Looking all over the room, Gohan was puzzled. Why would a haunted house have a room full of mirrors? What was the point?

A bit ago, he had heard of blood curling scream, but just brushed it off as some sound effect of the place.

You know he's gonna pay for that kind of thinking later.

Looking in another mirror, Gohan saw his same reflection looking at him. Okay, this was getting dull. He needed to find something that would at least get him to the point of thinking about peeing on himself from fright.

Turning to the next one, the saiyan stopped. Out of all the mirrors in this place, this one didn't have the familiar black locks and pale skin that the boy was so accustomed to seeing. Instead, a reflection of a man with green skin and a turban showed back. If Gohan hadn't seen someone like that all of his life, he would've surely yelp or something like that.

"Hey Piccolo!" the saiyan greeted, purely out of reflex.

However, the reflection spoke back. "Hey Kid, how ya doing?"

Gohan paused, his eyes wide. What in the world was the old Namek doing here?

"Piccolo? What are you doing here?"

Piccolo sighed. "I needed to get a job. Dende was tired of having a free loader and wanted me to earn my keep." A brief cough came from the Namek followed the explanation.

Gohan frowned. "That doesn't sound like Dende at all. If anything, that sounds like my mom or Bulma."

Piccolo didn't respond to that, just coughing a bit more.

And it was that cough that alerted the demi-saiyan to the real situation. "You're hiding from Mr. Popo aren't you?"

"…Kid…sometimes you're just too smart for your own good."

Slowly looking around, Gohan didn't see anyone or anything that looked or resembled Popo. "Don't worry Piccolo, I won't tell anyone where you are."

"Thanks Kid, I owe ya one."

However, before Gohan could continue the conversation, a small blur ran right into him, knocking him across the room.

Feeling a pair of arms holding onto him and an interesting body pressing against him, the Son boy became curious as to who was holding him; especially since it wasn't the body of a chibi…or was it?

Looking down, the pig tailed head of Videl's became noticeable. Now what was she doing?

"Gohan?" Videl said in a small voice, surprising the saiyan. "Could you tell me if I'm gonna look like my dad when I'm old?"

Gohan's eyes grew wide. Oh no, not this question again. The last time he had gotten this was when Chichi was wondering if pregnancy made her look fat. Needless to say, the boy ended up spending a month in the wilderness due to the fright of his mother's wrath. Because of that incident, Gohan knew he needed to tread carefully now.

"Uhh, no?"

"Do you really think that?"

"What makes you think you'll look like your dad when you grow up?"

"Well," Videl looked down, a bit embarrassed. "There was this mirror that showed what I'd look like when I get old and it showed me looking like dad."

"Umm, you do know that this place is just a haunted house right?"

Videl's head shot up at that fact, then fell back down to lay on the Son boy's chest. "I feel like an idiot now."

Uh oh, looks like someone's insecuuuuuuuuuuure!

After awhile, the Satan girl soon felt something pressing up against her thigh. Now, there could only be a couple of things that the girl knew it could be, and one of them better not be Sharpner.

Looking down, the black haired girl was relieved to find that Sharpner wasn't down there. However, a certain piece of anatomy was…

That was when Videl noticed something wet touching the top of her head. Moving her hand, she felt the substance and then looked at her hand, seeing blood. Although a bit alarmed, the girl kept herself calm and looked up…

…to see her boyfriend having a nosebleed from finally realizing what kind of body his girlfriend had.

Well if that isn't a story to tell your grandkids, I don't know what is.

Holding up her brand new cell phone she had just bought twelve minutes ago, Erasa dialed in a number.

Well, what else was she gonna do with it? Text people and take photos and buy new ring tones and…ehhh, yeeeeeeeah.

After waiting for a couple of rings, someone finally picked up. "Yes, hi! I'm a girl at this school carnival and there's this boy being pursued by a demon monster thing. If she leaves the grounds with him, his soul will be lost forever! You've got to save him!" Erasa said into the phone, her voice getting louder as she went on.

