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Turn your Rubies Blue

He cursed and gave an irritated jerk on his keys before twisting harshly to open the lock. As the door gave way, he tugged the keys free and stormed over the entranceway, kicking the door shut with a 'bang!'

He made his way sullenly over to the base of the stairs, still crowded with furious resentment. The drive home hadn't been able to lift his mood any, and if anything, the surprisingly large amount of traffic on the way home had only inflamed his irritability further.

Stupid dobe.

Stupid girl for being so naïve; it was obvious what Sai wanted. The blonde was just far too innocent to realise that it involved her spreading her legs.

Stupid Naruto for getting so easily offended over nothing; his treatment was completely undeserved on her part.

Stupid him- after knowing her for years and yet still able to upset her when he wasn't thinking about it.

He permitted himself to scowl and took a step up the flight of stairs, intent to brood further in his own room before he was stopped by a voice from behind.

"Well now otouto, shouldn't you be in school at the moment?"

Sasuke stiffened where he was; on the first step, hand loosing trailing the banister. He refused to turn around.

He grunted in reply.

Itachi didn't seem to care.

"My, aren't we in a bad mood," he said coldly.

Sasuke's hand clenched tightly onto the mahogany railing, fingertips pressed white.

"You fought with Naruto-chan," he stated mildly, managing somehow to sound distant even when using such personal names.

"What do you want Itachi?" asked Sasuke through gritted teeth, still adamantly keeping his back to his older brother.

Itachi blinked languidly from his position at the bottom of the stairs, and observed his 'otouto' through a half lidded stare.

"Okaasan and Otousan are arriving back tomorrow night, they called."

Sasuke nodded stiffly.

"Anything else, aniki?"

Itachi took a few moments before replying, perhaps, behind his emotionless façade, taking some enjoyment with taunting his obviously very irate younger brother.

"They expect to speak with you upon their return, I believe it had something to do with midterm reports…"

Itachi watched dispassionately as Sasuke faced him, whipping around with a face whiter than chalk.

The two brothers merely stared at each other for a few moments, but Sasuke obviously wouldn't dare to say anything in reply, and, after ascertaining that his brother was indeed speaking the truth, merely nodded absently, and jogged up the remaining stairs and to his room.

He snapped the door shut behind him and collapsed on top of his bed; his fight with Naruto put on hold. If he had thought that this day couldn't get any worse, then as usual, his dearest family had taken it upon themselves to prove him wrong.

He glanced to the digital clock stationed on his bedside table, already counting down the hours until his parents arrived.

Naruto rolled onto her back and glared at the ceiling.

A week.

It had been over an entire week, and she and Sasuke had still not stopped fighting. Well, fighting was a rather extreme word. More like not apologised and in the subsequent interim both were using the rather vast verbal arsenal that they had tucked away just for such occasions.

Though this time, she had to admit, was far worse than any of their usual arguments. They hadn't gone so long without civil conversation since their huge row back when they were twelve. Sasuke had been seriously contemplating moving to the other side of Tokyo, just so he could go to a boarding school. Naruto had had serious objections on the matter, considering she would never be able to follow, it being a boy's only institution.

Sasuke had accused of her being selfish, and she had vehemently denied him the right to go. Which had only angered him all the more at the time. The argument had eventually culminated in an all out brawl when Naruto cracked and punched him in the face, and in return Sasuke forgot all about the rule of 'not hitting girls'.

Sasuke had, due to several advantages due to his genetics and gender, proved victorious. Naruto had at first been appropriately furious but had gone further into despair the entire summer after, spending most of it in tears that a fretful Iruka had done all his best to stop. He hadn't succeeded and she spent most of the summer break dreading her entrance to middle school, where she would be alone, and friendless, with no Sasuke to comfortingly insult her from behind.

When she turned up on the first day, and they were seated alphabetically, she had never been more shocked in her entire life when she heard the prickly sound of "Usuratonkachi," from behind her.

She sighed mournfully in remembrance, recalling with the utmost clarity the smirk and then annoyed glare of the Uchiha as she had first just gaped at him, and then proceeded to tackle him in a monster bear hug to the floor. He'd not been amused when she had socked him in eh face right after either.

And this was the first time since then that she felt as worried and anxious as she had done during those dreadful holidays all those years ago.

