The Doctor and Rose

She took his hand with a smile on her face

Neither knew the other, but neither cared

Only sensed the link the two of them shared

And so they travelled, through time and through space

He showed her the end, when all life was gone

And numerous deaths, and other such strife

But also the beauty found in all life

Promised the wonders she saw would live on

But finally the pair were torn apart

When suddenly war ended their magic

Love's final goodbye, tearful and tragic

And painful, because he'd stolen her heart

Neither of them would accept it, but then

Each knew they would find each other again

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A couple of people have been confused - this IS a sonnet, but a Shakespearean sonnet rather than a Petrarchal sonnet. They have different rhyme schemes, so if you don't recognise this scheme, don't worry! I'm not trying to pass my work off as something it isn't.