Jules And Vincent


From Dusk Till Dawn

"Shit. Do we really have to wait in this shit-hole?" Asked Vincent Vega as he walked alongside his partner.

"Carlos said to meet him at 'The Titty Twister', so, we're gonna meet him at 'The Titty Twister'." Replied Vincent's partner, Jules Winnfield.

"Well I was just thinking that we've been through hell already, getting to Mexico. So why do we have to go through it again, sitting in this shit-hole?" Said Vincent.

"Man. Why you gotta keep calling this place a shit-hole?" Questioned Jules, "We haven't even stepped foot inside of it. For all you know, it could be a nice place."

"Ya, and for all I know, it could be a shit-hole." Replied Vincent.

The two men walked up the steps of the bar, but a short, crazy looking Mexican stepped in their way.

"Excuse me gentlemen," said the man, "but this bar has a strict policy that it's for bikers and truckers only, and you two don't look like bikers or truckers in those suits." The man laughed, revealing his rotten sharp teeth.

"Bikers and truckers only, huh?" Said Jules, "Well it just so happens that I am a trucker, as of last year when I got my trucker licence." Jules pulled out his wallet, which had the words "Bad Mother Fucker" engraved on the front. He opened it up and pulled out a licence, which he showed to the man.

"Oh. So you are. Excuse me gentlemen, go right in." Said the man, "My name is Chet Pussy, by the way. Heh-heh. Talk to me or any other employees if you need anything, because at The Titty Twister, we're here to serve." Chet Pussy began to laugh, once again revealing his rotten teeth.

Jules and Vincent walked into the bar.

"Hey Jules," Said Vincent, "I didn't know you were a trucker."

"Yep," replied Jules, "Our boss, the good Mr. Wallace, sometimes needs me to deliver truckloads of merchandise, and that's when knowing how to drive a truck comes in handy."

Vincent looked around at the things inside the bar. "This place really isn't so bad." He said, "Reminds me of a raunchier version of Jack Rabbit Slim's."

"Ya. With a lot more booze and a lot more topless women." Replied Jules.

"Ya. More booze and topless women, hence raunchier. Let's get a table." Suggested Vincent.

They sat down at a table near the middle of the building. Before long, a waitress came to take their order.

"What can I get you boys to drink?" Asked the waitress.

"Two Changos please." Said Vincent.

"Alright." Replied the waitress as she walked away.

"Ok Jules," Began Vincent, "So what are we gonna do after Carlos shows up?"

"Well, Vincent," Replied Jules, "when Carlos arrives, we pay him his money, and then he takes us down to El Ray."

"I still don't get why we have to come down here." Said Vincent, "It's Marcellus who got busted, not us."

"Well, Vincent," Replied Jules, "The cops are gonna start digging up dirt on all the men working for Marcellus, and sooner or later, they're gonna find info on us, and all the things we've been doing for Mr. Wallace. So, we have get out of the country now, before they find out about us."

"Alright," Said Vincent, "but I still don't think the cops would of come looking for us. They're pretty busy looking for those Gecko brothers."

"Oh ya." Replied Jules, "The Gecko brothers. You know, I heard they were headed down to Mexico. Maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to meet those mother fuckers."

"I don't know if you'd wanna meet them," began Vincent, but he was interrupted by the waitress delivering the drinks, "Thank you." The waitress put the drinks on the table and walked away. "As I was saying, I don't think you'd wanna meet those guys. The one's a serial rapist or some shit." Vincent opened his beer and took a drink.

"So I've heard, Vincent. So I've heard." Said Jules.

Just then, an announcement came out over the speakers, "And now for your viewing pleasure. The Mistress of the Macabre. The Epitome of Evil. The most sinister woman to dance on the face of the earth. Lowly dogs, get on your knees, bow your heads and worship at the feet of SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM!"

Jules and Vincent looked up at the stage at the back of the club. The lights went down low, and music started to play. Out on to the stage stepped a woman holding a large snake, Santanico Pandemonium. She danced about the stage, then, as the music sped up, she handed the snake to two men, and jumped down from on the stage, onto the ground. She continued to dance. Then, as the song began to end she stepped up onto a nearby table. Jules was watching, but became distracted by Vincent.

"Hey do they have a menu or something?" Asked Vincent, "Cause I'm fucking starving."

"Are you even watching the show?" Replied Jules.

"Hey, you've see one bitch dance, you've seen 'em all." Said Vincent, "I wanna get a steak. You think the got steak?"

Before Jules could answer Vincent, both men were distracted by a fight happening at the table Santanico Pandemonium had climbed onto just minutes before. Three men were standing by the table. It was Chet Pussy, a bartender, and a bouncer. Jules and Vincent could hear Chet Pussy accusing two of the men at the table.

"This piece of shit broke my finger, and my nose!" Chet Pussy yelled, "Then this faggot kicked me in the ribs when I was down."

A scuffle broke out and the bartender pulled out a knife. He used it to stab one of the men's hands down to the table. The man pulled the knife out of his hand and began stabbing the bartender repeatedly. The bartender dropped to the ground.

"Shit," Began Vincent, "I wish we had some french fries or something to eat while we're watching..." Vincent was interrupted when the one of the men at the table pulled out a gun. "Oh shit!" Vincent yelled as he crouched down behind the table. Jules didn't flinch. He just sat there watching and drinking his beer.

The man with the gun opened fire on the bouncer. The bouncer stumbled back and his bullet ridden corpse fell to the ground. Chet Pussy was standing behind the corpse laughing.

"You thought it was pretty funny didn't you?" Said one of the gunmen. The other one stuck his knife into the table and pulled out his gun. Both gunmen pointed their guns at Chet Pussy and unloaded on him. He dropped down to the floor.

Vincent, still cowering behind the table, looked up at Jules, still sitting calmly. "Hey Jules," said Vincent, "Should we do something?"

"Nah." Replied Jules, "This isn't our fight, and that's the way it is down here in Mexico. Fuck with the wrong people, you're gonna get shot." Jules smiled and started to laugh, but something caught his attention back at the gunmen's table.

Santanico Pandemonium was still standing up on the table. Only she was different than she was before. Her nose had receded back into her face, and her skin had turned a scaly green. She opened her mouth, revealing sharp white fangs. They weren't sharp like Chet Pussy's teeth, from bad dental hygiene. No. They were sharp like a snakes teeth, designed to rip through flesh. She jumped down from the table towards one of the gunmen, but Jules was too quick. He pulled out his 9mm and shot her out of the air, before she had even reached the gunmen. The gunmen looked at Jules first, then down at Santanico. He saw her squirming around on the ground, with green blood gushing from the wound in her stomach. He reloaded his gun quickly, then pointed it down at her. He fired several shots into her chest. The last shot hit her through the heart.

Then, a strange thing happened. Santanico's body began to smoke, then, she burst into flame. Everyone in the bar stood quietly and didn't move, except Jules. He walked over to the two gunmen.

"What the hell was that?" One of the gunmen asked Jules, as if he knew the answer.

"I don't know what it was," began Jules, "but it was nothing I've ever seen before, and hopefully, it's nothing I'll ever have to see again."

If only Jules had known that what he had just witnessed, was going to be repeated that night. Over and over again...