She huffed and stared at the dusty, broken spider web that decorated one corner, and let her eyes trace the faint cracks that had appeared through the plaster. Her gaze fell to the window, unseeingly staring out into the night, the faint blare of orange from the streetlights casting strange shadows on the tree outside her window.

She ignored the gnawing feeling eating away at her stomach, turning her attention back towards the ceiling. Kakashi was downstairs molesting Iruka in the kitchen, and she'd finished all her homework about an hour ago, then tidied her room and sorted through her mail. She'd officially run out of things to do.

She tilted off the bed to grab at the phone lying innocuously on her carpet, checking her messages for about the twelfth time that night.

Sasuke hadn't been in school today. And when Sasuke didn't turn up for school, then it meant trouble. And that Sasuke needed help. She refused to think about the last time it had occurred. It had culminated in a hospital visit, and Sasuke had looked so sickly pale on those white sheets…

She frowned and worried her lip between her teeth, staring at the phone screen, as if urging it to just ring. Was that really so difficult, really?

Stupid teme…. making her worry about him. If he was just ill, she was so gonna-

Her thoughts were cut off by the jingle of her ring tone. Startled, she fiddled clumsily with the buttons, pressing on the 'accept'.

"Sasuke?" she asked, concern lacing her voice as she only heard heavy breathing coming from the receiver.

"Na-Naruto…" came the husky voice at the other end of the line.

"Shit!" she cursed lowly, a scowl twisting her features. She kept the mobile stuck to her ear as she tumbled off the bed and began hunting around for her bag.

"Sasuke…" she murmured softly, "what happened?"

For a few seconds, she feared he wouldn't answer, the thick, choked breathing crackling through the line.

"I just- nothing- I…"

She waited patiently for him to stop stuttering, now routing her desk for her keys.

"My father- he just- and Itachi…" there was another rattle, "I don't know…"

Ignoring the uncharacteristically inarticulate Uchiha, she padded down the stairs, and waved dismissively to Iruka as he glanced over at her curiously. Thankfully he was quickly distracted as Kakashi took his inattention to grab him from behind.

"All right Sasuke, now where are you?" she inquired gently, but firmly.

There was a deep inhale.

"Not too sure…I think it's the public bathroom off main Jinan…"

"Near that really good ramen stand?" she asked in brightened surprise.

"How the hell should I know?!" growled out Sasuke, his usual fierceness drowned out somewhat by his thick voice.

Naruto's face softeneed.

"I'l be there really soon, so don't do anyhting stupid okay?"

She paused.

"You haven't done something stupid already have you?!" she demanded anxiously.


"…" Naruto clenched onto the phone tightly, eyes wide.

"Not yet…"

Naruto couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, tilting her head back so it hit the light blue wall next to the door.

"Okay, just stay there and I'll be right over!"

She snapped the phone shut and hurried out the front door, calling out a hurried goodbye over her shoulder to Iruka, who only mumbled in reply, occupied by a much satisfied Kakashi.

The door to the public bathroom slammed open, the grey skies and spitting rain making a brief appearnacne before the door swung shut once more, though this time with a blonde girl inside, completly uncaring to the fact that it was a men's toilet. She took one look at the hunched figure on the floor and whirled around to snap the lock shut.

She slowly appraoched the form on the wet, dirty floor, whose dark hair was plasetered to his forehead, and was propped up only by the curve of his spine, pales hands lying limply.

"Oh Sasuke…" she whispered. This wasn't the first time that somehting like this had happened, and she always had the sinking feeling that it wouldn't be the last either. For sometimes, even the strongest of people can crack under the strain of their burdens, and Sasuke had larger burdens then most.

She moved calmly over to the hunched boy, and knelt down beside him, insensible to the dirt seeping into her clothes. The toilet was quite large, but was dank and wet, the entire room filled with a green grungy light that reflected off the tiles. Sasuke didn't even bother to recognise her, apart from leaning slightly when she put an arm around his shoulders and pulled her to him.

He flet cold under her palms, and she swallowed back the flashbacks of a year ago, when open bottles and small white pills scattered across the floor.

She tried to shift him to a better position, but ended up stumbling for her trouble. Sasuke gripped tightly onto her shirt.

She evenutally manged to maneuver them, without much help from a still unresponsive Sasuke, so that both were roughly comfortable and she was able to draw him into a proper embrace. She trembled slightly as he buried his head into the area between chest and neck, and his shoulder's shook a little.

