The long wait is over. After a very, very, very, very, very, very long time stalling...I mean, sleeping...errr, writing; yes! writing, I have finally posted the first chapter of the SOL sequel I just know you people have been drooling about since I first mentioned it. Well, here you are, hot off the presses, and ready to be read by the masses. I'm getting back into the swing of things with this and it should prove to be an interesting ride.

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"But moooom…"


"Alright, alright, I'll go…Kami—"


"You will not say your best friend's name in vain!!"

Gohan just crouched lower to the ground, his arms uselessly protecting his head. Scenes like this had been happening for the past few months at the Son household. Now what could be causing Gohan to argue with his mother so continuously?

He was going to school.

Oh, the inhumanity.

For the first time in his somewhat long life, Gohan was being forced to attend a public school. Yet, Gohan had been furiously campaigning to change his mother's mind.

No such luck.

For three straight months.

It was starting to look like the poor demi-saiyan would be attending the torturous…err, I mean wonderful building of somewhat higher learning. Now why wouldn't the scholarly Gohan attend such a facility?

It would mean that he had to deal with teenagers…again.

And there was no way he would do that again. No way. Not over his dead, rotting corpse.

Yet, unfortunately for Gohan, all of his efforts were in vain. His mother, the moment she had come up with this ridiculous…I mean brilliant idea (I don't want to get hit with that frying pan), it had been set in stone that he would go. And that stone was proving unbreakable now. If only there was someway to change her mind. He was running out of time. Leaving the combat area i.e. the living room, Gohan pondered his next course of action.

As Gohan entered his room to contemplate his very few options, he saw a very unusual sight. Before him, he saw an overly elaborate chain reaction of strings being pulled, books toppling over each other like dominoes, a bowling ball rolling around on his desk until it hit a trigger launching a few army men into the air. It was the most bizarre thing that Gohan had ever seen in his life. But what was the purpose of it all?


Now he knew what it was for. All of those strings, books, and triggers all accumulated just to accomplish one small thing.

To smash a pie into Gohan's face.

As Gohan wiped his face of what appeared to be a cherry pie…a pie that had mysteriously disappeared earlier that day…a pie that Chichi had made...

At least Gohan knew where it went now. Then he heard a sound. A sound that had plagued his dreams for a good two weeks.


Immediately, Gohan began looking around the surrounding area with his eyes. He remembered all to well what giggling implied.

Girls were nearby.

But not just any girls.


There was no way Gohan was going to let them catch him off his guard. Not like last time. He shuddered. He still hadn't figured out what Erasa meant by "having their way with him."

Running to the first hiding spot he could find, the closet, he swung open the doors to reveal his little brother, trying to keep his giggling from becoming an all out laugh.

'So that's where all the giggling came from.'

"Uh, Goten, what are you doing in the closet?" Gohan asked.

That's when Goten's giggling became a roaring laugh upon looking at the pie covered face of his older brother. After waiting till his brother's laughing fit was over, Gohan reiterated his question.

"Nii-chan, I can't believe I got you with that pie. You look so hilarious!" Once again Goten began laughing at his brother's misfortune. Now Gohan was getting irritated with this. Not only was he being force against his will to go to some weird school place, he was dripping with pie…a cherry pie…a pie that Chichi had made…

And then it hit him. He would have his revenge. "Mom?! I found your missing pie!"

The sound of a charging bull running up the staircase was heard. In the doorway, Son Chichi appeared, a frantic look on her face. She had been looking for that pie for a long time now. Now she was ready to collect it.

The sight she came across, however, was not what she expected. Gohan's room was a mess. All kinds of…things…were scattered around it. Over by the closet she saw her two boys, Goten laughing in the closet, and Gohan standing over him…

Covered in her missing pie.

Chichi's frantic look soon became an all out pissed off look; red could be seen reflecting off of her eyes. Gohan could have sworn the temperature dropped a good fifteen degrees. Reaching to the place that held the deadliest weapon to all saiyan kind, she pulled out her frying pan.

Time stood still. The clouds in the evening sky evaporated. Vegeta felt a chill work its way up his spine. Goten's laughter came to an immediate halt.

Gohan just pointed his finger at Goten, fear evident in his face. "He did it."


It was a few good hours before Chichi stopped her all out attack on Goten's head. The little chibi never stood a chance. He wouldn't wake up till morning if he was lucky.

Gohan waited until Chichi had calmed down. Seeing another chance at getting out of school, he jumped at it. "Since I found your pie, can I not go to—"

"If you dare finish that sentence, you won't live to see that day."

As much as Gohan wanted to tempt fate, he was no fool, or at least thought he wasn't one. He could even name one kid that kept agitating his mother until he learned not to say anything to her. Plus, he wanted to live another day. Heck, from the stories his father told him about his first trip to Otherworld, he had an idea that the food there wasn't very good.

'Hmmm, I wonder what's for desert.'