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Buffy and Riley had arrived at the small Italian restaurant just in time. They were the last couple to get served. The place was perfect; it was in the middle of a park the tables were candlelit and had a small vase with a single rose who smelt like heaven.

"As soon as I smelt the rose, Angel popped again in my mind. He used to bring me a flower when we were "patrolling" together; of course most of the times we got into fights so the flower ended up being stepped upon by some demon, but that did not discourage him he kept bringing every time."

Riley asked me what I wanted to eat, I have been staring at the menu for some minutes know and haven't said a word. I really have to push Angel out of my mind.

I told him to order whatever he wanted; he liked to feel in control like he was in charge of our relationship even though we both know I can beat the crap out of him any time.

Dinner rolled beautifully, the food was delicious and no vampire appeared so I was pleased. After dinner we chose to walk to the hotel rather than take a taxi since the night was so beautiful.

"Buffy. You are a little distant since we left the hotel. Is everything all right?"Since they left the hotel Buffy was absent, most of the time she was drifting in her own thoughts.

"What is it Riley? Did you say anything? Sorry I was distracted." I must pay attention to him more. Damn you Angel. What have you done to me?

"Yes. I asked you if everything is ok because you seem to be absent minded since we left the hotel."

"No. Everything is perfect. I was just thinking about Willow, Giles and everyone we left behind. I hope everything is all right …" She was a horrible person, but she couldn't tell him the truth.

Riley held her tight, so that was all.

"I know they are okay baby. If anything had come up I am sure they would have called you, that's what cells are for. Better?" he kissed her on the top of her head.

"Much. Let's go back. I am a bit tired."

"Your wish is my command." They moved a bit faster towards the hotel.

Angel had stood up in the middle of Wesley's narration and now he had ended Angel kept pacing up and down the room.

Wesley would swear you could hear the wheels inside his head working, processing all the information he had given him.

"So this is all a curse?" he finally asked.

"Yes, Angel. This woman must have been deeply heart so she wanted everyone to pay."

"Wes. You don't see it, do you? This is horrible. How am I supposed to save her from an invisible monster? Can she be a target? Maybe this is why she came? Can she know? You said the victims must be truly in love, are they? "

Wes was confused. He couldn't understand what Angel was saying.

"Angel calm down. You are not making any sense. Please talk to me so that I can help you"

"Buffy. . ."

"Oh. No, don't start with that I told Giles not to tell her anything. I am sure he is a man of his word and that he hasn't told her anything. Anyway he would have told me now, over the phone had he told Buffy."

"NO. You are not listening. BUFFY IS HERE."

"Here? Where in the lobby? You left her with Cordy?"

Angel was frustrated, when did it become soooo difficult for him and Wesley to communicate?

"Wesley. Buffy is not in the lobby, nor anywhere in the Hyperion. She is at the Barington hotel."

Wesley was stunned. Could that be true, or was Angels mind playing tricks on him again.

Angel sensed what was going on inside the old-watchers mind

"It is true Wes. I saw Buffy with him and trust me, this is something I would never dream about."

"Ok. Fair enough I trust you. But what is she doing here?"

"That I don't know. By the looks of it . . . they are having a romantic weekend away from the Hellmouth." Angel was disgusted. It took him forever to say these words.

His Buffy was having a romantic weekend with #, a mere human a nobody. He wanted her to have a life but why was it so difficult for him to accept it?

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