She bit her lip, and glanced down to the soft black hair; all that she could see of him. It must have been really bad this time.

She let a hand rise to start to gently run its way over his back and shoulders, the other moving to craddle his head.

"Shhh….its all right now…shhhhh…."

She whispered to him, knowing that it would make little differnece, but attmepting anyway to at least soothe him a little with her voice. She could feel his ragged breathing on the skin of her neck and she clutched him a little tighter, hoping to share a little warmth; he felt so cold.

"Was-" she bit her lip in hesitation, "was it Itachi?"

Her question was soft, but Sasuke simply shook his head, not to deny it but to simply signal his incapability to answer any questions she may want to ask. She sighed quietly and rubbed his back a little more, continueing to murmer softly to him, ever mindful of the winces he gave when she ran over certain portions of his back.

This…this was Sasuke. The real Sasuke.

Underneath all of that prickly exterior and harsh, antisocial behaviour.

It was a part, that only she had ever been allowed to see, and it had been during one of these times, when Sasuke had confessed to her, that she was his closest friend. At the time, both had been crying, well, Sasuke wasn't exactly, but as close as he got- the same as now, more like dry heaivng every now and then and not breathing properly. They'd both been rather emotional, and the entire ordeal had been incredibly draining.

Being best friends with Uchiha Sasuke was taxing at all times though, really. He came with a lot…to deal with, and even attempting to discover all of it was an almost impossible challenge; he never let anyone in.

The only reason she was there, was because she had forcibly barged her way in, and not let Sasuke push her out, no matter how hard he'd tried.

And so, here she was, at nearing one in the morning, on a school night, crouched in some dingy public bathroom crouching on the wet, sodden floors with an armful of emotioanlly distressed Uchiha. She could certianly have never imagined this, back at ten years old, when she determined to be his friend.

Yet, she had no desire whatsoever, to be anywhere else. No matter what he did, or what happened, by Sasuke was the only place she would ever want to be. The reason, was pathetically simple.

She loved him.

More then anything, more than she could have ever imagined loving someone. So much so, that it hurt. Constantly.

She hadn't always though.

She thought she did, back when she was just a little girl, trying to show some affection. It had been a complete delusion, she hadn't even known Sasuke at all, apart from the covert glacnes from the other side of the classroom. Her infatuation with him at a young age may even have been attributed to wanting to seem similar to the other girl's in the class, perhaps to find some common ground so they wouldn't ignore her anymore. Not that that had helped any.

When she did become friends with Sasuke, she had buried down her 'feelings', intelligent enough to realise, that Sasuke would never be friends with any of the hopeless girls that followed him around all the time, proclaiming undying love and affection. It hadn't taken long, once Sasuke finally degined to speak with her on occasion, for the roots of true attachment to form. She had ruthlessly pushed these down as well, wanting to avoid linking herself with 'those girls' she had quickly come to despise, for the same reasons as Sasuke..

And then, there was the inescapable woman; Temari. Perfectly pretty, perfectly lovely, charming, smart, witty and a thousand other things. And Sasuke's eventual goal. Yes, she knew all about Temari. Sasuke, in his small bouts of openess had discussed her with her. And what could she say? When her dearest person finally looked…happy about something?

She had tried to keep her unavoidable dislike of Temari a secret, not wanting to be seen as a removal to be purged (Sasuke could be surprisingly sensitive), but she felt as if she had failed on more than one occasion in completely hiding it from Sasuke's keen view. He did, after all, know her just as much as she knew him.

She had spent years in denial, or rather, in a state of express hate towards reality.

She was in love with him.

Not handsome, top student, doesn't like sweets Uchiha Sasuke, but the boy who had an alarming addiction to anything with almond sugar in it, who would half hum, half sing in the shower, and who would lock himself and break down on the dirty wet floor of a bathroom, ruled by his emotions like any other perosn in the world was.


And he wouldn't ever know of the true extent of her devotion to him either. He could never return her affections, he was head over heels for Temari, always had been. Not to mention, if she ever admitted it, there was the ever present fear that he would simply discard her. She couldn't take that; she didn't think he could take that either. But the fact remained that she couldn't be the one to cause that light in his eyes, or be the one he dreamt of holding, kissing, loving.

