Just a small story idea that popped into my head. My first time writing a Decepticon perspective. Please R&R.

Thundercracker hesitated. Was it really necessary to kill the human? "Please… Please…" Begged the man. He was badly injured and would soon die without medical attention.

Killing him would be a mercy. Thought the Seeker. And yet, he hesitated.

Laser fire snapped him out of his reverie. The Autobots! Thundercracker transformed and took flight. Why? Why can't I choose? He agonized to himself.
He avoided a missile shot by an Aerialbot and returned fire. Slingshot dived and tried to roll up behind the Decepticon. Thundercracker rolled, hitting the Harrier's tailfin and sending the smaller jet into a spin.

Out of control, Slingshot crashed. Weakly, he transformed, but didn't get up. He tried, but the crash had severed his primary motor relays. He was an easy target. Thundercracker landed, transformed, and walked up to stand over the helpless jet. Slingshot glared up at him.

"What are you looking at?" He sneered, but it was all too easy to hear his fear. Thundercracker aimed his left arm cannon at the Aerialbot's spark. Slingshot's optics widened in fear, but he looked as steadily as possible at his opponent. Thundercracker smirked, then hesitated. Slingshot's courage began to fail him. "What's wrong? You afraid? Just get it over with!" Although it was meant to be an insult, it sounded more like a plea.

Wavering, Thundercracker regarded the Autobot. Slowly, he lowered his weapon. Slingshot looked up at him in disbelief. The blue Seeker sighed and knelt down beside his enemy. "Yeah, that's it exactly. I'm afraid. Afraid to obey, but more afraid to not obey." Why did he say that?

Slingshot looked at him, face blank. Finally, he opened his mouth to speak. "Why?"

"I don't know…" Thundercracker stood up and flinched as a second Aerialbot shot at him, determined to save his brother. Thundercracker glanced down at the Harrier. He could kill the young jet now, he SHOULD kill the Aerialbot now. "You have good wingmates; mine wouldn't bother worrying about me."

Slingshot watched the Seeker fly away. He had so many more questions now. Why did Airraid have to have chosen that instant to attack? The F-15 landed and ran over to his brother. "Sling! You alright!?"

"Yeah… No… I dunno," Slingshot looked up at his brother. "Turns out we aren't the only jets who question whether or not we're on the right side."

Airraid blinked in surprise, but bent down to help his brother. "Well, come on, Silverbolt's gonna be torqued. Let's go home."

-There is always more than one option. The question is whether you are brave or cowardly enough to make to take that decision. You can't blame other for your actions because you are the one who made the choice. Thundercracker chose to remain a Decepticon because he had chosen to fear Megatron. If he had chosen to face his fear, would he have chosen to leave his faction? That, we will never know-