"Daddy." A little girl with large blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and a round tummy asked as she climbed into her father's lap questioned. " Can you tell me a story?"

" What type of story love?" he question kissing each chubby check causing her to giggle.

" About princesses and princes." She answered.

" Well once there was a prince, but his princess was taken away from him so he waited four thousand years to have his heart back. And when she came back they lived happily ever after."

" Nice story daddy. But you can't live that long."

" You can't? Why not."

" Cause you would be old." She said giggling. Her father only smiled and tucked her in.


He stood on the cliff as he held in his arms the love of his life. As the clouds rumbled and thrashed and the sea reached up do steal her from his arms he mourned. Her dark hair fell limp around her body, wet from the rain that poured down on their still bodies. Her large eyes were shut refusing to see the sight around them. Her body was broken and torn in many places, testifying to the world what had taken her life.

His blond head was bowed with grief and his blue eyes dripped with rain and tears. He through his head back and howled, showing the fangs that he had hidden. Lightening crashed into the night echoing his pain.

She would pay. The blood-sucking women would pay with her very soul. She who could not understand why they choose not the live off human blood, but to protect it. She who had torn and broken his love's body as she fought.

Feeling a hand on his arm he turned and says the grief mirrored in they eyes of a young woman not yet a thousand. Her black hair was pulled straight by the weight of the rain that poured down on her head. Next to her stood three men each with the bodies that had recovered from the ruble there own souls screaming at being separated from the other halves of there heart.

" They managed to destroy the vampire royal family. But she got away. We believe Ianna managed to injure her before she too died." Her blue eyes darkened with pain. For Ianna was her sworn sister, they had each given a piece of their soul to the other. They were as close as a Draken could be. Except for a soul bond, nothing could be closer.

" We will find her and make her pay." He lifted his sea dark eyes and wept. He traced a finger down her cheek and kissed his loves cold lips for the last time. 'Aurora', his mind whispered. ' I will avenge your death.' He picked her body up and watched as it fell to the ocean. He watched as Athena, Juno, and Ianna were also let go. He saw the suffering in the small silver haired woman as she sobbed into his princes' arms. He faded out and wished that he to had died.

Setsuna watched it all with grief that caused her normally cold face to cloud. She quickly rounded up the spirits of the women who had vowed to stop Beryl and who had indeed inflicted a wound on the hated women's soul that would never heal. But Serenity needed them. So they would live again.