you join the Neo-Animamates." The arrogant Animamate walked over and pressed her heeled foot across the back of Orcus.

"...No... Leave her alone..." Mnemosyne whispered before she stood up and cried out. "NO!! Please! No more senseless violence!"

Sailor Chi snickered, as she prepared to impale her staff through the fallen warrior's back. "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet, you soft-hearted ninny!"

Orcus barely opened her eyes and groaned. I... I cannot die! NO WAY! This will not be my last performance! Sedna, I'm with you to the end, girl! Her tiara's gem radiated a brilliant light.


Sailor Varuna was down on one knee as she started to catch her breath. Having exhausted herself, she was left wide open for Sailor Phi to smack her across the face with her staff. Varuna grunted from the blow and fell back.

"Oh dear... Maybe I was a little too rough on you, dear," Sailor Phi giggled, taunting the Dutch native. "C'mon, you're starting to bore me. Get up!"

Varuna snarled and cursed under her breath. "Shit... I don't have enough energy to teleport anymore..."

"Please, I won't fall for your little trick again, dear. I've engaged in countless battles with Senshi like you, especially the young rookies who think they can carry the whole world on their shoulders. You can't win every battle on your own."

"Like hell I can... I can kick your ass by myself if I wanted to..."

"You caught me and my sister off guard last time. However, this time I am fighting with everything I've got. Is this the best you can do? Your friends are in trouble. You're a little worse for wear yourself. How about giving up your Star Seed and we can forget this little skirmish ever happened."

Sailor Varuna shot an angry glance at the Animamate and flipped her off. "Get bent, bitch!"

Taking her offensive gesture, Sailor Phi raised her staff as it shot forward a large, green orb. "Galactica Plants Blizzard!!"

Springing to her feet, Varuna put out her hands to catch the orb. However, its overwhelming force slammed against her hard and engulfed her. Varuna howled out in excruciating pain as she was sent crashing to the ground. The blonde was left lying face first as her uniform became tattered.

"Humph, I didn't completely destroy her," Phi scoffed, shrugging her shoulders. "Oh well. At least I put her down like the dog she is. Humph, what a foul-mouthed and rude bitch. She even disregards her own teammates? I suppose they are better off without someone like her. She'll never understand the meaning of teamwork. That's why Sailor Chi and I work so well together. We are inseparable."

Varuna barely opened her left eye as her body was nearly a complete wreck. She tried moving her arms and winced in pain. Shit! How could I have been beaten by that bitch? I was supposed to win. I can't even beat Phi all by herself? Is she right...? Is it really teamwork that makes a Senshi stronger? Ugh, maybe it's time I suck it up and put my goddamn pride aside. She lifted her head up and grit her teeth. Sedna, I still think you're an annoying kid, but there's no way I can reject you and your friends... We're the Kuiper Belt Senshi, and there's no way in hell I'm losing to this bitch! I've beaten some of Amsterdam's toughest guys on the streets! I am NOT going to die in this place!

Suddenly, her gem started to glisten as new power started to fill her body. "Round two, bitch," Varuna glared at the Animamate.


Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and Nix both launched blasts of energy from mid-air. Their blasts bombarded at the area where Sailor Sedna stood as she continually dodged them devastating attacks. Sedna quickly raised her Henshin Dagger.

"That's it. Show me your Valkyrie power again. That way I can crush you in your strongest form, dear child," Papillon smirked, as she gathered energy to produce a condensed orb.

"Sedna Valkyrie Power!! MAKE-UP!!" In less than a second, Sedna transformed into her Valkyrie form. The Ice Senshi turned around as her polar bear spirit appeared by her side. "Let's fight together, old friend."

"As you wish, Sailor Sedna!"

As Nix dropped down, he lunged forward as he and Sedna's polar bear wrestled each other to the ground. Sedna glanced upward as Papillon had already launched her orb. Sedna swung her Ice Trident and batted the orb away. Papillon smirked, as she flew down to attack Sailor Sedna.

"This time I'll kill you where you stand, child!"

Sedna jumped up into mid-air flight as she pointed her trident, which fired a barrage of icicles at Papillon. Acting on impulse, the butterfly woman's wings folded in front and shielded her from the sharp icicles. Papillon's wings unfolded as she flew up in pursuit for the Valkyrie Senshi. Before Sedna could react, Papillon kneed her in the gut and backhanded her.

AUGH!!" Sedna grunted, as the blow knocked her back. Her head almost snapped back from the hit.

"C'mon, Sedna! Fight me like you mean it!" Papillon shouted, as she put her hands out. Unleashing a stream of powerful flames from his palms, she cried out her attack. "Galactica Scales!!"

Reacting on impulse, Sedna teleported from the burst of flames and relocated herself yards away from Papillon.

"Over here!" Sedna called out, as she carefully eyed the Neo-Animamate leader. Can't waste any more time! This has to end! Suddenly, she paused and glanced over to see her teammates standing up. Then, she noticed that each of them was covered with glowing auras. "Hey, guys!"

Papillon glanced over her shoulder and gasped. "No!" This energy! It's as if they're power is evolving!

"All right! I don't know how you guys are doing this, but you're getting new power! Hang in there! You guys will get stronger!" Sedna called out to her team mates. They must be ready for their Super Sailor upgrades. Those Animamates must have pushed them to their limits. I hope it works for them!

