By: Glass Mermaid

Disclaimer: I own nothing that you recognize.

Summary: He'd always known that his past would cost him, but he never knew the price. She always knew her future would catch her, but she didn't know how fast. Love isn't always beautiful; that doesn't stop the want.

AN: This takes place after the FFVII movie, Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus. I've tried to remain as true as possible to canon.

This story jumps back and forth between a T rating and an M, with a hefty amount of swearing, some innuendo, sex, violence and blood. Read at your own discretion, or just skim over what you're uncomfortable with!

Also, this story is completed already. I will be posting chapters weekly, so that I can double check them all and make sure everything is correct. On with the show!


His eyes were deceptively young for the kind of work he did, all carefree laughter and languid nonchalance. His face was too attractive and his smile too playful for a man who murdered as casually as he breathed. He moved limp and sinuous like an alley cat in the sun, his long limbed body a study of insolence.

"Oh Gaia, please, please help me," wept the man at his feet, hands tied so tightly behind his back that they were a deep and angry purple.

Throwing a half amused glance at his tall, silent partner, the redhead shrugged.

"Looks like she's not listening, pal," he sighed.

The man let out a terrified wail as Reno clubbed him indifferently with the heavy metal rod, and dragged his sweaty body further into a protective ball. He tipped his head up to stare at the Turk with horrible pleading eyes.

"Please stop, please! Gaia help me!"

Frowning, Reno listened for a long moment to the panic laden prayers, admiring the sheen of tears, snot and spit that was currently smeared all over the man's bruised face.

"You think she'd help an asshole like you?" he asked, morbidly curious. All he received in reply was another unintelligible cry of fear.

His PHS rang once before abruptly silencing, a signal to end the festivities. It was a blessing in disguise because he was starting to get annoyed. Releasing a loud sigh, Reno hefted the weight of his EMR comfortably in his hands and approached the weeping man. The man was a terrorist, a liar and a murderer, plotting petty, pointless catastrophes in order to further his group agenda. He dealt drugs and smuggled weapons into the new city of Edge and kept the old Midgar gang wars active in the slowly growing city, profiting off the pain and suffering of those around him. He was a terrible person. He was a dangerous person.

He began to gibber with terror when Reno pressed the cold, hard end of the EMR against his temple. Idly, the Turk wondered if this man now knew what his victims had felt before meeting their horrible deaths at his hand. He then wondered if he himself would one day be the man kneeling on the floor, dripping with blood and tears, while another held death in his hands.

"Gaia! Gaia, help me!" The weeping man continued to pray.

He flicked his weapon on to its highest setting.

"Fuck ups like you and me," Reno murmured, blue white light washing eerily over his blank face as electricity jumped and crackled and the man's keening wails were abruptly silenced, "just don't get the hero treatment from that bitch."

The body fell with an awkward thump, and his lips twisted at the heavy, greasy smell of charred flesh filling the room. He raised his eyes to the silent form of Rude, and jerked his head towards the door.

"Want a drink?" he asked offhand, tapping his weapon against his shoulder.

Rude nodded.

They filed out, leaving the smoking corpse without a backward glance.

He had finished the mission. He had no regrets.

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