Author's Note:

What if Peyton made one of the biggest mistakes in her life? Will she fix it? Or is it too late? Jeyton/Brucas!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the fiction.

"Where's your head at, Peyton?" He asked running his fingers through his messy brown hair. "Well, when I went to bed tonight I was living a fairy tale, and when I woke up, it's a nightmare." She said smiling sadly at the little girl she called her daughter. "No, it's still a fairy tale don't give up on that. Just look inside your heart, and ask yourself is Lucas still there? And if not, ill be here." He said softly, desperately trying to hold back tears, if not already crying.

And there it was, the end. The end of Jake and Peyton, a fairy tale. Or so Peyton thought. But Jake knew better, he knew that one day, someday, they would find their way back to each other. Peyton was still, as usual, unwilling to hope.

She lied down on her stomach on her bed. The tears she was crying were overwhelming her, and she just didn't understand. She didn't love Lucas, she loved Jake. She had tried all that fateful night, trying to make him understand, but she couldn't. She just had to accept it. But he said he would always be there, and she knew she had to go back. To her home, to her lover, and her daughter.

Peyton had known her whole life that fate had its way of getting inside, and taking control of your life. So did Jake. And Peyton always knew that ever since he was in jail, and they placed their fingertips on the glass, that their would always be a wall separating them. This time, the walls name was Lucas. But she was tired of that wall, and she just wanted a way around it.

Lucas Scott was never the kind to wallow in self-pity. But, just this once, he decided to anyway. He had everything he could ever want and wish for. He had his beautiful girlfriend, Miss. Brooke Davis, He was on honor roll, and he was extremely good at basketball. But, someone was missing in his life. A father. Keith Scott, the man Lucas once called his father, although he was his uncle. Keith was shot by Jimmy Edwards, a local student at Tree Hill High. But something didn't seem right. Lucas knew in his heart that Jimmy couldn't kill a fly, never mind Keith. All the possibilities ran through his mind before a knock on the door.

"Hi Boyfriend!" A cheery dark haired girl said as she sat down beside him. "Hey, what's wrong?" She asked him, looking concerned. Lucas loved it when she looked like that. It made her more beautiful then she already was in his mind. "Yeah, just thinking about stuff." He answered looking into her eyes. She smiled and laced his hand in hers. "Look Lucas, there's something I need to tell you."

The plane ride was excruciatingly painful as Peyton struggled to stay comfortable in her seat. She was on her way to Savannah, hoping not to scare Jake. Her thoughts were interrupted by a kid kicking the back of her chair. Just as she was about to lose it, they announced they were landing. Peyton never knew that the words, "We are now arriving in Savannah, Georgia." Could be so beautiful.

"I'm pregnant." The words rang through his ears. His eyebrows arched as he saw she was on the verge of tears. All he could muster up was, "Are you sure?" She nodded and continued. "I took a test yesterday and went to the doctor this morning; they said I'm four weeks pregnant." Lucas almost started to cry as he knew this was no scare. The tears began to run freely down both their cheeks as they curled into an embrace. "Lucas I don't know what to do..." She said through sobs.

Peyton quietly walked up the stairs of the house she desperately wanted to call home. She always knew not to ring the doorbell, incase Jenny was sleeping, so she knocked. After a short while. A tall, brown haired and browned eyed man answered the door; he was a little more tired, and a little more broken, but still her Jake. "Hi." She said smiling. "Hi." He said back smiling as well. "So, the last time I was here you told me to follow my heart, but Jake, I can't... You are the one I love,'s you." He smiled as she added on a joke. "And besides Peyton Jagielski sounds better then Peyton Scott." He smiled and chuckled as he hugged her tightly, both never wanting to let go again.

Lucas woke up in the middle of the night to a loud noise. Something being dropped. He got up and looked in the kitchen, were he found his mother. "Sorry Lucas, it slipped." She said an apologetic voice, picking up the pan. "Mom, there's something I have to tell you." He said calmly. Really much like the first scare. She looked at him sadly. "Is this about Brooke?" She asked looking him in the eye. "What about Brooke?" he asked worriedly. "Well," his mother started. "She disappears for almost four weeks and then she appears in your bedroom while you're both crying?" Lucas out his head down in shame as she walked closer to him. "Lucas, I know, that she is pregnant, and I know you are scared out of your mind, but please promise me you won't leave her." Lucas nodded, slightly taken back by the question. "Okay." He answered as his mother started crying.

Peyton awoke in a soft, familiar smelling comfortable bed. It was Jake's bed. She also found her clothes lying conveniently on the floor as she was only wearing a men's extra-large t-shirt. She smiled to her pillow before she felt Jake roll over and speak. "Hello, sleepyhead." He exclaimed kissing her cheek and pulling her closer. "Mmm...I could stay like this forever." She replied cuddling into him more. "Maybe we can." Peyton, who didn't understand what he meant, looked into his big brown eyes filled with hope. "Peyton Sawyer, will you marry me?" He asked smiling.

Lucas walked into Brooke's new apartment were he called her name multiple times. He continued until he heard what sounded like vomiting. He ran into the bathroom were Brooke we perched on her knees, throwing up into the toilet. "Brooke." He said pulling her hair back as she continued. When she was finished she wiped off her face and embraced him long and hard. "Lucas, I can't do this!" she exclaimed through sobs. "Brooke, I'm sorry." He said hugging her tightly. "Lucas, I'm gonna get fat!" she said crying harder as Lucas chuckled. "It's okay Brooke. I love you, It'll work out." And there he was again, saying words he didn't believe.

Peyton looked into his dark brown pools of chocolate. She could tell he was serious as he held his hand and looked into his eyes. "Yes." She said happily with tears in her eyes. Jake kissed her tenderly and smiled. "I love you Peyton Sawyer." She smiled back and said, "Jagielski, Peyton Elizabeth Jagielski."