Another AN. I know, I am mean. But this is the summary to the story I am writing. If you hate it, tell me. If you think it is confuzzling just ask me what the hell is it, lol! This is sorta a prolgue then a summary- but what ever. Hope you like it!!

Summary to my story:

It is abotu a doctor-to-be. He is the assistant of a big time doctor and everything, so the big time doctor(stil havent picked out the names) told him he must convice a new patient that has just been found, after being missing for a year, to speak. Neveah is silent after what happened and is diognosed with a deadly diese, the doctor-to-be befriends her and ends up falling in love.


I know, I wasnt supposed to fall in love with her...But after those few weeks- I find myself falling and falling. I am a sick bastard.

I am supposed to find out information about her. To try and get her to speak about what happened to her, the night she was taken from her home. And now, we only have a little amount of time.

I keep telling myself 'she is gonna die in a few months', but that just makes me wanna love her more, for some odd reason.

What would people think of me? What is she found out, I was pretending to be nice just for a job? Can i tell her I am in love with her?

She is the reason I wanna wake up and go to work. She made me laugh when everything surrounding us is falling down. She is the reason I am here.

If she only much I love her...will she accept me?

Nevaeh is the my light in the darkness.

For her, I will do anything...

I rewrote this AN. it was confuzzing.