"Well, it matters not! I have you all to myself! And Nix will crush your silly little bear!" The butterfly woman smirked seductively as she launched herself at Sedna.

The Ice Senshi quickly produced a barrier of ice around her body. "Come on!!"


As the five Kuiper Senshi rose to their feet, the Animamates paced back to the center of the lair. Only Sailor Mnemosyne didn't join them. Mnemosyne continued to hide and witness the events unfold.

Sailor Pewter Fox growled, as she glared at Eris. "Her... her power is rising! And her injuries are healing!"

"They must have unlocked some new power! We should have killed them when we had the chance!" Sailor Lethe shouted.

Sailor Chi called out to her colleagues' attention. "We can still do that! Put your golden bracelets to use, Animamates! We have Star Seeds to collect!"

With that, the five Animamates crossed their arms together and unleashed spinning balls of light at their intended targets. However, as the Kuiper Senshi's auras expanded, the balls dissipated against the barriers. The Animamates gasped in shock as the Kuiper Senshi were protected by pillars of light.

Quickly opening their eyes, the five girls glanced down at their bodies. A new surge of power was emanating inside their bodies as they had regained their strength.

Suddenly, they heard a voice speak to them.

"Kuiper Belt Senshi! Can you hear me?"

"Pluto...?" Sailor Ixion blinked.

Sailor Orcus looked around. "I don't see her."

"She's communicating with us telepathically," Sailor Quaoar lifted her head and listened.

Sailor Eris smiled. "Pluto! Did you do this?"

The source of the voice indeed came from the Time Guardian. "No. You gained this second wind on your own, girls. Your valor and refusal to quit granted you new strength. And your willingness to aid Sailor Sedna was the driving force that allowed you to stand."

"All of this is happening... just because we want to help Sedna?" Sailor Varuna inquired.

"That's correct. You have dedicated yourselves to serve as a Kuiper Senshi. You all have befriended Sailor Sedna. She has come to know you five as her newest and closest friends."

Sailor Eris nodded. "Yeah, I can't argue there. That gal has a special heart. She's fun to hang out with and is full of life."

"She's very easy to get along with and we can share fun conversations," Sailor Quaoar said.

Sailor Ixion smirked. "And she's willing to give anyone a chance. She never discriminates against others."

"And she digs my music," Sailor Orcus stated with pride.

Sailor Varuna slightly scoffed. "I suppose... she's not that bad."

"And your bonds with Sedna have granted you new power. Kuiper Belt Senshi, you are ready to evolve to the next Senshi stage. All of us Senshi in Japan have already mastered these forms, but now it is your turn. To unlock this new power... simply state whatever your planet's name is and then follow it up with... 'Crystal Power. Make-Up.'"

"Is that all?" Orcus inquired.

"That is all, Sailor Orcus. Now, hurry!"

The Kuiper Belt Senshi turned toward one another as they nodded.

Meanwhile, the Neo-Animamates continually attacked the barriers protecting the Kuiper Senshi. Their efforts came to no avail as they were growing exhausted from unleashing their more devastating attacks.

"We can't break through their blasted barriers! Damn it!" Sailor Lethe cursed.

Sailor Titanium Kerokko panted as she croaked. "Ribbit, ribbit... they can't stay like that forever."

"Wait! Look!" Sailor Phi pointed to the Kuiper Senshi. "Could it be...? NO!! They're about to level up!!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Sailor Chi pointed her staff at the barrier. "Galactica Plants Blizzard!!" As her beam hit the barrier, it dissipated, much to Chi's dismay.

Just then, the barrier started to power down and vanished as the five Kuiper Senshi were undergoing their transformations.

The five Senshi opened their eyes and announced their transformation phrases.

"Eris Crystal Power! MAKE-UP!!"

"Ixion Crystal Power! MAKE-UP!!"

"Quaoar Crystal Power! MAKE-UP!!"

"Orcus Crystal Power! MAKE-UP!!"

"Varuna Crystal Power! MAKE-UP!!"

Instantly, their Super Sailor outfits underwent an upgrade into their new Super wardrobe. Each of them now had stars on their chokers, single white stripes encompassed their collars, heart-shaped broaches formed on their bows; their shoulder pads became translucent, and their back bows grew larger. Overall, their outfits had a few changes, but their powers increased.

As their transformations finished, they glanced down at their outfits and felt their new power filling their bodies.

"GAH!! We're too late!!" Sailor Pewter Fox exclaimed, as she jumped back.

Sailor Chi snarled. "Don't falter, Animamates! Who cares if they got new powers? We can still take them!"

"Right! We will not lose to these brats!" Sailor Phi said with determination.

"Let's show them what we're made of, guys," Sailor Orcus said, winking to her colleagues.

With that, the five Super Sailor Senshi scattered across the lair as they lunged at their opponents, taking them up on their challenge.


Sailor Eris dropped in front of Sailor Pewter Fox and danced around her. Pewter Fox turned and turned repeatedly as Eris spun around her at a rapid pace. The Animamate cried out, as she was swept off her feet and being taken up into the air while Sailor Eris created a spinning tornado.