She woulnd't ever hold that place in his heart. The knowledge hurt more than anything, but she refused to ever say anything.

Which was part of the reason why, whenever Sasuke had one of his truly kind, rare sweet moments with her, which made her feel more valued than anything she could ever say, think or feel, she would hold onto them deep within her heart, and treasure them desperately.

For there, she could pretend that his soft dark eyes and slight smile were just for her, and her alone.

The love she held for him was ever so bittersweet, mostly because she knew that it wasn't simply a crush or infatuation. She knew because no matter what she felt, she would always put his happiness before her own. And his happiness involved Temari- and not herself.

She would never say it to him. Not once.

She held her silence.

She would be content with what she had- she was his closest friend. And that was more than she could ever ask for.

She slowly rubbed at his back, still slightly concerned that he still felt so cold. How long had he been in here? She bit her lip, silently wondeirng if she should take him home, or to her place. From his more even breathing, he sounded like he was going to be alright; for now at least.

She shifted slightly, so to get some feeling back into her legs, and let her hands slip through his hair, gently petting. It really was as silky as she had thought.


It was softer then hers.


"Hey, Naruto!"

Naruto perked up from her rapidly diminishing rice bowl, and glanced curiosly over to the entrance of the lunch hall.

"Hey," grinned a girl she grudgingly recognised as Ino. Ino was one of those girls who had the mind of a viper, yet when you went in for the kill, would abruptly turn around smiling so sweetly, you'd think they were kittens. In Ino's case, she hadn't really liked Naruto at first, seeing as she was such good friends with her Sasuke-kun. When she found out they were just friends, she instantly became suspiciously pleasant at all times and was determined to include her in everything they did. They being the the various aqaintences Ino held all over the place.

"Yes, Ino?" she asked neutrally, already eyeing her rice bowl appreciatviely.

"Oh, I just came over to invite you to the party on Saturdy," said Ino smugly.

Naruto looked up from her tray, soba stuck halfway in her mouth.

"Party? Where?"

Ino smirked, flicking her long, platinum blonde hair over a shoulder.

"It's at Vuenos-"

Naruto snorted and swallowed her noodles.

"Ino, I hate to be the one to tell you, but we're never getting in there of all places."

"Ah-ah-ah, don't be so hasty, Naruto-kun," Naruto scowled at the name, "but it's my friend's birthday, and his siter got him a whole load of tickets, we're all set."

Naruto raised a sceptical eyebrow.

"Well, as much as I'd like to go, I don't really feel like it, especially when I don't even know the persons whose birhtday it is."

"Oh, come on," Ino whined, "if you come, I won't ever bother you about anything ever again, I promise!"

Naruto looked over the other girl apprasingly.

"You promise eh?"

Ino nodded frantically. Naruto grinned something evil.

"Well, if you insist Ino-chan, then who am I to refuse!" she said sweetly.

Ino sighed in releif, and plucked two folded white tickets from her shoulder bag.

"Give one to Sasuke-kun will you?"

Naruto nodded solemly while she took them, but smiled as Ino turned her back to leave.

She figured she'd tell Ino that Sasuke was already busy on Saturday at a later date.

In the meantime, she had an extra ticket to use. Now the only prbolem was who would piss Ino off the most…?

She caught sight of pink hair from the edge of her vision and grinned. Several passer by's swerved the evil aura of wicked doom that had suddenly surounded her.

Saturday morning dawned clear and bright, a characteristic of the time of year. It was a fairly ordinary day, nothing momentous, and certainly not a day that warranted any particular specialty. Funny how such an ordianry day, could become extraordinary with only a little thought.

Sasuke wandered down the staris and into the kitchen blearily, taking little note of his surroundings. Sasuke, most of the time was in actual fact, a morning person. So much to be done, and so much of it could be finished before lunchtime. Today however, he was still worn-out from spending the evening at Naruto's, like he did most Friday nights actually truth be told.

They'd stayed in yesterday, both curled up on the sofa with various assortments of food, most of which was piled up around Naruto, while the blonde picked out a selection of extremely violent ninja films for them to watch. It had been…nice he decided, despite being horrendously girly (extreme blood baths not included). He'd bathed happily in the afterglow of Naruto's bubbly chatter, and found vindictive amusement as she described who she had invited with her to the party she was going to tommorrow night. She was going to Vuenos, which he vaguely remembered as being overated anyway.

