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Authors Note:

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Tree Hill was insanely quiet that week. All that was heard was a faint whisper or the wind howling through the trees, nothing else. That was what happened when someone in Tree Hill passed away.

They were all gathered at his funeral. The odd choke of sob or a scuffle of a shoe was all that 17 year old Brooke Scott heard as she saw the man that she loved, be carried by her in a casket.

She felt Peyton stiffen beside her and tried not to do it herself. She was already too stressed out as it was, which wasn't good considering she was 2 months pregnant.

With his baby.

The preacher rambled on about he was in a better place, that he was with the angels now. Brooke had wondered if he was with Keith, laughing and joking like they used to. And then she did something she hadn't done in a week and a half.

She smiled.

That all seemed like a distant memory to twenty-two year old Brooke Scott. "Mama." A four year old Michael Keith Scott whispered from the doorway. "I can't sleep!" He said. Brooke smiled. "Come here buddy." She said motioning to the bed where she lied. She couldn't believe how much Michael looked like Lucas.

His soft blue eyes, his golden blonde hair, his easy going and loveable personality. Michael crawled into bed with her and cuddled up next to her, Brooke kissing his forehead. "Mommy?" He asked. "Yeah baby?" She asked smiling down at his handsome face.

"My friend Mallory DeLuca says everyone has where's mine?" Brooke shook in her bed. " do have a daddy. Do you wanna see a picture of him?" Michael nodded eagerly.

Brooke broke away from her son to get the picture from under her bed. It was a picture of Lucas in his sophomore year. "This man is your daddy." Michael took the picture and studied it. "Where is he now?" He asked.

"He's with his daddy, in heaven." Brooke said, referring to Keith. She felt tears well up in her eyes as her son said,

"I love daddy." Brooke smiled. "Me too, baby. Me too." She said kissing his forehead again and placing the picture on her nightstand before saying goodnight to her baby boy. It was one of those moments when she knew Lucas was smiling down at them.

And he was.

Jake and Peyton were happy to finally have a moment's peace. Jenny, who was now six, was already a handful. She had dark brown hair and piercing brown eyes, and it scared Jake sometimes because he knew she was going to be beautiful. She was also a girly girl, which scared Jake even more.

Their youngest son, Christopher, was now four and cuter then ever. He had dark brown hair with brown eyes. Just like Jenny. All Jake's children where spitting images of him, and sometimes Peyton was thankful for this. But Jake knew she was beautiful.

They lied down beside one another in their bed. They seemed so distant, farther apart then they used to be. And Peyton didn't like that feeling. She climbed into his strong arms and kissed his chest. "I love you." She whispered smiling.

He looked down at her. "I love you too." He said. It felt so damn good to say that.

They had just started to fall asleep when a tap was heard at the door. "Mommy...daddy..." A little Christopher whispered. "I can't sleep. The boogeyman is gonna get me." Peyton smiled and silently giggled, and Jake smiled as well.

"Come here, buddy." Peyton whispered as Christopher crawled into bed between them. Jake smiled as his son crawled into the bed.

Christopher crawled underneath the covers and Jake and Peyton smiled at each other. They remembered the day he was born.

"Mrs. Jagielski you have to push! Push!!" The doctors yelled at Peyton, whose forehead and body as all sweaty, Jake holding her hand. He was sure she had broken a few bones in his hand.

"I'm trying!!" She screamed, taking deep breaths moaning painfully.

And then, out of no where, a cry was heard.

The doctors lifted him up. There he was, their son.

Peyton looked up at Jake, and saw that he was crying.

That was a moment she would carry with her forever. A man crying at the sight of his newborn baby.

James Lucas Scott was a surprise to the new Scott family. Haley and Nathan had always been careful. Well, so had Peyton and Jake and Brooke and Lucas.

James Lucas Scott had his father's glistening blue eyes, and his mother's dark blonde hair. He was very intelligent for his age, like Christopher and Michael.

Nathan and Haley had been through a lot. A teenage marriage, a runaway, cheating...all of it. But they always survived in the end, and they always would.

Brooke knew what it was like to survive in the end. And although that she was still grieving over the loss of Lucas, and always would, a part of him was with her every single day and his name was Michael Keith Scott.

Brooke smiled back on the memory of Lucas.

"If anything ever happens to me..." Lucas started.

"But nothing will happen to you, ever! I can't stand to lose you Lucas, I just couldn't do it!" Brooke cried onto his shoulder.

"I love you pretty girl." Lucas said, looking into her brown eyes that were now misty with tears. "I love you, Lucas. And I always will."

And it was true. She had always loved Lucas. And she always would, no matter what.

When Jake and Peyton were sure Christopher was asleep, they began to whisper to one another.

"I think he's asleep." Jake whispered, Peyton nodded. "We sure have some crazy kids." Jake said smiling at her. "We sure have some crazy life." Peyton said smiling. "What? Are you kidding?" Jake chuckled before continuing.

"This is all I ever wanted."

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