"ERIS TORNADO SPIN!!" The Texan shouted, as she stopped spinning and watched Pewter Fox being carried off by the tornado. "Hope you enjoy the ride!"

As the tornado calmed and shrunk, Sailor Pewter Fox hit the ground hard. The Animamate groaned, as she fell face first and was rendered unconscious.


Sailor Ixion flew at Sailor Titanium Kerokko and caught her off guard by slamming against her side. The frog woman screamed, as she was sent flying into a nearby pillar. As Kerokko's back hit the pillar, Ixion put her hands out as a large, yellow flower appeared. A large cannon protruded from the flower's center and fired a blast of green toxic gas.


Before she could move, Kerokko was caught by the toxic gas and coughed uncontrollably. She gagged and thrashed her arms through the toxic cloud. As she felt her body weakening, she dropped down to her knees and fell on the ground.

Ixion ceased her attack as she dropped her flower cannon. "If only you guys were on the side of good, this wouldn't have happened to you."


As Sailor Quaoar somersaulted over Sailor Lethe, she anticipated the Animamate's duplicate limb tricks by teleporting around her attacks. Quaoar prepared to end this battle as she slammed her fist into the ground. Then, she collected enough earth as her magic Senshi power allowed her to mold it into a large rock fist. After pulling out her fist, Quaoar released a powerful orb from the hole she made. The orb was launched directly at Sailor Lethe. The Animamate was quick to anticipate as she dodged out of the orb's range.

"Bah! Is that the best you've got?!" As Lethe turned, she noticed that Quaoar was gone.

As she turned to her left side, a long vine shot across and whipped her across the face. When Lethe was sent flying back, Sailor Quaoar came charging down her path and extended her right hand. A rose protruded from her glove as numerous vines came shooting out. The vines wrapped around Lethe's limbs while seizing her. The rose opened up as large seeds shot at Lethe.


As Quaoar's florakinesis came into play, Lethe was on the receiving end of seeds blasting her. One final seed hit her chest, which sent her crashing into a pillar. Sailor Lethe screamed as she fell and hit the ground.

Calling back her vines, they retracted and slid underneath her gloves. Sailor Quaoar pulled out a rose and smirked. "Don't underestimate the Kuiper Belt Senshi."


Sailor Orcus and Sailor Chi were at a standstill. The Australian Senshi demonstrated her new Super Sailor abilities as she dodged every one of Sailor Chi's devastating beams shot through her staff.

Looking on from behind the throne, Sailor Mnemosyne came out of hiding and cheered on the Australian. "Go, Orcus! Take that arrogant hag down!"

An angry vein popped out on Sailor Chi's forehead. "Ugh! You little traitor! How could you be cheering for the enemy?!"

Sailor Orcus winked to her new fan and dashed ahead to attack the blonde Animamate. "Watch this! Sailor Orcus goes all out!" She jumped up into mid-air and crossed her arms in front.

Sailor Chi laughed, as she pointed her staff. "What in Galaxia's name do you think you're doing?! Leaving yourself wide open to attack? How foolish! Now DIE!!"

Suddenly, Sailor Orcus phased out of Chi's view, and the Animamate was thrown off her guard. Before long, Sailor Orcus appeared by Chi's side and slammed her hands to the ground.

"You!! This time I'll get you for sure!!" Sailor Chi threatened the Kuiper Senshi.

Orcus coyly smirked. "Oh really?" Before long, the Australian's had her hands over Sailor Chi's shadow. Then, almost instantaneously, Chi's shadow vanished! "ORCUS SHADOW STEAL!!"

"WHAT IS THIS?! MY SHADOW?!" Sailor Chi exclaimed, as she turned to move. But, she couldn't move. WHAT?! I can't move!! What kind of trick is this?! Her mouth gaped, as she watched Orcus slamming her hands together. "No... No... Wait!!"

"Time for the grand finale, hag," Orcus smirked, as sprouting from out of her own shadow were four shadow clone replicas of herself. Each one sported a devious smirk. "Once I steal someone's shadow, I can use it to make clones of myself to lend me a hand. Many thanks!"

Sailor Mnemosyne jumped up and down while holding a sign reading 'Orcus Rules!' "WOO-HOO!! Go, Orcus!!"

As Orcus and her clones charged, Sailor Chi screamed out. They quickly jumped and started to give the Animamate a vicious beat down.


As Sailor Phi leaped up into mid-air flight, she stared down at Sailor Varuna. The Amsterdam Senshi stood her ground calmly while waiting for Phi to make her next move.

"What's she waiting for?" Sailor Phi scowled in irritation. Look at her. So calm and confident now that she's gained this new form. Bah! No matter. She's still an ignorant, simple-minded child.

Sailor Varuna smirked. "Are we gonna dance, or not, bitch?"

"Ugh! I'll silence that foul mouth of yours, brat! You will show me, Sailor Phi, more respect!" Sailor Phi raised her staff as a ball of energy formed above her head. "Let's play a little game of cat and mouse. This will be amusing."

Varuna tapped her right foot and folded her arms. A confident smirk crossed her lips. "Ha, give me your best shot."

Without hesitation, Sailor Phi launched the orb. The blonde-haired Senshi anticipated the attack as she stepped forward. In an instant, she vanished while the ball started to follow her. Sailor Phi flew down to follow her orb.