After some mumbled replies, the blond shut the phone, terminating the conversation. Everything had gone perfectly. All she had to do was wait…

After straightening themselves out, Gohan and Videl left the haunted house after being in it for so long.

Hmmm, I know I'm missing something here.

Suddenly, Videl's fist shot out to her side, nailing something in the head as it felt to the ground. Looking to Videl's side, the couple saw that missing thing I was wondering about.

There on the ground was Sharpner with a newly forming black eye appearing.

After staring for a bit, Gohan finally said "I think that's becoming instinctive for you."

"Yeah, I noticed the same thing," Videl replied. "Wanna go get something to eat?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," the Son boy replied. Taking Videl's hand, the couple headed deep into the carnival, looking for something to eat.

What they found was the last thing they wanted to see.

Entering a large open space; booths outlining a large circle as people wandered throughout the circle, going from one part of the area to another. But there was one thing that wasn't moving, standing still like a statue.

A golden statue.

A golden statue of Hercule Satan.

Damn, I drug that out.

Staring with wide eyes, the couple couldn't tell if they were dreaming or actually seeing that blasted thing. Well, that's what they were feeling until the simultaneously pinched each other.


Well, they're not dreaming anymore.

Looking at each other, a mutual feeling passed between the two. They knew what they had to do.

"Stop right there!"

Startled, the teens looked towards the statue and saw five girls, each in white leotards and short shirts of different colors. Each girl was posing in some odd fashion, completely serious looks on their faces.

Either that or they were just trying to ignore the insane amount of nosebleeds occurring around them.

"Do not step closer Demon!" one of the girls shouted.

"We all know about your soul stealing ways!" another one said.

"A soul belongs to only one person!" yet another girl announced.

"And the soul next to you doesn't belong to you!" one of the other girls cried.

"In the name of the Moon, we will punish you!" the last girl proclaimed, each girl shifting their poses.

All the while, Videl and Gohan could only stare back, sweatdropping. Turning to the boy beside her, the Satan girl said "Gohan, are they—"

"Speak no more your words of deceit Demon!" the girl in the middle interrupted.

Gohan went completely rigid. He knew, oh he knew that was the wrong thing to say to Videl. Just looking at the face the girl was making now was enough proof to the demi-saiyan that all was not well in the land of the Satan girl.

Slowly turning her head, one of her eyes twitching, and a creepy, smile like…smile on her face, Videl said "Did…did you call me a demon?"

"Of course! You're the only evil here within twenty feet!" the girl in the red skirt answered.

Ehh, twenty feet? That's…cutting it close, wouldn't you say?

Lifting her hands in front of her, Videl began cracking her knuckles. "I'm so gonna enjoy pulverizing all of you nitwits…one…by…one…"

"Bring it on!" all five girls shouted, ready for the catfight of the century.

Wait a minute…didn't that happen a couple chapters ago?

All across the carnival grounds, the shouts and screams of girly fighting could be heard all over. If one didn't know better, you'd think that the whole thing was being video taped and put onto some internet site under "The Greatest Cat Fight Ever" or some other lame title.

In the end, Videl stood victorious, but you all knew that would happen.

With a few cuts and bruises, her shirt slightly torn in places as well as the rest of her clothes. The only odd part was that her shoes didn't even show a sign that they had been used at all.

Her opponents…well…let's just say that they hadn't come out as fortunate. Laying in a pile of body parts, the heroic girls…were utterly trashed. Blood, broken bones, ruined skin complexions, you name it, it was all in that pile of broken bodies. However, there were more than just five skimpily dressed girls there.

Somehow, someway, three other bodies were amongst the collateral damage. Now if you know this fic as well as you hope you do, one of those bodies belonged to Sharpner.

The other two, if you're following the well placed train of thought I've given you, were Hercule and Erasa. How the three had gotten mixed up in the fight, only Kami knows.

But he's willing to tell for a price.

With that obstacle out of her way, Videl turned her sights back to the hideous golden statue and got the shock of her life.

The statue wasn't there.

Dum dum dum!!

