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Battle Mech Evangelion

Intermission 1

Training Run

Toji's teeth rattled as a simulated ER Large Laser slammed into the side of his Wolf Trap's head. The simulator aboard the Jumpship had been everything Shinji had said it would be and more, almost perfectly real, right down to the bone jarring impacts of weapon fire.

The simulation he was running placed him in a recon lance with a Wasp, Valkyrie, and Cougar against a Medium Lance in a cityscape environment. They were to simply shadow the target and report the Lance's position but were surprised to find the enemy waiting for them with a rather nasty surprise. The Lance Commander was piloting a 55 ton Enforcer III armed with an ER Large Laser, ER Small Laser, and the weapon that was giving Toji the chills, an Ultra AC-10.

His own 45 ton Wolf Trap carried an LBX AC-10 on its right arm, 2 Medium Lasers on the right torso, and an LRM 10 on the center.

Much to his misfortune he had been quickly cut of from his lance and cornered by the Enforcer.

He was jarred again as the Enforcer III spar fire from its Ultra AC-10, slamming 2 rounds into the left arm of his Wolf Trap, scraping off most of the armor and tearing into the Myomer Bundles a bit, slightly reducing the Mechs arm strength. This of course drew irritation from Toji.

"Alright ya want to play huh, eat this then"

The pair of Mechs were circling near a large building, Toji sometimes moving his Mech around the building to get away from the Enforcer's weapon's fire or to gain better firing position. He had learned that much from the games at the arcade and it seemed to serve him well. What was really screwing with him was that movement affected heat as well as weapons fire, the games never showed that and it was costing him. He checked the range, 123 meters and closing, excellent range, the rounds from his Wolf Trap's LBX Autocannon wouldn't scatter too badly at this range.

He raised his Mechs right arm and once the targeting box flashed red, and fell over the enemy's center torso, he fired.

The damage indicator on his monitor, which showed yellow on the center torso to show the enemy Mech had light torso damage, suddenly dropped to the deep red of heavy damage. Inside the cockpit Toji grinned and switched to his LRM 10. This gave the Enforcer pilot his opening and he fired his Ultra AC10 again. Both rounds found their mark on the torso, ripping open the armor and exposing both Myomer and the LRM 10 ammo. That was his Mech's one weakness, low torso armor. With the Ammo exposed the LRM's were a danger should the Ammo be hit and cook off.

So Toji took the sensible choice and jettisoned it. He armed his Medium Lasers and continued to circle, trying to gain a good lineup on the Enforcers center chest. If he could tag the chest with his Lasers and then the LBX AC-10 again it would bring the Mech down. But the Mechs pilot wouldn't give him that and kept his shoulders pointed toward the Wolf Trap

As the continued to circle and shot Toji noticed that with each circle the Enforcer was passing his discarded missile canister, which gave him an idea. As thy came around again he took aim with his Medium Laser but not at the Enforcer, at the ammo canister right next to where its right foot had landed. As the beams of barely coherent light struck the ammo it detonated, causing the Enforcer to stagger.

Toji saw his chance, lined up his target box on the Enforcer III's chest and slammed his fist onto his "Alpha Strike" button, firing off both his LBX AC-10 and both Medium Lasers. He could hardly take the heat as it spiked but the effect of the weapons fire on the enemy was perfect. The Enforcer doubled over and Toji moved his Wolf Trap away as its reactor detonated.

With a grin on his face and a bit of pride in his heart Toji turned his Wolf Trap back in the direction of his Lance. As he rounded one of the buildings his pride was cut short as a massive 130mm slug slammed into his Wolf Trap's right arm and blasted away his LBX AC-10, leaving his with just his lasers.

He checked his sensors, just in the distance there was a small signature of a light Mech of an unknown type. He began to move his Mech around to try and flank it when another slug hit, this time dead center torso. The Mech jarred violently all the lights in the cockpit lit up red. Knowing he had but one chance to live he grabbed the Eject handle between his knees and yanked. Instead of a shocking ejection from his Mech the screen in front of him simply stated.

Mech Destroyed but Safely Ejected

Congratulations Mechwarrior you get to live

Toji shook his head and pulled off his helmet. After a moment to collect his thoughts he popped the canopy of the simulator and climbed out.

From the observation window Shinji smiled. He had been right, Toji hadn't expected the commander to call one of his Lancemates for help. A rookie mistake but Toji would learn through practice. He turned to Misato, who sat next to him, and simply held out his hand. Into which Misato slipped 10 C-Bills. The bet stating Toji would fall to the Enforcer with Shinji betting on Toji.