Phi sneered, as her orb kept chasing Sailor Varuna. What?! My orb can barely keep up with her!

Suddenly, the orb was kicked right back at Sailor Phi. The Animamate screamed, as it collided with her and knocked her back.

As Sailor Phi hit the ground, she dropped her staff. Sailor Varuna appeared near Phi's weapon and picked it up.

"No... NO!! Give it back!!" Sailor Phi demanded, as she slowly stood.


Slamming the staff against her knee, Varuna snapped the weapon in half Phi roared in rage as she lunged at Varuna. As Phi threw a punch, Varuna disappeared and left an afterimage. Varuna reappeared behind Sailor Phi. Sensing Varuna behind her, Phi quickly turned and fired a beam. Varuna disappeared again and left yet another afterimage.

Then, as Phi fired more blasts, Varuna kept dodging and leaving more afterimages. Sailor Phi rotated back and forth to follow Varuna's movements. She's leaving nothing but afterimages! Where is she?!

In little time, there were numerous afterimages dancing around Sailor Phi. The Animamate glared around her surroundings, as she tried to focus on her opponent but could not locate her among the afterimages.


"WHERE ARE YOU?! SHOW YOURSELF!!" Phi roared while continuing her attacks.


With that, Sailor Varuna leaped forward and extended her right fist. Phi flew forward and fired a beam.

That was another afterimage.

Sailor Phi's face contorted with bewilderment. She quickly turned to her left side and saw Sailor Varuna ramming a fist - charged with a golden, flaring aura - into her chin. The blow sent Sailor Phi flying up and falling to the ground. Sailor Phi landed on the back of her head and was knocked unconscious.

"Hn," Sailor Varuna sneered, as she walked off.


Sailor Sedna flew and led Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon outside of the base. Nix came charging forward as he body slammed himself into Sedna's polar bear. The white-furred beast was knocked back across the entrance ramp.

"Oh no! My friend!" Sailor Sedna called out to her beast companion.

Papillon launched herself at Sedna and punched her in the face. "What are you looking at, brat?!"

This time Sedna caught Papillon's fist and head butted the woman's face. This caused Papillon to pull herself off Sedna. The two females glared at each other as they waited for someone to make the next move.

"You're truly impressive, Sedna. To think such new blood would show this much potential," Papillon smirked, as she removed her neck collar and tiara. "And you're a Valkyrie. It's a shame you couldn't have served me. We could have done so much together. You would have made a perfect Animamate soldier. You still could..."

Sedna frowned. "Sorry, but I'm not interested. Besides, I like my life on Earth. I have a wonderful group of friends. I wouldn't sell my soul to serve the likes of you."

"Heh, I knew you would say that," the butterfly woman chuckled calmly. "It's too bad. You could become even stronger than me."

"I think I've already proven I'm on par with you even now," Sedna refuted.

"So you say..."

"I don't see why you and your Animamates sold your souls for power. You were once honorable Sailor Senshi just like us," the Ice Senshi stated. "Pluto told me that the Animamates that she and the Senshi faced were Senshi from other planets. Is that the case with you?"

As Papillon was struck with this question, she smirked. "That's right. I was once Sailor Cocoon, the champion of Planet Cocoon. I was the strongest Senshi on that planet... until I had a child. One day, tragedy struck when a monster invaded our world. This monster wiped out every one of my people, my child included." Her eyes hardened. "I was the last of my kind and I knew I had to kill this monster to avenge my people."

Sedna was silent as she listened to the Animamate continue her background story.

"That is when Galaxia-sama came into the picture. When she appeared on my world, she approached me and sensed the grief and sadness in my broken heart," Papillon said, placing a hand on her chest. "She offered to give me the power to destroy the monster that slaughtered my people and took my child away from me."

"So, you..."

"I couldn't bear the anguish anymore. I joined her cause and was given these golden bracelets. As Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, I became stronger than I ever could have been as Sailor Cocoon. Finally..." She grinned out of satisfaction. "...I confronted the monster and eradicated him with my new power. I avenged my people and my child."

"And then you left with Galaxia?"

"Yes. She became my new family. My new mission in life was to serve and please Galaxia-sama. Over time, I helped her collect the Star Seeds from across the universe. I would become her most trusted and powerful servant. One day, Galaxia-sama ventured to Earth with Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Tin Nyanko. While she was away, Galaxia-sama asked me to lead another team of Animamates and continue our mission across the galaxies. Under my watch, I led Sailor Chi, Sailor Phi, Sailor Pewter Fox, Sailor Titanium Kerokko, Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne into the farthest regions of the universe to collect Star Seeds from many different worlds."

"Unfortunately for her, Galaxia failed. She and her group were defeated by Sailor Moon and her Senshi. Moon removed the darkness of Chaos from Galaxia."

"That is why... we, the Neo-Animamates, are carrying out her legacy."

"What the hell for?! This war amongst us Sailor Senshi should be over! Galaxia was defeated. If she were here, she would probably tell you to cease your attack!"

"How would you know?"

"Because I saw Galaxia herself during the battle we had with Yami Houou three years ago! When I saw her, she wasn't possessed by any dark force! She even helped us to stop Yami Houou!" Sedna exclaimed. "She's already spreading the Star Seeds she had stolen across the universe! What you're doing is wrong... I'm sorry about what happened to your child and your people. If you would have told any of this to Sailor Moon, she would have no doubt wanted to help you. You poor misguided soul..."

