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Summary:AU. Slash. A cryptex comes into the hands of the Auror department, and with the help of a new junior, Sirius, James and their team attempt to crack the codes to find the Holy Grail. The Da Vinci Code rip-off.

Author's Note: I wrote this a few months ago while I was in my obsessive all-things-Dan-Brown phase and I watched The Da Vinci Code several times a week. I wanted to play around with my own character, and so I slotted him into this fic. I know Hermione isn't from the same time as Sirius, James, Lily, etc. but I like her too much, that's why I've made her the same age as them. Will is in his early twenties, just you know.

This won't be a very long fic. I have about 19 pages written in Word, and it's close to being finished, so I'll probably just post short chapters.

Chapter One

Young Auror, Will Vaver, was sat minding his own business at his little cubicle in the Auror Headquarters when two of the top Aurors came walking into the department discussing what sounded like putting a team together. One, James Potter, carried a thick wad of parchment and the other, Sirius Black, carried a small cylindrical object.

Will had to do a double take upon seeing the object; a cryptex. He was intrigued; his grandfather had given him loads of cryptexes to riddle into when he was growing up. As he watched out the corner of his eye, he saw Sirius flip the cryptex in his hand, and he couldn't help but speak, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Both Aurors stopped and he was fixed with two unreadable expressions, "Excuse me?" replied Sirius at the interruption.

Will wilted a little in his seat; he was still very young in the game and it wouldn't do to annoy his superiors, "It's a cryptex… You have to be careful with it," he couldn't help but notice both wizards seemed intrigued now.

Sirius was the first to go over to the young Auror's desk; he grabbed a chair from an empty cubicle and sat down, before carefully placing the 'cryptex' on the desk, "You know what it is?" he didn't take notice as James came and sat down next to him. "What is it for?"

Will was feeling a little nervous now, "It's…It's like a secret keeper… It was one of the many designs and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci. You write the secret on a piece of papyrus paper and wrap it around a thin glass vial, which is filled with vinegar. It's then locked inside the cryptex – may I?" at Sirius's nod he picked the cryptex up and pointed out the dials. "Once it's locked inside, the only way to get into it is to figure out the password using the dials. So, five rows, each with twenty six letters, which is…twelve million possibilities," two pairs of black eyebrows rose. "If you try and force it open it will break the vial inside and the vinegar will dissolve the papyrus…and the secret will be lost forever," it was quite confidence inducing knowing he knew something that the senior Aurors didn't. "Quite smart, really… No amount of magic will get you into it, because it'll only break the vial inside, and as long as you never say the password to anyone, no one will ever know what you're hiding."

Sirius could honestly say this was the first newbie Auror to ever get his full attention; it helped that the young wizard was incredibly attractive as well, with his black hair, dark brown eyes and slender frame, "What's your name?"

"Will… Vaver."

James glanced at Sirius and at the small nod he looked back to the young Auror, "You're on our team, Will."

Will's eyes widened a little at the words, "What?"

Sirius smirked, "Anyone who knows that much about a cryptex needs to be on our team," he could see Will was trying not to look too intrigued. "I take it you've probably used a cryptex before?"

Will nodded, "Yeah… My grandfather used to make them for me…I had to solve his riddles and figure out the password to find my birthday and Christmas presents…"

James grinned; and to think they had had no idea where to start, while their very own prodigy sat doing rudimentary paperwork in the department, "We definitely need you on board, mate."

"But…I've barely finished my training; I don't know the first thing about…anything."

Sirius snorted quietly, "You just said your grandfather used to make you cryptexes for fun. Your brain is exactly what we need," he was about to speak again when Moody called for them both. "Meet me in the Leaky Cauldron about eight tonight. I'll explain everything, okay?"

All Will could do was nod dumbly, as Sirius flashed him a smile and got up to follow James. As Will turned his gaze back to his desk, he saw the cryptex still lying there, he looked up to call for Sirius or James but they had both disappeared by now.

Cautiously he picked the cryptex up and examined it. It was exactly like the ones his grandfather used to make for him, but rather larger than his childhood ones.

Aurors only worked on Dark Wizard cases, so it must have been a dark wizard who made this. Why on earth would a dark wizard use a muggle device to hide a secret? It made no sense, whatsoever. Unless it was a dark wizard who wanted the cryptex. But why? What was so important that a dark wizard would want a muggle device with a muggle secret?

This was certainly not what he expected. He had not expected to be hand picked by two of the best Aurors the Ministry of Magic had ever seen to be on their super skilled team. He knew well of the reputations of both Sirius Black and James Potter; they had been best friends through Hogwarts, they were both bright and brilliant; the biggest troublemakers Hogwarts had ever head. They had both risen quickly through the Auror department and were now entrusted with some of the most difficult cases, all of which had been solved to date.

But why did they want this scrawny little newbie on their team? Yes, he was good with solving riddles because his grandfather had brought him up that way, but would that really help them?

Next Chapter: Sirius and Will talk in the Leaky Cauldron.

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