Feeling a presence behind her, the Satan girl turned to see Gohan looking at her, smiling. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I am but what happened to the statue," the girl asked puzzled.

Looking at where the menace previously was, the demi-saiyan just replied "Don't worry about it; it's been taken care of."

Completely lost now, Videl asked "What do you mean?"

Narrowing his eyes, his voice deepening, all the saiyan said was "It's been taken care of."

With an arctic chill running a marathon up and down her spine, the daughter of Satan dropped the subject.

Deep underground, an old man was pushing a cart down a cement pathway. On the cart, a large wooden crate with "TOP SECRET" and "DO NOT OPEN" stamped on it, was sitting.

Outlining the cement pathway, crates on top of crates sat, creating the artificial road. If one were to look down upon it, they would see the boxes reaching out endlessly in the distance.

What ever was in those crates and its newest addition (coughcoughstatuecoughcough), they would never be seen by the public again.

It was the end of the day and the happy couple as I'm now calling them was still intact.

Although there had been a few weird things occurring around them, they had yet to notice the devious plans that Hercule, Sharpner, and Erasa had been hatching and failing miserably with.

After leaving the broken group of girls, the couple walked around, enjoying more and more of the carnival while weird accidents seemed to happen. A funnel cake operator had tried to throw a funnel cake at someone (a steak dinner goes to anyone who can guess who the target was) but was intercepted as the crowed attacked the flying cake. Several more were thrown but each one was snatched in midair. Though some people had gotten cake, others had to be taken to the hospital due to being jumped on top of and other such injuries.

Another accident happened when some blond guy had tried to use a power line as a trapeze wire and was thoroughly shocked when a squirrel ran into the conductor. The blond was then taken to the nearest morgue, assuming he was dead from the experience but were shocked when they found him very much alive.

Other such things happened throughout the rest of the day, yet the author had lost all imagination to write them down for you for some reason, not that the couple cared.

So ungrateful aren't they?

Walking away with their bounty, Videl said aloud, "That was pretty fun, don't ya think?"

"Yeah, that was so much better than a day in class," Gohan replied, grinning like a buffoon.

Smiling, Videl leaned into the saiyan. "So, you hear about the World Martial Arts Tournament coming up?"

"Yeah, I heard about it. Are you gonna enter?"

"I had plans to, but with everything that's happened the last few weeks, I think it'll be pretty boring," Videl said.

Looking down at the girl, the saiyan asked "So what would make it fun?"

"Some decent competition, maybe…hey, I know!" the Satan girl suddenly shouted.

Startled, Gohan looked at the girl. "You know what?"

"Why don't you enter? It'll be so much more fun that way."

The demi-saiyan paled. Oh no, not again, he was not gonna be dragged into something else. First the survival camp, then the high school thing; he was not gonna be going into some crummy martial arts tournament.

"Uhh, I don't know if that would be such a great idea…" Gohan began.

"Huh? Why not? Don't tell me you don't want to enter."

"Well, I didn't have any plans to…" the demi-saiyan started.

"That's great then! Since you don't have any plans, you can make them!" Videl exclaimed, excitement in her voice.

"But I don't—" Gohan tried to say but was interrupted.

"This will be so cool. I can't wait for this tournament to come," the Satan girl said, an excited glint in her eye.

"But I…I…" Gohan tried to protest but then stopped. There was no going back now, he was stuck in this tournament whether he wanted to or not. "I'll join you, I guess."

"Yes!! I knew you'd see it my way," Videl exclaimed. "Of course, you and I will be training together for it."

"Yes ma'am," Gohan replied.

"And you're gonna teach me all you know."

"Yes ma'am."

Turning around suddenly, Videl hugged the demi-saiyan. "I can't wait for the tournament to come now. Well, I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am."

Not noticing the same response, the Satan girl soon separated from the Son boy and started to head off. "See ya later Gohan."

This time, Gohan said something different. "Bye Videl."

As soon as the Satan girl was gone, Gohan looked up into the sky.

"Kami…how do I get myself stuck in these things?"

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