A/N: This is a bit of a random oneshot. I watched the series one episode, 'Dalek' and wondered how the Dalek felt. Enjoy and feel free to review.

A Lone Dalek's Anguish

I must exterminate! Everything must be exterminated! At least that's what I thought. Everything was so clear in my mind. Follow orders. Exterminate. But now, now I am confused. I was dying. They were torturing me; killing me. But then she touched me. I felt alive again. I felt whole. She helped me break free of my chains. She saved me. A human child saving a mighty Dalek. Humans have a saying. "The enemy of your enemy is your friend." She was the friend of the enemy; that meant she was my enemy.

Finally free of my chains, I broke free of my prison, exterminating every human in sight. I slid down a corridor, there were humans; I exterminated them. I elevated up the stairs, there was a human; I exterminated her. I found a large hall, there were more humans; I exterminated them. But she was there. She saw me and I saw her. I looked at her, right at her. Something stirred inside me but I buried it. I exterminated everyone in the room. She fled. I followed. Up endless flights of stairs. Soon I began to hear a grating noise. A door, sliding closed. When I reached the door, she stood there, hunched over, talking in to a metal device. She saw me and took it away from her mouth.

This is it, I thought. Exterminating the Doctor's companion. I tried to exterminate her but I couldn't. The next ten minutes passed in a blur. I'd tried to exterminate… and failed. We travelled up to reach the Doctor and the other humans. That man was there. The one who had me tortured. I tried to exterminate him. She stopped me. She asked me what I wanted. So I told her. I want freedom. She took me up to the top of the building. I exterminated a hole through the ceiling. I could see the sunlight beating through it. I wanted to feel the sunlight. This human could feel the warmth where I felt none.

I gave in to the temptation. I opened myself to the sunlight. It was so nice to fell the warmth for once before I died. Then the Doctor appeared. He wanted to kill me. Exterminate me. But she stopped him. This human was powerful: powerful to stop both a Dalek and a Timelord. She stopped him, saved me. This, Rose Tyler. That was when I realised. There was no use in me living. I was alone in the world. A Dalek should not be alone. All I had was the sympathy of a human. I wasn't even fully Dalek anymore.

I wanted to die. I told her. I told her to order me to kill myself. She refused. How dare she refuse me! A pitiful human against a Dalek! I ordered her again. She relented. My one last order. I obeyed, gladly. I didn't need life. I asked if the human was afraid. She said she was. I was afraid. One last time I looked at her with my own eye before I closed myself of from the world again and died. The last Dalek. The Dalek who fell in love… with a human.