Chapter 3- The Game of Love. It's not what you want; it's how you get it.

Avenger101- Did they…u...just say what I THINK u said? OO

Ramen-Lover- uhhhh…I've got to go

Ramen-Lover has logged out

Avenger101- …?


Ramen-Lover has logged on to the conference

Avenger101 has logged on to the conference

Avenger101- uhh…hi


Avenger101- sooo about last night, I just wanted to say…

Ramen-Lover- just wanted to say…

Avenger101- um…I…love…u too.///////

Ramen-Lover- smirks U LUV ME

Avenger101- WHAT! U said it too!

Ramen-Lover- I was Sasuke'sKyuubi

Avenger101- Wait goes and looks back at they're pervious conference WAIT! WHAT! That means…that you…

Ramen-Lover- yep I never said that I love u because I wanted you to say it first So I luv u TOO Sasu-teme

Avenger101- What! Why u…u…BAKA /////

Ramen-Lover- I'm not the one who fell for it. So YOU"RE the Baka HAAHHAHA

Avenger101- NARUTO! WHY U!

Stary202- I'm srry Naruto. I can't stay quiet anymore. HAHAHAHAHA Sasu-teme is soo mad.

ChibiSakuraChan- poor Sasuke

SanaKurata4U- heh heh heh

Catdemon1312- Sasuke's funny when he's mad

Numberoneanimefan- especially when he's mad at Naruto

Avenger101- WAIT You guys were here this whole timeO////O

SanaKurata- yep that's why up above it said that you entered the conference

ChibiSakuraChan- do you think we should tell him now Naruto?

Ramen-Lover- sure We've had our fun

Avenger101- Tell me what.

Stary202- That I was Sasuke'sKyuubi

Numberoneanimefan- and that Nauto was actually SasUKE'sSeme

Catdemon1312- so Naruto actually DID confess to you first

Avenger101- WHAT NARUTO!

Ramen-Lover- yyyyyeeeeeesssss is still smirking

Avenger101- Just for that u need to come over to my house tonight.

Ramen-Lover- What for?

Avenger101- you'll see. Let's just say you won't be SasUKE'sSeme for very long.

Ramen-Lover- WHAT!

Avenger101- YEP

Stary202, SanaKurata, ChibiSakuraChan, Catdemon1312, and Numberoneanimefan all said at the same time- SQUEEL

ChibiSakuraChan has left the conference

SanaKurat4U has left the conference

Catdemon1312 has left the conference

Numberoneanimefan has left the conference

Stary202 has left the conference

That night Naruto went over to Sasuke's house like he was told ,and let's just say, Sasuke got to 3rd base with Naruto, against Naruto's wishes, even though we all know that he enjoyed it, and Every single SASUNARU Yaoi fan would kill to see what they had done