Papillon scowled, as she clenched her fists. "I don't need your pity, child. The legacy of the Shadow Galactica will NEVER die! Not as long as my Animamates and I are here!"

"Oh yeah? Are you sure about that?!" a group of voices called out.

Just then, Sailor Sedna and Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon both glanced toward the entrance to find the five Kuiper Belt Senshi standing there, triumphantly. Sedna became ecstatic as she noticed their new Super Sailor attires.

"Wow! You guys upgraded into your Super forms! That's awesome!" Sedna exclaimed.

"Heh, I knew she'd be thrilled to see us like this," Sailor Eris giggled.

Sailor Orcus called out to Sedna. "We already took care of those annoying Animamates for ya, girl!"

As she focused back on Papillon, the Ice Senshi cracked a grin. "Hear that? My team just kicked your groupies' collective asses. It's just me and you, now. Oh and let's not forget about our trusted partners."

Pulling himself up, the polar bear growled and waited for Nix to attack.

"I am Papillon's associate, you stupid girl!" Nix snarled as he turned around and called out to the Neo-Animamate leader. "Papillon, these two cannot defeat us!"

"Now, there's something else I need to know! Just how the hell did you team up with a youma?!" Sedna was flabbergasted, pointing to Nix. "I remember Sailor Moon told me that she and the Senshi slew a bunch of them before!"

The butterfly woman chuckled. "I met a mysterious woman during a brief visit to Earth. She told me that if I could crush you and the soon-to-be awakened Kuiper Senshi... I would stop a new generation of Senshi from emerging. Recently, she sent her servant, Nix, to check up on me, and when he saw that my Animamates were failing to keep you brats from awakening, he kindly offered his assistance."

The Ice Senshi sneered, "Look. I don't know who this lady is, but I don't feel what you did is right. What if by some chance she's just using you?"

"Even if she is using me, I'll be ready for her after I get rid of you and your friends. I am Galaxia-sama's strongest Animamate! I CANNOT and WILL NOT lose to the likes of you!" Papillon shouted in declaration, spreading her arms and wings. "Nix, let us attack once more!"

Sailor Sedna flew down beside her polar bear. "My bear and I will prove you wrong!" She quickly shifted her eyes to her team mates. "You guys stay back! I'll take her on myself!" As she patted her beast spirit, she pressed her head against the bear's forehead. Fuse your spirit with me, old friend. With our power combined, we'll put an end to the legacy of the Shadow Galactica.

"As you wish, Princess Sedna. Let our combined strength triumph once again!"

With that, the polar bear's solid form transformed into a shining, white aura of light. Sedna spread her arms out and closed her eyes as the spirit washed across her body. Throwing her head back, Sailor Sedna and her spirit beast fused together to fuse their powers at once. The bear's strength and wisdom combined with Sedna's power and youth.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and Nix both lunged forward to attack Sedna during her power-up ritual.

"YOU'RE DEAD, CHILD!!" Papillon roared, as she prepared to incinerate Sedna with a burst of flames.

Suddenly, as Sedna's eyes shot open, an invisible force knocked both Papillon and Nix back. Sailor Sedna's body was completely covered in a white metallic hue of an aura. The snow white aura expanded as the Valkyrie's eyes glowed white. Sprouting out of her back were two magnificent wings made of ice. The massive wings folded in front of Sedna as the flames slammed against the strong ice shield.

"Oh, wow! Look at that!" Sailor Eris exclaimed, pointing to Sedna's new appearance.

Sailor Orcus blinked. "Wings of ice?"

"Did she and her spirit just undergo some fusion or something?" inquired Sailor Quaoar.

Sailor Ixion glanced up at Sedna and sensed the strong spiritual presence coming from the polar bear. "I believe so. I don't see her bear spirit anywhere. They must have fused in order to combine their strength. They realize that Papillon will be a much tougher opponent than we believed."

"Of course, that butterfly woman is the leader. It's to be expected that she's this powerful. That kid better not let her guard down," Sailor Varuna said, eyeing Sedna carefully.

Heavy Metal Papillon snorted irritably. "So, you and your beast spirit have fused? No matter! That won't be enough to beat me!" With that, she flew ahead to attack Sedna. "Your ice can't resist my flames for long!"

As Sedna responded to Papillon's attack, she raised her Ice Trident and pushed Papillon back. The Animamate tried to knock the weapon out of Sedna's grasp as the two locked in a standstill.

"Face it, Sedna! You cannot defeat me! I am Galaxia-sama's strongest Animamate!"

Ignoring Papillon's outbursts, Sailor Sedna struggled to hold her weapon up as Papillon gripped it. The butterfly woman released a burst of flames, which knocked Sedna back. The Ice Trident fell out of the Ice Senshi's hands. This prompted Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon to release yet another large burst of red flames. Sedna braced herself as her wings folded in front and shielded her from the incoming flames.


Sedna grit her teeth while her wings resisted the flames. "I can't let this go on any longer. You have to stop... Papillon, there's no point in carrying out Sailor Galaxia's orders! You and your teammates are free! This war between us Sailor Senshi should be over!"

