First day back at school since the Easter holidays I was having a crap morning couldn't find my school stuff and I hadn't slept the night before so hell I was nackerd. I almost fell asleep on the bus if it wasn't for jack keep talking.

Finally got off the bus just like before the holidays but Amy had stopped going out with lee. I was pretty happy we had science first so I knew I was going to see Amy but I got to science and she wasn't there.

I was asking everyone where Amy was but nobody new so I went through the day pretty depressed because I really wanted to speak to her. After school I tried to phone her mobile but it was off so I tried her house and her mum answered then I asked for Amy and there was a long awkward silence until she finally said she's in hospital. my heart almost stopped I asked why and it turned out that she has a stomach spasm that gave her intense pain but it had got serious and she had been token to hospital.

I was visiting her everyday I was free and everyday I went through depressed almost talking to no one until they said she was getting back to school in a week I was ecstatic the week went by so slowly but I thought the wait would be worth it that's what I thought.

The day came and she was back to school I couldn't wait to see her we had science first so I was glad cause I sat next to her but she asked the teacher if she could sit some where else so I just thought o well its just in science but it happened in every class she moved and I never got a chance to talk to her. I tried to phone her after school but she rejected my call so text her like 20 times and no reply. I text what about all the time I spent with you in hospital then I got a reply It kind of made my face brighten up until I read the sentence that meant nothing to me.

My heart shattered and she said to stop calling her it was annoying so I just dropped my phone and went to bed I refused to go to school the next day but got forced to. I talked to no one just minding my own business. I went like this for a few weeks when ever my friends asked If I was coming out I said I was busy until one day I said to my self its just one girl there's loads so I went out the next day and had great fun and got back to my normal self but I found out that Ryan was going out with Amy. I thought no im fine it doesn't matter but when she came through to are village she kept kissing Ryan and it really hit be like someone just punched my in the chest I almost fell over but quickly stood up again.