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Tonight is the Prom. It is going to be the most exciting night of their lives. And do you know what?

The guys aren't going.

No, they didn't spend hours picking out the right dresses and suits, ordering Limos and carefully manicuring themselves. It's just not their style.

The momentous occasion is: visiting a local woodland area near them and having a bonfire party with acoustic guitars, copious amounts of marshmallows and sticks to prod into them and some other newly-recruited fans of Sweet Revenge to form a good gathering at the Anti Prom. Their idea of fun.

All eyes are on Gaara and Shikamaru. Playing something that could only be described as Funky Acoustic Metal, their tune, the last in the set, was heavy with oodles of offbeat attitude. The crowd was swaying in time and singing the words with just as much conviction as Gaara.

We gather in those places,

Full of unrecognisable faces.

A sense of same.

Break out, freak out,

Smash the drones to pieces.

Be your own,

Be your own,


No one can do it for you.

Don't buy in,

Don't cash in,

For you can be better on your own.

Strength in numbers is fine;

going alone is stronger.

Have faith in yourself.

Riotous applause echoed over the bonfire as the song ended with a blazing, abrupt solo. Sakura nearly threw Gaara to the ground in her rush for heavy petting. His guitar barely survived it's crash to the ground. He wasn't as bothered as he should have been, nothing mattered more to him than Sakura.

It was lovely to feel her velvet and lace covered body pressing in to his, to feel her skin against his. To be able to trust another human being, to be able to be with some one instead of looking from the outside in to a life that was perfect and becoming more and more frustrated by his inability to gain a relationship that didn't end in ruin.

Their lips meshed together like fleshy jigsaw pieces, soft and sweet. Their tongues raved to taste and tickle each other.

"Oi! Get a room you two!" They barely heard the shout.

Gaara's hand slid from her silky locks to her waist, brushing past her breast in a provocative manner. Having the air sucked out of them, they were forced to break the kiss and finally notice that everyone was either staring or making out as well.

"Shall we go?" He whispered in her delicate ear, making her shudder.

A small smile enlightened lust glazed eyes with mischief.

"Back to mine?" Sakura's eyes twinkled naughtily, eliciting a barely suppressed excited beam from Gaara. He couldn't help it that she made him feel human again; happiness was now his sweeter emotion. Pain, murderous anger rarely inflicted him now.

He really didn't want to follow the traditions of the Prom night. It all disgusted him to his core, the monetary excess and needless focussing of the female form as a puffy-dressed, gyrating sex object.

But this female form, his Sakura, he respected deeply and wanted her as much as she wanted him. They are in love and lust comes second in their relationship. Giving taking pleasure would be equal and so much more satisfying because it would enrich their relationship, not validate it. She had helped him overcome his murderous urges for good and made him realise that he was not a bad person just because he mind had not been able to take what he had seen as a child. She openly showed acceptance and love towards him and that was all that really mattered.

Sakura kissed him one more time, stood up and announced that they would be leaving. After their good byes, they left and walked back to her house as it wasn't that far.

Seemingly, the five minute walk in the darkness of night time Konoha took an eternity. His hand gripping hers was sweaty. Small talk was made as they wandered to the house he could she was beginning to get a little nervous too.

Finally reaching the door to her house, he couldn't hold back any more. Slamming her to the door, his hot mouth connected with hers and tongues feverishly writhed against each other. Exploring. They stayed there for quite some time, melting in each other's heat.

It was only when they were yelled at by Gaara's sister who had returned with Shikamaru that they had moved.

When inside, the two lovers wasted no time in rushing for her bedroom, being lucky that her parents had conveniently gone away for the weekend. They would be able to make as much noise as possible and not be bothered at all.

He turned on the light, whilst she closed the curtains. She sat on the bed, removing her coat, whilst Gaara did the same but standing. Both items of clothing were dropped to the floor. Gaara stood there, staring at the pretty red face of his loved one. He smiled. This was going to be one night that he wouldn't regret, neither forget.


Gaara darted towards the bed. He sat on it, lunging his head towards Sakura's to join their lips together again. Their kisses grew more intense as tongues battled and hands stroked.

He suddenly stopped the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva connecting them together. He moved back and removed his shirt. Breath hitching, Sakura felt pulse of arousal between her legs as she saw that perfectly taut, pale chest.

Their eyes made contact; he had that dark, hungry look in his eyes as they bore into her own. It should have been frightening. But there was a light of lust and love that clouded through any fear she could have had. He would never hurt her.

Sliding her hands up and down the silky flesh, she made him shiver with delight. It wasn't long before the temptation to lick that chest grew too strong.

He stopped her before she could go too far with her enthusiastic licking.

"What's wrong?" She backed away, afraid she had been doing something that he hadn't wanted her to.

He didn't answer. Instead he crawled on top of her, and began to remove the ruby bodice that had been encasing her body. Sitting back, he stared at her milky white breasts, salivating a little.

Burying his head in between the valleys of her breasts, he began to ravish her soft skin. She squealed, grinning as he nuzzled in to her, eliciting a series of shivers through her body.

"Gaara! Please. Let me ... "

He looked up, a feral light in his eye.

"I want to do it myself. I love you, Sakura, and it is my duty as your man to give pleasure on this first occasion. It is more important that you should be on the receiving end of my lovemaking." Gaara placed a loving kiss upon her mouth and returned to ravish her body, moving down to her stomach, leaving little kisses and licks as he travelled to where she wanted him to.

Ever so slowly he made his way to her skirt and pulled them down, revealing her legs and very frilly knickers. He began to nuzzle again, inhaling through his nose the scent of her arousal. It was the most delicious he had ever smelt.

He was about to slide her knickers down.

Unfortunately, they heard a very familiar sound from downstairs. The sound of the door opening. And Sakura's parents.

Yelling at the two to get down the stairs, for they had something to show them.

They had never gotten dressed so fast in their lives.

"Gaara, I'm so sorry! I didn't know they would do this." Sakura whispered to him before they left the room.

"Wedding night?"

"I guarantee it, my love." She smiled into the quick kiss they shared.


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