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Part 1

Max was pacing in her office going over the plans for tonight's heist in her head, she couldn't help but have a bad feeling about this. It was Alec's idea, and although she did trust him, she was worried. He did have this nasty habit of attracting trouble in the form of bullets. And to top it all off he was 5 minutes late for his own briefing. Hearing the commotion outside of her office she barged out the doors to face her current pain in the ass.

Standing by the railing overlooking HQ Max stood with her hands on her hips. Anyone who knew Max knew not to come within 5 feet of her when she was in that mood. Her brows furrowed as she watched Alec make his way across HQ stopping occasionally to talk to some of the Xs. She noticed that since coming to HQ the other transgenics barely restrained themselves from saluting when Alec would walk in the room, most of them still sat up just a little straighter in his presence. She doesn't know what kind of ranking Alec held back at Manticore, mainly because she never asked, but she found it hard to believe that Alec of all people would be one of the big leagues.

Alec jogged up the stairs three at a time making his way towards an angry looking max. "Hey Maxie."

Max glared, "Alec you're late… again. What? Is you alarm clock broken?"

"What no 'good morning Alec, did you sleep well?'" said Alec with an innocent look on his face.

Max rolled her eyes and pushed past him into the small meeting room. "Ass. Let's just get this over with." She heard Alec mutter "Always with the ass Maxie." As she walked past him.

Max stormed into the room with Alec in tow and took her seat at the head of the table. "Did everyone look over the plans for the heist?" Max said looking around the room at the other transgenics.

Alec was leaning back in his chair with his feet perched on the table, "yea we all know what to do." He said confident everything would go off without a hitch.

Max glared at Alec annoyed "We can't afford any mistakes on this one. TC is low on food and supplies-"

"I know Max, I know what I'm doing ok?" Alec replied cutting off her rant. He was starting to get a little bothered she had so little faith in him. Ever since the first time she meet him she has seen him as nothing more than her pain in the ass screw-up.

"Whatever, well if we're done here I have work to do." And with that she got up from her seat and headed into her office.

Alec heard her office door slam and debated whether he should go after her. Something was obviously bothering her.

"She was arguing with wonder-boy earlier" said mole puffing on his cigar knowing exactly what Alec was thinking.

"Figured Captain America would find a way to make our lives more difficult." Alec could tell Max and Logan's relationship had been suffering ever since she had moved into TC, the only problem was that he seemed to be the one getting the short end of the stick. She would get mad at Logan and take it out on him. With a sigh he rose from his seat and headed in the direction of Max's office.

Max was sitting at her desk attempting to work, but she couldn't get her thoughts away from the argument she had with Logan earlier this morning. He wanted her to go on an Eyes-Only mission that would take her to Florida for a week. Did he not understand that she was needed in TC? She was CO! The most important thing in her life right now was TC, the transgenics and transhumans. How he could not understand this simple concept was beyond her. But then again if it did not involve Eyes-Only it was of no consequence. Her move to TC had been hard on their relationship, but lately it seemed Logan had become harder to tolerate. With a sigh she buried her face in her hands.

This is how Alec found her when he walked into her office. "Hey Maxie."

"What do you want Alec, I'm working" she snapped back.

"looks to me like your sulking.." She glared "Wanna talk about it?"

"No! Are you sure you have everything ready for tonight?" She asked again. She was not going out on the mission with him and couldn't help but have a bad feeling about it.

"Like I told you Max, I got it covered. What? Do you think I've never done this kind of thing before?" He asked getting a little angry.

"Well Alec last thing we need is you screwing-up!" She snapped.

"You know Max this little name calling game of yours is getting old real fast. You think I would have been kept around Manticore for as long as I did if I was such a 'screw-up'?" Max could see that Alec was angry, tension was radiating off his body. "you're the only one around here that seems to think I need 24/7 monitoring. NEWS FLASH MAX! This is what I do. This is what I was made to do..." With that he stormed out the door and out of HQ.

Alec was angry. For almost a year he had let her push him around and call him a good for nothing screw-up, but he had hoped that since becoming her SIC she would start to see who he truly was. He figured it was his fault for letting it go this far. Max was all he had when he was first out of Manticore, she was full of life and hope, and he couldn't help but be drawn to her. So he had made a few mistakes, but had he not proven to her that he had changed?

Turning around the corner he stopped in front of the room TC used as a gym. He figured he might as well blow off some steam before the heist later on. Walking in he noticed two X5s sparring on some old mats they had found in one of the abandoned buildings near Oak Street. He remembered 672 and 321 from Manticore, both were combat units, with heavy musculatures built for strength. They were not in his unit, but he could remember sparring them once or twice. 321 packed a mean uppercut.

Once the two transgenics noticed Alec had walked in they stopped and turned towards him. "Well 494, come to get your ass beat?" Said 672 with a grin.

"Now 672 we both know there is only one way this can really go down, and its Alec now by the way."

Stepping onto the mat, Alec took up a fighting stance and waited for 672 to do the same. They both charged at each other with a blur of movements, Alec easily blocking 672's punches and kicks. "Well 672 looks like you've lost your touch." Alec said landing a high spin kick to 672's head and knocking him on his back.

A crowd had started to gather around the gym to watch the fight. 494 was one of Manticore's best fighters and it was not often he took time aside to train.