His main concern was that he wasn't going with her, and though they'd gotten over their fight about Sai, Ssauke still felt irrationally uncomfortable about letting her out by herself. It was only to himself that he would ever admit that the thought of Naruto getting a boyfriend made him…nervous. If she did, would she then forget about him, leaving him alone, taking her bright countenance with her? However, this was overpowered by the boiling rage he would conjure up every time he thought of a boy being with Naruto, his dobe. His reasons for possesiveness, he never really dared to explore, passing them off as thinking of Naruto in the same way he would with a sister perhaps, if he ever had one.

It was the only logical conclusion he could come up with.

He sighed and headed over to the fridge, though he only ever opened it out of habit; his usual morning sustenance, regardless of being a morning person, being the black sweet goodness of caffeine.

In his tired state, he only realised someone was in the kitchen when he almost bumped into them.


Sasuke blinked, and stared at the woman in front of him, dazed mind kicking up a gear, trying to process whyshe would be here.

She must of seen the confusion on his face, for she chuckled lightly.

"Me and Itachi-kun got in late last night, and my brother would of killed me if I had come home so late, so I stayed over. But, never fear, for I am making breakfast! How you ever survive here without a female presence I'll never understand. Do you even know how to use half the applicances in here?"

Sasuke shook his head wordlessly, knowing prefectly well what she wanted to know. It was odd, usually he would be blushing by now…

She waved at him with an oven mit and shepherded him to sit at the granite topped island, sitting on one of the high stools. He let himself be moved with little resistance, and she laughed at his sleepiness, before banging a cup of coffee on the counter, which he gratefully sipped.

"Ha! You're just the same, Itachi's not a morning person either, I can't even begin to imagine how much coffee you two must go through!"

Her teal eyes twinkled with amusement, as she quickly turned back to whatever she was working on over the stove. He heard the faint crackle of heated metal, and stared out the window. From the island, he had a great view of the front garden and the houses beyond. It was still early, so he could make out the bright orange on the horizon that was the rising sun. It shone in shafts through the bay glass windows, warming his entire right side where he sat, highlighting the faint twirls of steam rising from his coffee cup. He blew on it gently and sipped. He'd always liked watching the sun rise in the early morning; it vaguely reminded him of Naruto whenever he saw it.

He glanced over towards Temari, suddenly hit by how…domestic it all felt. Him sitting there drinking coffee while she made breakfast, fiddling and fussing over a packet of flour, while the morning sun illuminated her agaisnt the stone.

He frowned slightly, and averted his eyes to the fruit bowl, idly noting that the pears were growing mouldy. They'd need changing.

He was startled due to his inattention as Temari happily placed a plate on the counter in front of his nose.

"Here you go Sasuke-chan! I hope you like it!"

He frowned slgihtly at being called 'Sasuke-chan' but held his tongue. He glanced down and grimaced slightly when he noticed that she'd made pancakes. He hated them, along with many similar food items. The only time he ate them was when Naruto made them- he knew how hard the girl tried in the kitchen (being a disaster most of the time), even he didn't have the heart not to eat her efforts, not to mention that she always put almond sugar on it (he had absoluetly no idea were she had gotten a hold of it), which made it more than bearable.

He continued to frown at his plate, before glancing up back to Temari, realising with stark clarity, that she didn't know him at all.

The realisation was more than distrubing.

He had always thought, that she would just naturally know, like she had known he was lost all those years ago when they met…

"Sasuke-chan," she said, as she caught him staring at her with the oddest expression on his face, "are you alright, you look a little pale- well paler than normal anyway!"

She laughed a little then, and Sasuke couldn't help but wince slightly, turning his head away.

Inside, his thoughts were a bit more chaotic. In fact, it could more accurately be described as a mass pandemonium. It was such a stupid thing to strike him- that she didn't know him- hell, he didn't really know about her either…yet, he couldn't get it out of his head.

Naruto knew him- she knew him sometimes better than he knew himself. She could be loud, rude, crude, and a complete idiot, not to metnion excrutiatingly annoying, but she was also sweet. In a way that no one else was.

He prodded at the food on his plate half heartedly and out of courtesy alone took a hesitant bite.

The dobe made better pancakes too.

He let the fork drop, as he uneasily swallowed and glanced back to Temari, who was absentmindedly washing up, not looking as bright as he'd thought, despite the sun still gleaming through the windows.

