Story: Becoming the Loner Version 2

Chapter Title: Introduction.

Pairing: Gaa/Saku

Disclaimer: No own-age :( Apart from OC's

Warnings: Questioning of social status and the uselessness of it. The occasional frustrated curse word. Lime (no lemon). Rated M because of violence and fluff.

'Hi. I'm Haruno Sakura, and I come from Suna. I like the colour pink, pop music and writing my own stories.' Gazing nervously across the classroom, there was only one person that I wanted to sit next to. A red headed boy, completely clothed in black, sat at the back of the classroom. Isolated, it seemed, and he was obviously an artist, for he was concentrating more on his drawing than me. He would have been my first choice. As luck would have it, my new English teacher Mr Jiraiya seated me next to a blonde haired girl, by the name of Ino. She seemed to have an infinity for purple, as she was wearing rather a lot of it.

'You see that boy at the back?' she asked me in hushed tones, not even saying 'Hi'. 'Stay away from him. He is a freak of nature and might kill you if you get too close to him.' It was a warning that was not seriously heeded as I drew my note pads and books on to the table.

'Can I see?'

She took my notepad and read it from cover to cover in the duration of our first lesson together. Her expressions, I assumed meant that she was enthralled with what ever story she happened to be reading. She gave it back to me and smiled sweetly; 'Oh my GOD! You are simply amazing. I have never read anything so good in my life.' was shrieked down my ear. Well that didn't make the whole class stare at my reddening face, with intent interest. Even that red haired boy looked.

'Ino, you really don't need to shout. Troublesome woman.' a pony-tailed boy, slumped behind us, drawled at her. He promptly placed his head on his arms as if sleeping.

'He he, sorry Shika-kun, but you have to read Sakura's stories. You'll love them!' She passed the notepad to him before I could say a word. 'Sakura, this is Nara Shikamaru. He may look like a slacker, but he is the most clever person I know.' she said, whacking him on the head; an action that he was obviously used to, for he didn't move.

'Yo.' he lifted his head from the desk at the sound of the notepad scraping towards him.

'Hi. And you can read it, just as long as it gets back to me.'

The bell that we had all been waiting impatiently for the last 50 minutes for finally rung. 'Where is your next lesson?'

I fumbled for my timetable and handed it to her as we walked through the door. 'Ooh we're in the same lesson. Let's go!' She ran off, leaving me to stare at her blonde hair flicking behind her.

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