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Previously: The Rangers were too late and both Jason and Kimberly were turned evil. But Jason was able to snap out of the control and help Kimberly out of Maligore's spell.

Chapter6 Fall of Maligore Part2

Just then Zack and Trini walked up.

"Sorry guys." Jason said

"Hey we knew you were faking it when we got up." Zack said

"Yeah but I think you went over the top with Billy." Trini said

"Wait that was Billy?" Jason asked

"Yeah Billy's the new Red." Trini said

"Wow." Kimberly and Jason said

"You had no idea." Zack said

"I wasn't really paying attention." Jason said

"Well anyway you two might need these." Zack said

Zack handed Jason the Black Storm Turbo Morpher while Trini handed the Pink Crane Morpher to Kimberly. Just then Tommy and Aisha ran up.

"Man am I glad you two are ok." Aisha said

"Thanks but we still have a wedding to stop." Jason said

"It's Morphin Time." Kimberly said

"Pink Crane." Kimberly called

Kimberly morphed into the Pink Crane Ranger.

"How come you didn't morph?" Zack asked

"I'm waiting to see if the others need my help." Jason said

"So what are we going to do?" Aisha asked

"So help Lerigot and his Family." Jason said

"Right." Kimberly said

The five Rangers went to help Lerigot and his family. While Jason started fighting the Piranahtrons. Meanwhile Divatox ran up to the Lava pit.

"Watch it, you Christmas tree ornament!" Divatox said

"Sorry about that." Rygog said

"Maligore! Arise and meet your bride! Together we will exact revenge on Lerigot, descendent of those who imprisoned you! Come to me! Please! Awe, come on." Divatox said

Just then Kimberly and Aisha helped the Liarians.

"The Humans are pure again!" Rygog said

"I hate to tell you this but I was never evil to begin with." Jason said

"What?" Divatox asked

"I can't be turned evil. Because I'm fully connected to my Wolf soul." Jason said

"So you're the one with the Wolf soul." Divatox said

"Got that right." Jason said

"Now we don't have a sacrifice!" Elgar said

"Oh, but we do, dear nephew." Divatox said

"We do?" Elgar asked

Divatox then got her pet to attack Elgar and then Divatox threw him into the Lava pit.

"Remind me to get another pet." Divatox said

Just then Kimberly started fighting the Piranahtrons.

"Out of my face." Kimberly said

Just then a Piranahtron grabbed Kimberly from behind Just then the Piranahtron got tapped on the shoulder.

"Excuse me." Jason said

Jason then punched the Piranahtron then kicked it away from Kimberly.

"Why, thank you." Kimberly said

"Any time." Jason said

"I think you better morph." Kimberly said

"Good idea. Shift into Turbo." Jason said

Jason then moved his arms like a steering wheel then placed the key inside the Turbo Morpher and turned the key.

"Black Storm Turbo Power." Jason said

Jason and Kimberly held hands and Jason kicked Kimberly and spun around Kimberly kicked the Piranahtrons down before Jason stopped spinning around and put Kimberly back on the ground.

"Sorry I should have asked if you wanted to go for a spin." Jason said

"Hey it was fun." Kimberly said

"I'll help the others you help Trini, Zack, Tommy and Aisha." Jason said

"Right." Kimberly said

Jason ran off towards the other Turbo Rangers while Kimberly ran off to help the others. Meanwhile Billy took down some of the Piranahtrons when the other four Turbo Rangers ran up.

"Man tough room." Billy said

Just then there was an explosion.

"Straighten up he's coming." Divatox said

Just then there was another explosion.

"I don't think I like this one bit." Billy said

Just then there was another explosion.

"Come to me, Maligore! Unite our powers as one." Divatox said

Just then Maligore showed up

"Get ready to take this freak." Billy said

"She wants to marry him?" Kat asked

Just then Maligore got out of the Volcano.

"Are you sure about this?" Rygog asked Divatox.

The Rangers looked on.

"I think its time to break out the hardware." Rocky said

"Good call, Rocky. Let's go it." Billy said

The Rangers pulled out there weapons as Maligore walked up to Divatox.

"Turbo Lightning Sword!" Billy said

"Turbo Hand Blasters." Rocky said

"Turbo Star Chargers." Tanya said

"Turbo Thunder Cannon." Adam said

"Turbo Wind Fire." Kat said

"Fire." Billy said

Just then all five weapons fired at Maligore but the blasts had no effect.

"It's not working." Kat said

Just then a chain came out of no where and tripped Maligore.

"Have a nice trip." Jason said

Then Chain then tripped Maligore up again.

"See you next fall." Jason said as he went into a spin jump.

Jason then stopped and placed his Auto Blaster into the back of the Turbo Storm Axe.

"Bye, Bye." Jason said

Jason then fired a blast that sent Maligore backwards. Jason then landed in front of the other Turbo Rangers.

