The Governor's Daughter

March 23rd, 1731

My new governess arrives soon. Lady Mary is far younger than my previous governess, Catherine. She is said to be much kinder, also. Lady Mary is even bringing with her a sister of sixteen years. My father is sure we will get along wonderfully, although she is two years my senior.

I am not sure as to why Governess Catherine was sent away. I did overhear her say something about my mother, but I did not fully understand the rest. When I told my father, however, his mouth formed a thin line and I thought it best to never repeat the phrase.

I do hope Lady Mary is as pleasant as I have heard, for I do think I could not bear her to be as strict as Governess Catherine, who would reprimand me for even the slightest of errors.


March 30th, 1731

Lady Mary arrived today! She is quite different from Governess Catherine. Her face is plump, and her cheeks are rosy. Her sister, Jane, is quite the same, although her hair is lighter. Jane seems lovely, and I do believe I will get along with her.



I showed Jane around town this afternoon. She seemed awestruck that we were so surrounded by water, and gasped when I told her that pirates sailed by every so often. She claimed that she had always thought pirates to be a frightful legend.

"But Jane, dear, do you not find that sort of life simply grand?" I asked her as we walked by the docks.

Jane shook her head.

"I simply cannot believe, Miss Elizabeth, that the British Navy would do nothing to extinguish such criminals!"

"Well I am glad they cannot. Meeting a pirate would be splendid, in my opinion."

After that, the sky began darkening and we were forced to return home.

I do not see how Jane could not find pirates fascinating. To be free to sail the world, free of societal rules and pleasantries, would be magnificent. I longed for such freedom.

For now, however, I am simply Miss Elizabeth Swann, the governor's daughter.


A/N: This is the beginning of an idea I thought up in history today. Let me know what you think. (I tried to use correct dates and language for the time period, but let me know if you find anything wrong)