I'm very sorry to say that this is not a chapter. I can assure you that this fic is NOT abandoned. RL has been kicking my butt. Majorly.

Anyway, I have been hit with two new plot bunnies which I have been writing and will be posting sometime today (if all goes well).

I feel my writing has improved and when I looked back on the beginning chapters of this fic I cringed. I want this to be something that I can be proud of and at the moment, I feel I haven't done myself any justice.

I do have a plan for the next few chapters and I am so unbelievably sorry that they are so late, they were due in February and it is now July. I am now taking up the task of editing the fic from the beginning, I don't plan to change the content – just improve the grammar and quality.

I would also like to apologise to those of you who have reviewed and I haven't had the time to reply. I feel awful because your reviews inspire me to write, and heck, they make me smile! Erm, I think that if you all made the time to write me a note to say that you liked it or whatever, I should at least have the common courtesy to reply and say thank you.

When I update (and I plan to soon) I will be posting about three/four chapters so this note will be replaced.

Wish me luck!