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Preface: Plots and Pouring Rain

Kraven stood in the pouring rain, an angered expression on his porcelain features. Rain had plastered his thick raven hair to his head and soaked his clothes, chilling him to his immortal bones. Soren stood right behind him; the Irish vampiric bodyguard seemed unaffected by the rain.

At long last, a sleek black limousine pulled around the corner, stopping before the two soaking vampires. The door opened, and a massive dark-skinned man with a shaved-bald head got out, glaring at the pair-Raze, Lucian's right-hand lycan. The back door of limo opened, and Kraven gratefully slid in, leaving Soren and Raze glaring at each other, both vampire and werewolf nursing their centuries-old hate and bitter rivalry for each other.

Meanwhile, in the dark backseat of the limo, Kraven was busy raising a little hell. Frustration and resentment at being left to wait in the cold downpour fueled the flames of his anger, making him quite brazen.

"Engaging Death Dealers in public, and chasing after some human?" Kraven questioned. "This is not what I had in mind! You were told…You were told to set up shop and lay low-!"

Kraven's dramatics had irritated Lucian to his breaking point. He lunged forward and wrapped a hand around Kraven's throat, slamming him against the back of his seat and instantly shutting him up.

"Calm yourself, Kraven!" Lucian ordered with a snarl. "The human…doesn't…concern you…" A small smirk briefly crossed the werewolf's face. "Besides…I've lain low for quite long enough…"

He released the vampire's throat, though not without one last little throttle. Kraven massaged his abused throat with one hand and glared balefully at Lucian. "Just keep your men at bay, Lucian," he ordered. "Don't force me to regret our arrangement."

Another smirk crossed Lucian's face. "You just concentrate on your part…" The smirk faded and he gazed sternly at Kraven. "Remember, I've bled for you once already. Without me, you'd have nothing…you'd be…nothing…"

Silence ruled the backseat of the limo for a few moments. Kraven continued to massage his throat, casting glances at Lucian from the corner of his eye. The lycan leader was staring straight ahead, as though lost in deep throat, absent-mindedly stroking the crest-shaped pendant around his throat.

"I've been thinking…" Kraven stated tentatively.

"Have you now?" Lucian asked in a cool, cynical tone. "Well, isn't that a welcome little change?"

If the vampire regent even heard-and comprehended- the insult, he gave no signs of it. Instead, he began to nervously twist one of the expensive jeweled rings on his snowy hands. "The members of the coven…I fear they're growing suspicious. They may suspect something of our plans. The Death Dealers…you know how suspicious those Death Dealers are, especially Selene…"

As soon as the vampiress's name passed his lips, his tone changed completely, from panicky suspicion to absolute reverence. Lucian rolled his eyes and made a noise of disgust in his throat.

It's no secret he wishes to ravage that trigger-happy wretch that delights in depriving me of my men, he thought to himself. But you'd think he'd realize that if she's spurned his affections for six centuries, he'll never get her into his bed…

Kraven gave Lucian a brief glare, then picked up where he left off. "…As I said, she's probably the most suspicious of them all. I fear she may suspect my-our- plans. Six hundred years of planning, we can't have it all go to waste in the last two days..!"

"Kraven, Kraven, Kraven," Lucian chided, shaking his head in mild disgust. "Need I remind you-again-that we've spent six centuries laying down these plans? I think we've worked out a solution to every one of your little 'what-ifs?'…even the case of what our course of action would be should someone get too suspicious for their own good…"

It was now the vampire's turn to sigh in frustration. "I know, Lucian. But you know how these things usually end up: someone does something to disrupt our fragile plans and cause chaos. Who knows what someone suspicious enough will do? They may even go as far as to Awaken Markus or Viktor, and if either one of them are Awakened, our plans will most definitely go straight to Hell in a hand basket-!"

His tirade was interrupted by a low chuckle from Lucian. The lycan leader had his face turned away from Kraven, and was chuckling very softly and calmly. Kraven puffed up like an agitated rooster.

"I fail to find any of this funny!" he snapped. "I'm thrilled you can have a good chuckle about all this, but need I remind you which one of us will be condemned to eternal torment from the Elders should this plan fail-!"

"Again, calm yourself, Kraven," Lucian chuckled. "And don't worry about Viktor or Markus. They won't be awakening when someone goes to Awaken them…"

"And how do you know this?"

"Because…" Lucian said, reaching into the pocket of his leather duster. He drew out two corked vials, one labeled Viktor and the other labeled Markus, which he held out to Kraven. "Markus and Viktor won't be alive when someone goes to Awaken them…"

Kraven reached out and took the vials. As his partner-in-crime handed the vials to him, Kraven noticed something at the lycan's wrist: a long, white scar wrapping around the underside of his wrist, as though he had slit his wrist open…and quite recently, too. Lucian grinned at the vampiric regent with wolfishly-pointed teeth.

"You're intelligent, Kraven, or so I've been led to believe," he said softly. "I trust you to figure out what to do with these…"

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