SasuNaru- Online Chat pt. 1

Chapter 1- Confrence about...?

Stary202 has logged on

Ramen-Lover has logged on

Stary202- Hey Naru-chan

Ramen-Lover- Stary I told you to call me Naruto

Stary202- Why : Naru-chan sounds sooo much cuter

Ramen-Lover- 2 reasons- 1 b/c –chan is for a girl. 2- b/c Sasuke is starting to call me that as well.

Stary202- and what's the problem with that?

Ramen-Lover- cause...cause…Well just cause O/////O

Stary202- See I knew it. U only want Sasu-teme to call you it. Is that because your UKE

Ramen-Lover- Uuuuuu…UKE!!O/////////////////////O

Avenger101 has joined the conference

Stary202- Heh Sasu-teme We were just talking about youv Weren't we

Avenger101- You were!? slightly grins

Ramen-Lover- NNNOOOO//////

Stary202- heh heh heh Naru-chan's blushing

Avenger101- That's my nickname for Naruto pouts

Stary202- I knew it Same reason too I bet

Ramen-Lover- No it isn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not what u think.

Avenger101- What do u think it is Stary?

Stary202- Wellllll smirk/grins

Ramen-Lover- Don't YOU DARE SAY IT STARY!!/////!!

Avenger101- say what Naru-chan?

Ramen-Lover- NOTHING!!

Avenger101- Come on tell me!! whimpers

Ramen-Lover- IT"S NOTHINGGGGG!!!... starts to whine/blush

Stary202- I'll let you 2 have some alone time BYE BYE

Ramen-Lover- WAIT STARY! Don't leave me alone with him!!

Stary202 has left the conversation

Avenger101- so are you going to tell me?

Ramen-Lover- NO!!

Avenger101- I guess I won't be buying you ramen tonight.

Ramen-Lover- WHAT??!! WHY!!??

Avenger101- b/c you won't tell me what you were talking about with Stary.

Ramen-Lover -Fine. U win. We were talking about…well…uh…/////

Avenger101 -well?

Ramen-Lover- WHO'S UKE ///////////

Avenger101- WHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramen-Lover- See. That's why I didn't want to tell u.

Avenger101- How THE HECK did that come up in you're conference? OO

Ramen-Lover- Well… She thinks the reason you call me Naru-chan is because I'm UKE. I was gonna tell her that we haven't even gotten to 1st base yet, but then u came on sooo…yeah. ///////

Avenger101- But that IS why I call you Naru-chan oo

Ramen-Lover- WHAT! We haven't gotten that far!!

Avenger101- Yeah…but when we do… you're gonna be UKE.

Ramen-Lover- WHAT!!!!!!!!!WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

Avenger101- B/C I'm the absolute Seme.

Ramen-Lover- And How did u come up with this Oo

Avenger101- B/C everytime I talk too u you make me want to u.

Ramen-Lover- U are SO horny. /////////

Avenger101- SO?? smirks slightly

Ramen-Lover- SOOOO I've had enough of your Horniness for one night. Bye//////

Ramen-Lover has left the conference.

Avenger101- Bye my little UKE

Avenger101 has left the conference