"NEVER!! Not as long as my only purpose in life is to carry out Galaxia-sama's desires! We will continue her legacy!"

"You are so blind that you don't even realize the truth! It's like I said; I saw Sailor Galaxia! She's given up trying to take Star Seeds! It was Sailor Moon who removed the darkness that corrupted her!"

"How can a child like you understand what I've been through?! My people are all but gone! My child was taken from me! I have no other reason to live, but to serve Galaxia-sama's needs!"

Sedna smiled. "Then, I think it's time to find a new reason to live. There are so many good things in life... Maybe you guys can go find Galaxia. I'm sure the first words out of her mouth will be, 'I want you to help me spread the Star Seeds throughout the universe and restore everything we've taken.' I truly believe she wants you and the others to do some good deeds. That can be your new purpose in life. To give back the Star Seeds you guys have taken."

"Give back what we've taken?"

"I don't think your child would have wanted you to spend your life stealing Star Seeds. I believe your child would want to remember you for being a wonderful mother and being Planet Cocoon's greatest warrior. Papillon, don't you still care for your child?"

Heavy Metal Papillon closed her eyes as she tried to block out Sedna's heartfelt words. "...Of course, I do... My child was the most important thing in my life. I would never want to give her up for anything else."

"Then I think it's time you put aside this false mission that Galaxia herself abandoned long ago. If Galaxia says it's over, then it's over."

Papillon frowned. "But... you... We were told if we would prevent you from finding your fellow Kuiper Senshi... we would have stopped any future Sailor Senshi from being born."

"Well, my team is complete and I'm afraid you guys failed. Too bad," the Ice Senshi stated, as she noticed her wings started to crack. Crap! Her flames are starting to burst through.

"Even if what you say is true about Galaxia-sama giving up her mission, I still MUST defeat you! I must know if I can defeat the leader of the Kuiper Belt Senshi! I will NEVER give up my pride as a warrior! I was Planet Cocoon's greatest champion! I MUST DEFEAT YOU, SEDNA!!" As she shouted in declaration, her golden bracelets were shimmering a shining aura. The wings on her back expanded and turned into four blazing wings of fire. "IN THE NAME OF PLANET COCOON, I WILL TRIUMPH!!" Suddenly, she flew out to meet Sedna head on.

Nix moved aside as he watched Papillon preparing to collide with Sailor Sedna. Papillon, my master is not going to like this. Allow me to assist you.

No, Nix. I must convince myself that I can defeat Sedna! I have to know if I still have my Senshi pride!

Sailor Sedna's wings expanded as she flew out at Papillon.

Both warriors roared as ice and fire collided against each other.

"Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon..."

"Sailor Sedna..."



As the two warriors collided against each other, an explosive burst of light expanded throughout the area. The blazing, red flames and freezing, cold ice negated off each other.

The Kuiper Belt Senshi watched, as Sedna and Heavy Metal Papillon were knocked back.

However, it looked as if Papillon was a little worse for wear. Her wings of flames were extinguished. Her body was beaten and bruised.

Sailor Sedna flew down to catch Papillon, landing with Papillon in her arms. Even Sedna appeared beaten as burnt marks were smeared across parts of her body.

"SEDNA!!" The girls cried out, as they hurried over by her side.

Setting Papillon on the ground, Sedna panted while catching her breath. She stared over the Animamate's motionless body and sighed.

"You did it, Sedna! You beat that butterfly lady!" Sailor Orcus giggled happily as she threw her arms around the Valkyrie.

Mnemosyne, who had hidden herself behind Sailor Orcus, saw the defeat of her leader and rushed to Heavy Metal Papillon's side.

"Papillon-sama... you can't be... you couldn't..."

"Don't worry, Mnemosyne. She'll be okay," Sedna smiled, reassuring the Animamate. "She'll come around soon..."

Just then, Papillon moved her head and groaned slightly. Mnemosyne gasped as she placed her right hand over the Animamate's cheek. Sedna smiled, as she stepped aside.


"Mnemosyne...?" The butterfly woman barely opened her eyes as Mnemosyne came into view. She lifted herself up and gripped the back of her head. "Ow... I can barely move..."

"Papillon, it's over. Right?" Sedna asked, as she watched the Animamate leader. "The war. Our conflict. It's over?"

"..." Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon shut her eyes and sighed. Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she looked up at Sedna and nodded. "...Yes... You win."

Sedna blinked, as she stood her ground.

"You and your Kuiper Belt Senshi have won. Our mission is a failure and what we've done no longer has any meaning. There is no merit in collecting Star Seeds, right?"

The Ice Senshi smiled, as she nodded. "That's right. Galaxia would want you girls to move on and help her spread the Star Seeds. You can still serve her, but for the right reasons."

"Yes, I suppose we could..." Papillon said, leaning herself against Mnemosyne. "Thank you, Mnemosyne." She turned and faced Sailor Sedna.

"Are you not upset about what happened? You and your crew lost to us," Sailor Quaoar said.

"We know. I suppose this is a clear message that the new generation should not be overlooked. We underestimated you girls," Papillon stated, as she put an arm around Mnemosyne. "...I suppose lady luck was not on our side, Senshi. I admit now... you Kuiper Belt Senshi are the clear victors."

"Will you really be leaving our planet, Papillon?" asked Sailor Ixion.