He abruptly pushed his stool away from the counter, and with a mumbled thanks ran off up the staris to grab a jumper and then dashed off again, this time out the front door.

Temari wasn't who he thought she was- she probably had never been. A thought that challenged nearly every thought he'd held for the past six years.

Add to that, Naruto kept popping up in his thoughts with alarming regularity.

He really needed to think.

Naruto sighed as the rumbling sound echoed down the street from the basmement of the club behind her and sighed a little to herself, unconsiously pouting with the action.

The night had generally been a disapointment, mostly due to her fun of bringing Sakura instead of Sasuke being spoiled at finding out exactly whose birthday it was.

Kiba- a boy she'd known before she'd come to this highschool. He'd taken the utmost delight in reminding her just why she was so glad to leave him behind.

She had swiftly made her exit, wanting no more than to simply dissapear. Or magically appear back home. Either would be great.

She sighed once and pulled her jacket closer. Once the sun went down it often cooled quite quickly, and it was only early summer.

She wandered by the side of the road, wondering absently whether to just simply attempt to make her own way home, or to wait for Ino and the others to head back together. She couldn't really decide- chance getting raped on the way home, or have to put up with Ino and Sakura at the same time.

Tough decision.

She leaned agains the metal railing, and fidgeted slightly, tugging at her sleeves in an attempt to cover her hands. It was getting really cold all of a sudden, and her fingers were already going numb.

She stood there for a while, the time slipping away as minutes ran into eachother, the night growing colder as her breath began to materialise in wisps of white smoke.

She vaguely listened to distant footsteps and let herself turn when she heard them stop short. She turned, and was distinctly surprised.

"Sasuke! What are you doing here?"

But Sasuke didn't reply, he just stared morosely at the ground, eyes fixed in their usual cold expression.

"I wouldn't expect you to know, baka."

Naruto frowned, but didn't reply, instead intent to focus her gaze on the passing blurs of lights in the distance.

They both stood there, side by side, indugling in the companiable silence. Naruto couldn't quite think up a reason why the other was here, so she said nothing.

"Naruto…" he started, before his voice was taken away by the wind.

She turned to him, blue eyes curious.

"I've been…doing a lot of thinking."

She cocked her head to the side, bemused by the Uchiha's newfound talkativeness.

"I-" he paused a little, a car roaring in the distance, "I knew you never really liked Temari Naruto."

Naruto glanced at him sharply, but didn't say a thing.

Sasuke paused once again, dark eyes peering out over the street impassively.

"I was wondering, why that was?"

Naruto quickly averted her eyes to the floor, noting the dirty tissue and small stones that littered the pavement.

"You know why Sasuke," she muttered lowly to the ground, "You should know me well enough."

There was no reply, but the silence was telling in its smugness. She darted her head up and glared fiercely.

"So now what? You're going to tell me to leave, that you love Temari, what Sasuke, what?"

The words came with a forced calm, and her voice was seriously low and rough. She had expected this for a long time- no need to draw it out now.

"Hn, dobe."

She blinked.


Sasuke turned his gaze from the road, dark eyes fixed intently on her. She couldn't help but feel flustered when she realised how close they were standing.

"Temari was never a reality, merely a…dream, one that which would never be."

He fixed her with a peircing look, which stopped her interuption cold.

"You are reality Naruto, you're my reality."

He smirked, and she never wished for to be able to hit him more than she did at that moment.

"And you know how much I hate dreams…"

He leaned forward, and despite all the things she could of done, she simply stood there. Didn't kiss back, didn't pull away, didn't hit him like she sorely wanted to. She just felt his lips against her own, and she stood there.

Sasuke didn't seem fazed.

"Tch. Don't even know how to kiss people properly, usuratonkachi?"

He slowly moved off, ambling along down the round leisurely, hands in pockets, clearly expecting her to catch up.

Naruto blinked, and tentatively trailed a hand along her lips. They didn't feel any different.

Sasuke smirked as he heard the sound of her running after him, heels clacking. He wasn't so prepared when she tackled him from behind, sending him sprawling on the ground.


He was interupted by the fist in his face, and as his head hit the tarmac.

He felt some blood trickle down from his nose.

He decided it wasn't so bad when she swooped down and kissed him back this time.

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