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Seven Years Later

Rei chuckled as Jason swirled her around the dance floor. It was seven years to the day that they had beaten Beryl back, and the joy and laughter had only grown.

Rei contently wrapped herself in the music and the laughter in her gaze hid the evil spark in them. So far Jason had yet to notice that his wife was up to something, probably because he had yet to notice anything but what she was warning. The low cut ruby red gown with the knee length slit had ALL of his attention. Which was just what she had planned.

Moment's later Rei sipped on the slush and laughed as Kris' adorable three-year-old daughter bit her lip, her gray eyes narrowed, as she danced on her daddy's feet. Minako laughed lightly and placed a hand on her slightly bulging stomach. She was expecting a little boy in about six months.

Makoto and Nathan were locked in each others arms there own toddler already put to bed, the nanny, Luna, allowing them to spend a well earned break in each others arms. The expression on Makoto's face was priceless, as Minako demanded if they were going to give her soon-to-be son a friend. Makoto looked like she was planning on kicking her.

Probably a good thing that mothers-to-be had immunity.

Rei motioned Jason to the floor to dance with Ami, as Zavier was late again, probably caught up watching his precious son sleep, since he had volunteered to put him to bed. Ami rolled her eyes and allowed Jason to lead her to the floor, giving Rei a few moments of thought to herself.

Looking down at the palm of her hand there were several things that stood out. Once being her sign of Mars with the moon behind it. And ever since she had gone into eternal form the dragon was also apart of it.

There was also the large ruby and diamond ring that adorned her left ring finger. Jason had proposed a month after they had beaten the evil back. They had been married six months later. They had somehow managed to be the last couple. The Senshi had all been married one month after the others, starting with Minako, who refused to wait.

Jason just informed the others he did not have to plan his honeymoon around any weddings, dress fittings, or schedules the other women came up with. Rei had hit him.

It had taken two years to salvage Endymion's castle. Now it was a golden structure of perfect crystal and the joy and love of its King and Queen radiated though out it.

Minako had, of course, been the first to have a child. The adorable girl, who was pouting as her Daddy took her to bed, was named Ava and she had turned three four days ago. She was a mirror image of her mother at that age, minus the gray eyes she had inherited from her father. Rei wished Kris good luck.

The surprise had been when Ami had announced that she was pregnant a year later. It had surprised everyone; Ami blushed a lovely shade of red at Minako's comment, and had given birth to a precious little boy. He looked just like his daddy, and so he was given a fitting name. Zandiar.

Makoto had not told anyone that she was expecting till she was close to being four months along. Serenity had been furious. Makoto was still making it up with cakes. (Although Serenity had forgiven her the next day!) The little girl was precious with her daddy's face but her mommy's eyes. Megan was the little handful.

Right now it was Serenity's turn, and there were bets going around on the gender of the little prince or princess. Rei, rightly so, was banded from the biding. Serenity refused to ask what the child was, but Rei had caught the expression in her eyes a few times. There was no need to tell her it was girl.

Now Rei on the other hand had wanted to wait a little while. Jason of course acted perfectly okay with the fact, if you excluded the constant bugging, the adorable looks, and the questions on when he was going to get a small bundle of joy.

And so when Rei had found out she was expecting she had kept her lips sealed -she had also bribed Ami to keep her mouth shut when she told her- and so she was waiting for the perfect moment to spring it on the blond prince.

And the ball had been the perfect moment. Now Rei had plans, possibly when he was eating? Or drinking? It had to be priceless. Rei sniggered when she saw Ami give her the thumbs up and point to her computer. It was on record. Rei grinned even wider.

" And what are you up to?" Jason breathed in her ear as they all sat down at the table for toasts and dinner. The cat that ate the canary expression was very evident.

" Nothing, love, just a bit of a joke we are playing on Serenity." At Jason's look she smiled. " Nothing that will cause her to freak. Ami would kill us, it's rather harmless."

Jason shot her a look and nodded. Endymion stood up and Jason repressed a snigger. No one knew why his hair had gone lavender, Ami refused to tell, and Jason loved to remind him of the fact.

" Well, now is the moment we have all be waiting for. The moment I get to toast good health and the women drink. The men get to tell the women why they love them, and then we reverse rolls." Endymion sighed dramatically causing Minako to snigger loudly.

Rei narrowed her eyes; she to had something up her sleeve. Rei almost choked at the long-suffering look in Kris' eyes. They shared a knowing look.

Endymion gave a relatively short speech- short for him- and everyone laughed as Serenity hissed at him to shut up. Rei clinked glasses with Jason and drank her fruit drink.

Serenity stood up and smiled. " My speech, as you all know, is usually five words. I hope to live up to that. So here is to health, happiness, children, love and peace."

Jason raised his glass to his lips and began the process of draining it, and as usual Rei leaned against him. Her lips brushed his ear as she mummered a single phrase.

Consequently the liquid drained into his lungs instead of his stomach, he managed to spit to red liquid all over the white dinning cloth, and Minako squealed as it hit her dress as well. Kris simply wiped the offending liquid off his face with a napkin.

Jason was to busy pounding his chest trying to get all the stray liquids out of his lungs and nose so he could berate his wife. He could have sworn she said something along the lines…

" What?" Jason rasped, trying to clear his lungs.

Rei blinked at him in innocence. " What? What, what?"

Jason narrowed his eyes and Rei grinned before standing up. " Guys, and Senshi," Laughter rang out at the old joke. " I would like to announce that I am expecting." Sitting down Rei grinned at the squeals that Minako and Serenity gave off at the same time causing anyone in a ten-foot radius- not counting two foot- to go deaf.

A little while later Rei rested her head on Jason's should and felt rather than heard him grumble about the fact that she told him when she had. Rei simply smiled.

Loud Screaming ended their private moment. Minako dodged Serenity's furious grip and laughed as she ran. Serenity's silver locks had a definite lavender tinge.

In the process of running Minako crashed into Zavier, causing him to fall into the punch bowl. Now Nathan had been standing behind Zavier and had moved, tripping over Artemis, and landing in the large bowls of chicken salad.

Makoto had growled in vexation when Nathan had destroyed her prize chicken salad and had moved a little to fast, not seeing the puddle of ice from the table that had once held the punch. Falling onto the table with the cake Rei and Jason watched in silent horror as it moved in an even arc, landing directly on them.

Rei hissed in vexation as she felt icing slide down her back. Lifting her eyes she calmly began to stalk Minako and between her and a pregnant Serenity managed to wrestle her into the desert table -what was left- and moments later an all out food fight managed to break across the court, leaving very no one clean.

Of course no one noticed Ami in the corer clicking her computer and taking as many pictures as possible. A pure Senshi scrap book moment. Did live video count?

Ami thought it prudent not to mention the vast amount of jasmine in the air. Endymion had not noticed…yet.


A long distance away a single star twinkled and Setsuna smiled as a lone tear escaped down her cheek. Things were how they were supposed to be.

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