"Yes... we really must go and find Galaxia-sama. Perhaps there is a chance we can revive the other Animamates. We can assist Galaxia-sama on a new mission. Whatever the future holds for us... we may never know," Papillon stated, as she stared out into the clouds covering the skies. She deeply sighed and remembered her past - mainly involving her child. My dearest child... I hope you can forgive me for the sins I've committed. I'm ready to atone and return the Star Seeds back to their rightful hosts. Her face contorted into a calm, serene gesture while Mnemosyne led her back into the base.

"Leaving already? Why don't you stay for a little while? I'm sure Pluto and the others would forgive you, as well," Sedna suggested.

"Thank you, but I prefer if we leave immediately. I will inform my colleagues and I'm sure they will understand. Once we meet with Galaxia-sama, we'll know what new mission awaits us. Perhaps, one day, we will return and possibly be restored back to our former Sailor aliases."

Sedna mused while crossing her arms. "Possibly. But, I really hope you Animamates will come back to Earth... as allies instead of enemies. I'd like that."

"We shall see, Sedna. And one more thing before we part ways..." The butterfly woman smirked, pointing to Sedna. "If you should ever bear a child... protect it. Protect your child with your life and do not let tragedy befall you like it has to me."

Nodding her head, Sedna smiled. "If I ever have a kid, I vow to protect him or her with my life." I wonder if I'll bear my child with you when I grow older, Dimitri.

"And with that I bid you farewell, Kuiper Belt Senshi," Papillon called out to the girls. "Be sure to carry out your duties well, and do not let darkness fill your hearts. You six have a bright future if you follow the right path." She whispered to Mnemosyne while holding onto her, "Time for us to go."

"As you wish, Papillon-sama."

With that, Mnemosyne helped Heavy Metal Papillon inside of the base as a force field sealed the entry. The Kuiper Senshi watched as the base, now revealed to be a giant ship on a small asteroid, prepared to lift off.

No one seemed to notice that Nix had disappeared into the darkness.

"So, it ends. Our mission is complete," Sailor Ixion confirmed.

Sailor Orcus smirked. "And we didn't do too badly! We kicked butt, got new powers, and prevented a gang of villains from harming the world!"

"Yeah, but these enemies were former Sailor Senshi just like us," Sailor Sedna replied. "Like Papillon said, we can't allow darkness to fill our hearts, or we might end up becoming corrupted like the Animamates have."

"Yeah, yeah, at least I got to kick some ass," Sailor Varuna scoffed, as she looked down. "Hey, we're standing on a piece of rock floating above Earth, right?"

"Yeah, why?" Sailor Eris inquired. "I'm surprised we can even breathe. Let alone converse and fight all the way up here!"

Sedna grinned. "Guess that's the benefit of being a Senshi, right? We are space warriors after all." Then, she remembered one important detail. "Oh damn! We can't teleport out of here! I've exhausted too much power to summon my polar bear to help get us down to Earth!"

However, as soon as she said that, the six girls were quickly teleported from the spot.


September 9, 2006


Tokyo, Japan/Hikawa Shrine/7:10 AM Local Time

"...Huh?" Sailor Sedna blinked, as she glanced around her surroundings. She and the girls found themselves at Hikawa Shrine. "We're... in Japan?"

"Wow! Are you sure?" Sailor Eris was flabbergasted.

Sailor Orcus wondered, scratching her head. "But, who or what brought us here?"

"That would be me," the familiar voice of Sailor Pluto answered.

The Kuiper Sailor Senshi all turned around to see Sailor Pluto. The Time Guardian was not alone. Also with her was the other Sailor Senshi: the Inners and the Outers. Sitting on a pile in front of Pluto was the luggage belonging to the Kuiper Belt Senshi - except for Varuna, who had no luggage to begin with.

On one side, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune stood to greet them. On the opposite side, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus were there as well.

The new girls were stunned by the gathering of the veteran Senshi.

"OH MY GOD!!" Sailor Orcus squealed happily, hopping up and down like an excited fan girl. "And Sailor Venus is here! Minako Aino, I'm your biggest fan!"

The blonde Senshi sweatdropped, as she watched the crazy otaku. "Yep, from what Pluto told me about her... she really likes me."

"Well, this is something you don't see every day. I'll never forget this day, you guys," Sailor Eris said, facing the veteran Senshi.

Sailor Sedna walked forward as she bowed to the Inners and Outers. "Our mission is a success. Papillon and her crew are preparing to leave our planet. It seems they have seen the error of their ways. At least, Papillon has..."

Sailor Pluto acknowledged this with a nod. "Yes. We witnessed your battle through my Garnet Orb. We are very impressed with you, young ladies."

"Sedna, the way you made Papillon have a change of heart... It was something like what I would have done," Sailor Moon stated, as she approached Sedna and placed a hand on her right shoulder. "What you did wasn't simple, I know that, but you looked deep into Papillon's heart, and were able to find the good in her."

The Ice Senshi felt her cheeks flush as she received this heartfelt compliment. "Thank you, Sailor Moon."

"I'm proud of you, Sedna. We're all proud of what you've done. Now, you have your own team to lead," Moon said, winking to the Sailor Sedna. "Of course, Pluto will act with your team's supervisor along with your cute dog companions."