"You guys got the Turbo Zords?" Jason asked

"Yeah the Turbo Zords and the Black Storm set." Billy said

"Good. We need to get to those Cars." Jason said

"Right." The other rangers said

"Tommy, Get the Liarians to safety." Jason yelled

"Right." Tommy said

"Come on let's go." Kimberly said

The five Rangers then helped Lerigot and Yara escape the Temple. While Divatox and Rygog escaped the temple as well. The six Turbo Rangers got Maligore to follow them outside. Back outside the Temple the six Turbo Rangers ran to there Zords. Maligore then escaped the temple. While the Six Rangers drove there Zords.

"Head for the clearing." Jason said

"Got it." Tanya said

"Right behind you." Kat said

"Copy that." Adam said

"Yeah." Rocky said

"Let's do this." Billy said

"Black Storm Megazord Power up." Jason said

Just then Dark White Wind Chaser became the arms and hands, Dark Green Deesrt Thunder and Dark Yellow Dune Star became the legs, Dark Blue Mountain Blaster became the body and Black Storm became the head. Then all five cars combined and stood up reviling the Head of the Megazord.

"Black Storm Megazord on line." Jason said

Meanwhile just then Divatox and Rygog just escaped the temple.

"You're goin' on a diet the minute we get back. Come on! We'll miss the whole fight." Divatox said

Just then Maligore grew Thirty Stories tall. Meanwhile the five Turbo Rangers made it to the clearing.

"Let's see what this baby's got. Ready to bring 'em together?" Billy asked

"Wind Chaser ready." Kat said

"Ready." Adam said

"Ready." Tanya said

"Ready." Rocky said

"Do it! Turbo Megazord sequence on line." Billy said

Just then the five Turbo Cars grew to there Megazord size.

"Powering up the Turbo shield armor. Desert Thunder's ready to rock!" Adam said

"Dune Star's right there with you." Tanya said

"Mountain Blaster ready." Rocky said

Just then Rocky and Billy drove up to Kat, Adam and Tanya.

"Initiate Docking sequence now." Kat said

Just then Wind Chaser became the arms and hands then combined with Mountain Blaster

"Mountain Blaster's lined up and coming in!" Rocky said

Just then Desert Thunder and Dune Star became the feet and combined with Mountain Blaster.

"Red Lightning coming in for final docking sequence." Billy said

Red Lightning then combined with Mountain Blaster. Then the jets underneath Red Lightning pushed the Megazord up onto its feet then the head showed up and the Turbo Megazord Powered up

"Megazord Turbo Charge." The five rangers said

Just then Black Storm Megazord showed up.

"Not bad." Jason said

"Thanks now let's get this freak." Billy said

The two Megazords started fighting Maligore. While Divatox and Rygog watched.

"Maligore win this one for me Babe!" Divatox said

Just then Maligore shot out flames.

"Not this time hot head." Jason said

Just then Dark Blue Mountain Blaster sent out powerful jet of water soaking Maligore and getting rid of the flames.

"How did you know you could do that?" Kat asked

"What it's not may fault each one of my Turbo Zords controls and element." Jason said

"That's why there more powerful its dew to the Power of the Golden Powers and the elements." Tanya said

Just then the Turbo Megazord sword and shield show up.

"Ready to fly?" Billy asked

"Ready." Kat said

"All right. Engage mega Turbo jets now." Billy said

Just then the Turbo Megazord started to hover.

"Turbo jets full power." All five Rangers said

Just then the Turbo Megazord charged at Maligore.

"Later, flame-face!" Tommy said

The Turbo Megazord struck Maligore and then Maligore fell off the edge of the Island and into the sea blowing up.

"Good job." Billy said

"We did it." Rocky said

"Yes." Adam said

Meanwhile the Volcano was still erupting.

"The Volcano! It's erupting! We'd better get out of here." Rygog said

"All my plans! The money! The jewels! The plastic surgery…I didn't even get a honeymoon! You mark my words, Rygog. The Power Rangers will pay for this one day. I never accept defeat!" Divatox said

"Right. No defeat. So what do we do now?" Rygog asked

"Run." Divatox said

"Right." Rygog said

"I want my mommy." Divatox said

Meanwhile the other five Rangers, Lerigot and Yara walked up to the Black Storm Megazord and Turbo Megazord.

"Hey guys. How about a lift?" Jason asked

The Black Storm Megazord and Turbo Megazord each let down there hands. Lerigot and Yara and Tommy all hopped into the Turbo Megazord while Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Aisha all hopped into the Black Storm Megazord. The next day back at the Stadium Rocky, Adam and Jason were fighting three teens from Stone Canyon. Rocky managed to score the first point. Everyone cheered as Adam managed to get the second point. Then Jason gained the final point with his old reliable step spin kick.

"The national title goes to the Angel Grove shelter." The Announcer said.

"I knew they could do it." Aisha said

"Come on." Kat said

All eight rangers ran up and cheered. Jason, Adam and Rocky smiled as they gained the check and trophy.

End of Turbo Rangers New Beginnings Rise of Maligore. Next up Turbo Rangers New Beginnings.