Max had headed out of HQ a little after Alec had left to try and apologize. She was stunned at his outburst, he had never yelled at her before, so she knew she was out of line. She knew that he had left angry and she did not want him to be distracted on his heist tonight. She stopped walking when she heard the sounds of cheering coming from inside the makeshift gym TC had procured and walked in to see what the attraction was.

She was shocked to see Alec and some other male transgenic in the middle of the gym, both shirtless, and fighting each other. Making her way through the crowd she stood next to Fiona, an X5 who had arrived a month ago. Fixated on the fight in front of her she muttered "could he be any more stupid, here he has a job to pull tonight and he's gonna get himself hurt" to no one in particular.

Fiona looked over at Max a little surprised by her remark. "494 was the best Manticore had, he wont get hurt."

Max looked back at Fiona "This guy he's fighting has at least 30 pounds and 2 inches on him. And Even I can kick Alec's ass."

Fiona laughed softly. "The only reason you win all those fights is because he lets you."

"What! Yea right"

Fiona shook her head "just watch and see if you don't believe me."

With a scroll Max turned back to the fight and watched as Alec and the other transgenic circled each other. Alec attacked with a fury of punches, the muscles of his back flexing with every movement. Alec landed a kick to 672's ribs and she cringed when an audible crack could be heard. The sheer power of his blows and the graceful and precise way he moved was like nothing she had ever seen him do before. She realized that he must have always been holding back when he fought with her. This revelation made her angry. It was like he was toying with her.

Fiona's voice broke her out of her musings, "494 is the Alpha male there are not many who could really beat him in a fight and of those none really want to try."

Max was puzzled, "Alpha?"

"Look at it like pack hierarchy, our instinct recognize it. 494 is the dominant male, everyone looks to him as our leader." Fiona replied with a shrug.

"Has he always been the Alpha male?"

"Yea pretty much, like I said it's instinctive." Said Fiona.

The fight ended when Alec held 672 in a choke hold forcing him to surrender. Standing back up and stretching his neck from side to side he looked around the room and locked gazes with Max. "Wonderful" he said in a flat tone. He watched her as she approached him with an unreadable expression on her face.

"Max" he said in a slow deliberate tone. He was still not very happy with her and was not up for any more lecturing on her part.

Max was not surprised to see he was still mad at her about earlier "So have you always been this good or have you been training recently?" she asked in a careful tone.

Alec was a little surprised by her question "umm.. I've always been this good Maxie" he replied smirk firmly in place and wagging his eyebrow suggestively.

Her brows furrowed at his answer "So all these times you fought with me you were just.. what playing with me? Making fun of me?"

Alec didn't see this one coming "No max, its none of that I-"

"What is it then?" she snapped.

At this point Alec could see the fire practically shooting out of her eyes, but still mad from their earlier confrontation and in no mood to try and calm the angry female he snapped back "What? Would you have rathered I beat your ass every time we went at it? Maybe I just didn't want to hurt you! Ever think of that?" He practically yelled.

Looking down at her feet Max let out a long breath, deflated. "No… Alright look I'm sorry I over reacted. Its just that seeing you fight like this it just made me feel like a joke, ya know."

Alec cupped her chin and lifted her face so she would look at him. "Maxie your not a joke… look I'm sorry too ok? Why don't we forget about this. I'm gonna go take a shower and see you at lunch?"

The look in his eyes and the feel of his fingers on her face sent shivers down her spine. "yea..ok."

The way she has been reacting to Alec as of late has been confusing her. She knew that he was hot, that was no secret, but ever since her last heat she has been plagued by dreams of Alec's hands and mouth doing things to her that were far from platonic. Slowly over the last month these dreams have started infiltrating her waking life too and this is what had her really worried.

Alec was her friend wasn't he? With a sigh she headed back to HQ for a couple hours of work before heading down to TC's cafeteria.

Walking into the cafeteria she quickly grabbed a plate of food and noticed Fiona sitting by herself on a far corner table. She made her way to her and grabbed the seat in front of her.

"Hey" she said a little distracted since her mind had not stopped wondering back to the look of Alec's body glistening with sweat from his earlier fight.

"Hey Max" said Fiona between bites of food.

Max felt the hairs on her barcode prickle and turned towards the cafeterias entrance to see Alec walk in. That was another thing that was bothering her. This sudden awareness of him whenever he walked into the room. She watched him as he started to make his way towards her with a small smile on her face. Her smile quickly turned into a frown when an X5 by the name of Kelly stepped in front of him with a flirtatious smile on her face.

"Don't worry about her Max, she only wants him because he's Alpha and he knows that" Fiona replied seeing the expression on Max's face. It wasn't hard to see that Max and Alec had feeling for each other, well that is as long as you're not Max or Alec.

"I'm not worried!" Max said a little too fast to be believable.

Rolling her eyes Fiona replied "Sure" in a mocking tone.

Max stared at her plate forking the food around with a pout. Now the guy has groupies? She looked up from her plate to see Alec trying to walk away from the bimbo unsuccessfully, he eventually had to fake left and blur to the right to get away from the X5 female's overbearing attentions. Max couldn't help the small smile. And then immediately frowned since she knew that she should not be pleased with the fact that Alec was rejecting the attentions of a very willing bimbo and now making his way towards her. She knew that she had a lot of thinking to do the matter that is Alec. Maybe she could visit OC for a few hours. Surely OC would know her malfunction.

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