Sedna noticed the dogs sitting beside Luna and Artemis. A sly smile curled on her lips. "Heh, who would have thought cats and dogs would get along?'

Sailor Mercury sweatdropped. "Well, actually... They were arguing just a while ago. Old instincts die hard, you know."

Sedna chuckled. "Yeah... That's a rivalry that will never die."

"In either case, we're all proud of you," Sailor Mars said, walking over to Sedna. "You guys passed the test. But you will face enemies greater than the Animamates in the times ahead. Trust me."

Looking back to her team, Sedna had a serious look. "Yeah, but Pluto and I will make sure to train these girls hard."

"You better. You have a lot on your hands, Sedna," Sailor Jupiter said.

Sailor Mercury smiled. "Indeed."

"Listen up, girls," Sailor Moon announced to the Kuiper Belt Senshi. "Welcome to Japan. I'm not much of an orator, or anything like that, but I'm glad you five are here when we need you the most. Don't forget... you're Sailor Senshi. Your roles are important just like everyone else. Oh and one more thing..." She struck her trademark pose as she had a serious look on her face. "Don't forget to punish your enemies in the name of your respective planets!"

Everyone else sweatdropped and lowered their heads.

Sailor Mars groaned, as she lightly tapped the back of Moon's head. "Silly Usagi. We don't use those silly kiddy poses anymore! You haven't learned, odango-atama."

The Inners, Outers and the Kuiper Senshi all laughed together as Moon was left standing with sweat drops pouring down her face.

"Don't worry! Leave it to me and Pluto to whip these girls into shape!" Sedna flashed a grin as she faced Sailor Moon.

As the Kuiper Senshi listened, Sedna shifted her eyes towards them and winked.

"I know you won't disappoint us, Sedna. These girls have much to learn and will definitely improve as we train them," Sailor Mars said, patting Sedna's side.

The Ice Senshi nodded with an assuring smile on her face.

"Don't forget your luggage, guys!" Sailor Venus called out to the Kuiper Belt Senshi.

Sedna overheard Venus and waved to her. "Oh, good! You brought our things! Thanks!"

The only thing left to decide would be the new homes the Kuiper Belt Senshi would occupy. Fortunately, Pluto had managed to recover the girls' belongings from her Space-Time dimension. Once they received their suitcases and bags, they would be taken to the new homes they would live in during their stay in Japan.

Taylor and Christina would move in Makoto and Minako's apartment. Makoto taught Taylor many new recipes to cook, and Christina hung out with her idol and even joined her at some of her gigs.

Helena and Tyra, surprisingly, hit it off great with each other, and moved in with Rei, Cammy and company at the Hikawa Shrine. Helena became the shrine's official cook and introduced some exotic, Brazilian recipes to the household. Tyra, eager though she was to see her old friends from Amsterdam, found that she wasn't quite ready to face them.

Jami moved in with Ami and her mother. The Nigerian native easily got along with Ami as they both shared their dreams to become doctors. Ami instantly recognized Jami's brilliance, and started teaching her how to play Go, in order to train her to be a strategist.

Since then, the Kuiper Belt Senshi trained with Sedna and Pluto. The new generation was preparing to establish themselves as credible Sailor Senshi.


Space/Inside the Neo-Animamates Base/7:46 AM

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon stared out the viewing window. She watched their ship pass many celestial objects along their trip. As she closed her eyes, she recalled everything that Sedna had told her.

"To think I would be lectured by such a child. Yet, that child was able to see through my pain and misery," Papillon sighed, crossing her arms and shivering. "I was so blind to carry out an ambition long abandoned by Galaxia-sama."

"Oh, don't feel that way, Papillon-sama!" Sailor Mnemosyne said. "Those girls were something else, weren't they?"

"Indeed, they were," the butterfly woman pushed her hair back. "Now, last I heard, Galaxia-sama was last seen on Planet Imperium. I didn't think it was possible, but now I need to make sure."

"So, we'll be going to Planet Imperium?" Mnemosyne tilted her head and blinked.

"That's correct." The leader closed her eyes and thought. Galaxia-sama, now I understand. We have a new mission. Let us return these precious souls back to their rightful owners and restore the balance to the universe.


Unknown dimension/7:50 AM

As he teleported into a mysterious chamber, Nix knelt in front of a throne made out of solid crystal on top of a tall pedestal.

The individual on the crystallized throne stayed behind a blanket of darkness. Only a pair of purple eyes peered through the darkness as they stared down at Nix.

"Mistress, I have come to report, as you requested. Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and the Neo-Animamates failed. They have departed to find Galaxia."

The figure frowned behind the darkness. It spoke in an imposing yet feminine tone. "And I had such high hopes for them. My, how the mighty have fallen."

Suddenly, a hooded man appeared out of a dark corner of the room.

"Now, now, my lady, we knew that the Neo-Animamates were destined to fail," the prophet spoke. "Everything that we have predicted is falling into place, and all it needed was a few nudges in the right places."

"Yes, but remember that it was you who 'nudged' Ghidorah into killing Sailor Moon, forcing us to 'nudge' the black phoenix before her time," the figure raised her right hand and slowly clenched her fist. "Haste makes waste, my love. Our time is coming, and when that time comes... the universe will never be the same again!"




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