Tears of a Wildcat


Troy Bolton is the captain of the basketball team, the school's #1 hottie, the son of the school's best basketball coach and a victim of abuse. He's kept it a secret his whole life, but when a new girl at school shows him it could be worse, will he save her or save himself.

Chapter 1

Troy woke up with a huge smile on his face. He jumped out of his bed and ran into the shower. He ran his hands through his hair and then put on his favorite white shirt with red sleeves (from HSM 1 & 2) and a pair of jeans. He threw on his East High jacket then picked up a picture on his dresser.

"Wish you could have seen me turn 17 mom". He gave it a kiss and ran out the door. On the way out he saw a moving van a couple of blocks down. "Great, new neighbors" he said sarcastically. He jumped in his car and rode to school.

Troy's POV

I walked into the school and it seemed like the whole school said "Happy Birthday Troy."

"Hey dude, what are you doing for your birthday", Chad asked.

"I don't know" I said, hoping he'd leave me alone.

"Well come by my house later, we'll celebrate" he said full of excitement.

"Sure" I said gloomily. He noticed how I said it.

"What's wrong with you" he asked as we entered Ms.Darbus's room.

"Every year the same thing happens on my birthday. Girls ask me out while saying Happy Birthday, guys want to throw a part, my dad goes out to drink, and I'm left to be sad. I mean come on, it's MY birthday"

"You're really bringing me down. I'd rather listen to Darbus than listen to you."

Ofcourse he wouldn't understand. His life is great. NO one understands me. NO one understands my life. No one knows what I'm going through.

Gabi's POV

"Fresh air is so nice" I said to myself as I got out my parents' car. I looked at the big, beautiful house and smiled. My dad came up behind me, I flinched.

"Do you like the house?" he asked, acting like a normal father.

"Yea, I really like my room." He felt my body, I moved his hand.

"Our own private room" he said evilly. I closed my eyes. Great, now I regret moving here. Luckily my mom came over.

"Isn't it lovely? Gabriella, can you help your dad put some boxes in the house; I have to go to work." She said putting on her jacket.

"But mom, we just got here" I pleaded. "If I don't go to work, we won't have any furniture for the new house. It's not like you'll be here by yourself. Sweetie, you're 16 now, act like it. I have to go, love you!"

She gave me a kiss and ran off before I could say anything else. I wished she would come back and take me with her. I picked up a box and took it into the living room. When I looked up, my father was there.

He said "Let me give you your birthday present, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into his room. I knew not to fight, that would only make it worse.


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